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Good morning day 6 of Virgo Bash. Michelle and I woke up early today and scored 4 sweet spots right above the swim bar. How perfect. We throw some random items on the other two chairs in an effort to save them for Jack and Elicia. Michelle and I are the only two that brought books along with us and what splendid time to get to reading especially while being nestled in this view.

And I can’t help to keep turning back at this view.

When Jack and Elicia wake up we throw more random shit on our lounge chairs and head out for some morning time breakfast.

And then we go back to claim our VIP spots and stay awhile.

This dude here, along with a few other dudes are in charge of making sure everyone at the resort is having a great time. Pretty cool job if you ask me. Not only did he come by trying to get us to play volley ball with him but he also wanted us to assist him in gathering more people to play. Sorry dude, I’m on vacation. I take a quick photo shoot with him before I shoo him off so he doesn’t feel like such a loser. I’m pretty sure I’m buffer than he is though.

My friends and their pasty asses can’t handle the suns beat down so they leave me to cool off  in the pool.

But they come back, they always do.

The girls start to get antsy so once again we desert our things on the lounge chairs and trust that it will be enough to save our spots.

It’s not hard for Michelle and I to make friends here.

We decide to give the beach yet another try and what great timing because I spot a another pair of titties. Score! My Asian instincts kick in and I reach for my camera but a little too late because all I got was a bony ass. Oh well.

Awe, look it’s our old resort.

It seems as though every time we walk this beach someone is coming out of the ocean with some fresh fish. I bet the sushi here is awesome.

After our stroll we head back to claim our reserved spots but this time we move to the covered beds behind us.

It seems as though the sun has opened a can of whoop ass on some of us.

Which means it’s time to head back to the room and freshen up. While hanging out back in the lanai we meet this random chick who happens to be on a different Virgo Bash a few doors down from us, how crazy is that! Normally I would be the first to be all over her, thinking we we’re all meant to be BFF’s or something since I don’t believe in coincidences, but my instincts tell me this chick’s a phony and I’m totally not feeling her.  She’s trying to bum a cigarette and Jackie is a little buzzed so she’s feeling all lovey dovey and gives her a whole packet of smokes, invites her over and even gives her one of our Virgo Bash tank tops. Seriously Jack I think you got some of that chicks corn Julio stuck in your teeth. Whatever, Jack is drunk and she’s just extra friendly when she’s drunk. I on the other hand am not. She wants us to all get together for some drinks and hang out later tonight. Whatever broad, get the fuck out of here. After she leaves, I voice my opinion about her and the girls agree this chick is wackadoo.

Here’s a video of me yelling at Jack because she’s using up all the battery in the camera, the girls talking shit about how weird this broad is, and bringing back the high five.

Michelle threw in the towel early tonight but that’s okay because there’s still fight left in the three of us.

All I can say is that it was a good night.

So good I once again don’t remember a thing and luckily I have no photos to remind me.

One of the first things I did today was throw my shell I got while snorkeling back into the ocean, but before I did I wrote Virgo Bash 09 on it. I had intended on bringing it back as a souvenir but little did I know when I captured it I also captured a little hermit crab that took up residence in it. I was hoping by day five the little guy would of detached itself and wondered off but it hadn’t and now I’m actually starting to feel bad. This little dude was a fighter and I’m feeling like a douche for taking him out of his habitat so I threw him back in the ocean where he belongs. It’s not near his home but it’s close enough. Be free little man, be free.

Bad news, Kimmy is leaving us today. After a lite breakfast we head into town so she can catch the bus to the airport. It’s starting to hit all of us, our vacation has past its half way mark. There’s still so much we want to do and definitely not enough time to do it. We make a stop at the local travel agent and for some reason none of us can make a decision.

Do we do another excursion or just spend the next couple of days enjoying margaritas by the pool side? No one cares, we just need someone to decide and no one wants to step up and make that decision for fear being the one who makes the wrong choice and blows the rest of our time here. Instead of making a hasty decision we decide to ponder on it over a couple of beers on the beach but before that we must bid Kimmy fair well. Oh Kimmy your family will always be there, vacations like this don’t come around too often, next time I want to see you stay till the end. Got me. See you back in Texas and congrats on that new pea in the pod.

Alright it’s time to do some pondering over Coronas.

After a bucket of Coronas we decided that since we can’t decide we shouldn’t go because it obviously doesn’t feel right so instead we follow our gut and go back to the resort to upgrade our room.

The lady wearing the white shirt in the photo above was a massage pimp. No seriously, she was out trying to pimp out massages for certain massage therapists. I’m not kidding. Home girl would not leave us alone until we got a massage so to sweeten her deal she offered us five minutes for free, you know like a test drive.

So we took her up on her offer and got five minutes of bliss for free. While heading back to the resort I spotted a pair of titties out in the open for all to see.  So I did what any respectable tourist in Mexico would do, I took a picture.

And then when I got closer I took another photo because photos last longer than memory.

We’re tired of walking on this damn beach. It’s not the beach that’s getting to us it’s all the Mexicans that keep hounding us for drinks, massages, food, excursions and whatever else they can sell to make a buck. I’m so over it. Get me back to the resort, I need a drink, a free all inclusive drink.

That’s our resort right there in front of us and you know what, we’re tired of it. We want something bigger, better and more glamorous so we decided that when we get back we’re packing our bags and finding just that. The first person we saw when we arrived back was this douche bag a few of the girls saw the night before while out. He’s the guy in the speedo rubbing oil on his wife or some hussy he just met, who knows. Thing is he offered to, “make sex on the beach” with Michelle and Elicia. Wonder if his wife knows he’s a dirty dog. I bet you she does because she’s probably a dirty whore herself.

