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Tonight SocialFly is working a reception out yonder, like on what looks like a farm. Just look.

Told ya. We’ll be working our magic in this warehouse.

Thought I was playing around? I’m not. The inside cleans up quite nicely doesn’t it?

The cakes.

I still regret not stealing a strawberry off this one.

Chris making good use of his time before the party arrives.

And now the party is here.

This kid took a shit ton of photos. Yikes.

Scrap booking is fun for everyone.

As always the booth was a major hit.

Everyone bids farewell to the bride and groom with sparkly’s.

It was an interesting and unique wedding.

Tonight SocialFly Photobooth is going to have the pleasure of being apart of one of our good friend, Robert Boman’s wedding.

This is SocialFly before the party.

The thing I love best about my job is being able to be apart of the best day of some one’s life. It never gets old and each one is unique in itself, which is why I love taking photos of each one and documenting them.

I think it’s safe to say that this was Robert’s cake. While this one below has to be Rita’s.

The table of props.

SocialFly crew.

At my scrapbook table.

The first dance.

And just like that the booth is crazy busy the rest of the night.

Guest getting down with the scrapbook. It’s really the best gift a bride and groom can get. Think about it, it’s made by the people they love the most, on the most important day of their lives, totally work free on their end and something that they’ll have forever. Genius, I tell ya, genius.

And everyone totally gets into it.

They definitely love taking photos in the booth with props too.

I have to say it was yet another successful night. Congrats Robert and Rita. Married on February 6, 2010. We couldn’t be more happy for you.

I started interning as an event planner working under my good friend Lauren. Today we are working a wedding at this super cute venue out in Kyle.

What a stunning place to break me into the event industry. I tried to get in as many photos as I could but it wasn’t so easy, especially when I’m suppose to be doing things like directing the bride’s maids when to walk down the isle.

Hey has anyone seen Lauren? Lauren? Anyone? Oh, there she is on the floor bringing up the brides dress. Now that’s an event planner for ya.

After the wedding I snuck off a bit to document my first event.

I believe every wedding should have an open bar.

But most importantly, a sexy cake.

I don’t care what Lauren says, it was a great first event and I can’t wait to work the next one. Thanks Lauren for taking my under your wing. Your the best!

Today we have an event in Galveston, TX located about 4 hours away from Austin. Yeah, I know that seems a bit far but we’re a couple of rookies when it comes to road trips.

Since it was a themed event we only used props that we’re appropriate for the event.

This is my scrapbook corner.

Their wedding was a 1950’s themed event hosted in an old Victorian style home. Everyone was dressed like they were straight out of an old classic movie. How fun. We were told that all the pictures were to be taken in black and white. Awesome, that’s my favorite photo setting.

Chris is working the booth.

This is usually how the booth looks during the ceremony, empty.  Since Galveston is located along the coast and we we’re located outside the mosquitoes had a field day with us. Never before had I felt more like a human buffet. Luckily someone let us borrow some bug repellent.


They had the most delicious popcorn out on display for all to snack on. Blueberry cheesecake, that was my fave.

The beautiful bride and her bridesmaids.

Some photos from the event.

Meagan and Adam, married 9-20-09

So things have been pretty hectic since I’ve been back from Mexico. I don’t think I mentioned it yet but Ray and I once again have jumped, head first, into a new business venture, called SocialFly, a photobooth rental company. It really is so random how it happened but it’s been surprisingly really successful. I do believe everything happens for a reason and I know something great will come of this. I’m not saying this was meant to be, but I’m not saying that it wasn’t either. It’s crazy but we’re just rolling with it. Why fight the current?

The photobooth is 100% ours and when I say ours I mean, as in we’re not part of a franchise or have to pay anyone monthly fees to use it. As a matter fact it was our good friend, Kris that sparked the idea one day and Ray and his entrepreneurial mindset that brought it to life. The next thing you know we have a real working photobooth that looks better and works better than any other photobooth I’ve seen. Throw in some props and a scrapbook and we’ve got ourselves a lucrative business.

Basically it goes like this, you and most likely your friends will put on whatever props you’d like, hop in the booth where you guys will choose the lay out of your choice, 3, 4, or 6 photo layout and then choose to have your photo taken in black and white, sepia, or color. It takes only 12 seconds for your photo to print out, that’s 12 seconds, most booths take about a minute to print. You then can either keep the photo or put it in the scrapbook for the guest of honor, and in most cases, the bride and groom. It’s like a modern twist on the traditional guestbook but instead of a boring name you have a photo and a special greeting from your guests. By the end of the night you have a finished scrapbook that was totally work-free made by those you love the most on the best day of your life, such a cool idea! There’s no limit on how many photos you can take and we also host all the photos online on our website, We also send the guest of honor a DVD of all the photos that were taken in the booth.

I’m what we call a “scrapbook professional.” In essence I help clueless guest with the scrapbook. It’s really not hard, you just cut, glue and paste. Hell you don’t even have to cut, just glue and paste but for some reason people get all flustered and need direction when it comes to this sort of stuff so I am there to guide them through it.

That’s Ray and our good friend and business partner, Kris during down town. Down time is usually when the bride and groom are actually getting married because that’s the only time the booth is empty. Seriously, we’re always the main attraction, with a ridiculously long line from people just waiting to get in the booth.

And the best part of my job, unlimited amounts of decadent cake. Man I love this job!

Dan Frommer and his new wife. Married on September 19, 2009. Congrats guys it was a beautiful wedding. Thanks for letting us be part of your special day!

Now that 2009 is here I want to take some time to reflect on 2008. I always knew 2008 was going to be a good year. I remember looking forward to it because it was 08 and 8 is just a good fucking number. It was only a year ago Ray and I were living the good o life in the rainbow state, Honolulu Hawaii.

It was almost a year ago that I started my first post on this blog, January 9th 2008. Since then I’ve written 121 post. I don’t really know who’s all reading it, but it sure has made my hand written journaling take back seat.

I cut my hair super short for the first time ever. It was kinda cute wasn’t it?

Ray got a new iPhone.

Ray and I ran in The Annual Great Aloha Run, just a little over 8 miles, and we all know eight is a good number to start with.

We voted for our first time for the Democratic Party. But just for the record, once Hillary was out of the election Ray and I voted again for our first time for President for Obama of course.

Ray bought me my first brand new computer. Mac 4 life baby!

MyBabyOurBaby Launched.

We finally found the dock where Lost, our favorite television series, was filmed at. We searched the island for it forever.

We went camping at Melekahana, our first time camping in Hawaii and Ray’s first time ever. He’s not a fan.

Rocked out at the Kokua Festival, a festival Jack Johnson puts on every year in Hawaii., my blog had become a major hit and one of Hawaii’s most popular food blog websites.

I called some lady a cunt on my last day of work, because she was.

We got to swim with dolphins.

We moved back to the main land, California first.

Ray got to meet some of my extended family.

Tried wake boarding for the first time.

Got to ride dirk bikes again.

Moved to Austin

Where we met the Semmlers, Shane’s older brother and his family and now mine.

Kidnapped Kuya Ben’s dogs.

Found the Agave Homes and fell in love.

Ray introduced me to Marcos. He works for NASA.

Went to our first roller derby.

Spent Bachelorette week in Florida with my best bud Jack Mother Fucking Dogg with a double G.

Got married, 080808.

Got my first tattoo with my old crew from V-Town.

Traveled to New York, but just for a couple of months.

I stopped eating meat.

Met Guav Mom and the Roses and I have to tell you I’m a fan. Hope we get to see them again soon.

I got to freelanced at Jimmy Z’s, thanks to Bea.

We got to be extras in Friday Night Lights.

I almost died from pneumonia.

I met the Semmler’s, the rest of Shane’s family, and now mine as well and went to my first professional basketball game. Go Mavericks!

As you can see I love recording my life and 2008 was a year worth recording. There was a lot of cherry popping going on and I got to meet a lot of people that will be in my life for the long haul. We also moved around a lot, Hawaii, California, Austin, New York, Dallas. Things are just never boring with us. I’m looking forward to a healthy, happy and prosperous year for 2009. I know great things are to come.

Awe, I wish I brought my wedding dress. For now on ever time Bea and I visit each other we must bring our dress so we could hang out all day in em. That would be awesome.

Well, not right after but eventually. We had to mingle first and get everyone liquored up enough.

Mr. and Mrs. Hernandez. I’m a Hernandez now, I have a hard core Mexican name. If my grandmother knew about this she would roll over in her grave, both of them; I’m sure.

Don’t let our innocent faces fool you. We have been known to be completely insane and reckless. Hahahah. I love these girls and I couldn’t tell you how rad it was to have all four of them here. It’s been a while ladies since we’ve all been in the same room at the same time, ages actually. And now were all here together at my wedding!!! Jen, Heather, Me, Monica, and Becky.

Taking some time out with my little niece.

Me and my big sis, Lana, aka Lulu.

The happy married couples. Tell me guys, is it true that after marriage you guys get no more blow jobs? Because I’m really looking forward to that.

That Toph is a weird one. I’m sure he was dropped on the head one too many times as a child.

Everyone should have a friend like Jack. But with that being said, it’s just not possible, she’s one of those souls that just can’t be duplicated. Which is why she’s my angle and I love her like a fat kid loves cake, but a lot more.

Smile Jen. No salvation for you tonight. Tonight we party.

Oh no, what is Kuya Ben doing.

Sure is a lot of big Mexicans in this photo. I’m feeling out numbered and a little borderline midget.

Broom and his lovely girlfriend Penny Kim.

My sister just recently got married to Kevin and I couldn’t tell you how happy I am to have him as a brother inlaw. They’re perfect for each other. Just look at his serious face.

Jackie I don’t know what Dirk’s been putting in your head but he’s got it all wrong. Golden Dragon for life! Fuck Wachoiva.

Kevin and my mom. Whatcha writing there mom, it better be good; it’s going in my scrap-book.

Oh Marci, if only we had stayed in San Francisco we would totally be BFF’s by now, having sleep overs, contemplating on ways to torture the boys, baking, cooking, having long, deep talks about money . . .

Val and Guav, Um, Lo Ciento, no habla Espanol. Perdon.

BFF’s. If you guys were here so I would hug you so hard it would turn your butt-hole inside out.

The Semmlers, Issac, Tiffany and Chris. These are our game night friends and apparently our only friends here in Austin so be extra nice to them people; we’d like to keep em around, at least long enough to find their replacements.

Kayla and Kimmy’s daughter, sorry, I forgot her name. Peace be with you too.

Beau and Jackie, here’s the keys to the back of my truck. I kid, I kid. But seriously, the car’s parked over there.

I love my sister’s, no matter how dysfunctional you guys turned out. I don’t know why I turned out normal any you two have slight down syndrome maybe God loves me more than you.

A few of my favorite people, yes that includes Kola.

After much mingling we had our first dance as husband and wife. The reason why we’re laughing here is because Jackie rushed up from her table to go find the camcorder and fell flat on her ass.

Ray had problems taking off my garter. Bite it like a little money baby.

Selena caught the bouquet and Beau caught the garter.

Chris gave a surprisingly nice speech. Awe thanks Chris. Honey, listen to your best friend, save the money and I’m always right.

Bea and Jack also gave a really nice speech/skit.

Lana gave a kung fu panda, I’ll kill your family speech.

Beau and Becky also gave a speech, but for some reason I’m not able to find any photos of that. After all the speeches it was cake time. Yes, that is a ninja and a Mexican wrestler, and yes those are our wedding cakes.

The ninja represents me and the Mexican wrestler is Ray. Oh, and this is our vegan cake. Not the prettiest but I definitely think it tasted the best.

We’re feeding each other with a knife, yeah, that’s real smart.

Just look at our anxious little audience. I feel like a celebrity.

We had originally wanted to smash cake in each others faces but I guess when it came time to do it, it just didn’t happen.

We even manage to get a little dancing in.

Here’s my sweet air guitar move

I don’t know how it all started but somehow we all manage to got almost everyone at the wedding to take not one shot but several shots.  Here we’re passing out shots.

A toast!

And soon after that it seemed as though we were all liquored up enough to go pool jumping.  I’m pretty sure it was me who screamed, “Lets go pool jumping!”  And like sheep they all followed me.

We even convinced Amet and Anthony to jump.

Sexy Ass

And played chicken.  I play for keeps.

And then we all just hung out in the hot tub.

Tell me this wasn’t the best wedding ever.