It definitely sucks that Kimmy’s gone but that doesn’t mean we’re not going to take full advantage of the situation. Now that she’s gone we can get a much better deal on a room because we could all stay together in one room instead of being forced to book out two since the limit is 4 persons per room. It’s not so much of having to book 2 rooms it’s more that we all really just wanted to stay together and have lots of girl time. We hiked across the street where the sister hotel was everything we had hoped for and more.

We did what we set out to do, upgrade our resort and with that our rooms. There was even a spa in our resort and a comfy hammock in the back.

But the best part was the resort itself. We all just fell in love with the place. It was like we we’re on vacation all over again, oh but wait, we are. Happy happy joy joy!

Time to hit the bar for some cocktails. Being at this pretty resort brought out the photo-whore in all of us all over again.

Time to check out the beach.

I don’t know what had gotten into all of us but we we’re so giddy over this place. I can’t believe how happy we were.

Alright time to get back to the resort and hop in the pool. I want to chicken fight with the girls but no one wants to take me on. Smart girls.

Throughout this vacation we’ve been bringing back the high five, especially Jack. We’ve been high-fiving each other, the help and everyone else that wants to connect their hand with ours. Smashing!  So it only seemed fitting that we video ourselves reenacting how we would go about high-fiving each other if we had ran into each other in the pool, but for some reason we decide to do this slow motion.

First take didn’t work out so well so we tried again.

And again.

Oh Jack.

We love this place.

Jack and I take a moment to thank the Gods above.

After we’re done goofing off we head back to our room, get ready, for what we don’t know but we want to be out and we’re ready to have some serious fun.

Seriously, the only good that came out of Kimmy leaving us was this place.

We make our way to a cute little restaurant and take up shop there.

After food we make like a baby and head out. It’s so time for some drinks.

We call our men first before we’re totally obliterated. Brownie points for us.

I’m so happy and taking a moment to take it all in.

Yes this place is breathtaking . . .

But what I love even more is being here with my girlfriends, especially Jack, she’s a real character that Yackie.

Well I don’t remember much after this place. I know we drank, had Chinese for dinner and I past out on the dinner table and somehow I woke up safe in bed next to Michelle the next morning with no hangover. Oh no, it’s not time to throw in the hat, not just yet. We still have another day..

It’s day 3 of Virgo Bash and boy did we take a shit ton of photos today. Seriously we are a bunch of photo taking whores. Everywhere we go we’re snap, snap, snapping away.

Today I woke up and I actually utilized the gym they had downstairs. Yes, even on vacation I work out, extra brownie points for me. For breakfast we stayed in and ordered room service. I can’t think of anything better than room service when your on vacation. It’s a day of relaxation, no plans, just a lot of beach time with a little bit of attitude.

We had to stop on the way for a quick photo shoot.

Doesn’t Jack look pretty?

Alright my turn, give that me that damn flower.

As soon as we make it to the beach we head straight to the bar . . . only to take more photos.

Uh, a little more attitude please.

Photo-whores I tell ya. We’re all just  a bunch of photo-whores.

And then I had to stop to take a photo of these guys. This lady is wearing her freaking bra and panties on the beach. Damn Europeans wear the craziest shit on the beach. Makes me wonder if I’m part European.

Michelle thinks she just came up with the best idea. “Lets all learn Spanish,” she says as she busts out her Spanish/English dictionary. Jackie learned how to say a few choice words like “Toca ella aqui,” which means, “touch her here.” She would say it to anyone who looked local and point to my boobies and every time they would laugh, which only encouraged her to say it throughout our vacation.

Michelle’s game got boring fast so we resorted to taking more photos. Charlies Angels style.

Jackie and Michelle partook in a volley ball game when we got back.

Kick ass!

If you haven’t noticed by now, I took on the roll of the photographer, as I always do, which explains why I’m not in a lot of the group photos.

Sexy legs.

Jackie wants in on the action.

This is our friend that we met at the resort. I forgot his name but he was a Virgo too and he absolutely loved us.

I got him to get a little dirty on camera and just like the girls on Girls Gone Wild, he kindly obliged.

Jackie got this crazy idea where we had to find a worker and have them pose with us. I found this lady named Margarita and had her do the Charlies Angels pose with me. She didn’t get the whole gun thing and ended up praying instead.

Michelle found this little dude.

It’s getting late and we’re all getting hungry. Jackie had bought everyone Virgo Bash tanks and what better night to wear them than tonight.

We’re so damn cute.

So before dinner we stopped at the travel center in the lobby to book another excursion for tomorrow. It took awhile for all five of our cards to process so Jack and Elicia made use of their time by having caractures of themselves drawn up. What a waste of money. No one could tell who was who.

Tonight we’re having Mexican.

We took a break to strike a pose with one of our waiters.

Went back to eating and then during half time took more photos.

Had dessert and then took more photos.

Oh gosh, Jack is drunk already.

Then this dude came by. He was on vacation with his family and tonight he wished he was on vacation with us. He obviously wanted to hang out. We bought him a free shot and sent him on his way.

Sorry dude, but tonight is girls night out and we’re loving every minute of it.

It’s day two of Virgo Bash but for us it seems more like day one because we woke up here instead of spending half the day getting here. We’re all super excited and just want to get out and explore Playa Del Carmen and we start with the breakfast buffet. Anyone who knows me well knows that I’m not a fan of buffets. When I dine out I like the idea of having my food cooked especially for me. Being in my joyous state of mind I didn’t mind the buffet today and it wasn’t even amazing. Good thing too because I want to keep my girly figure for the beach. You feel me?

After breakfast we head back to our rooms for last minute touch ups and if you’ve ever been on an all girls vacation then you’d know that last minute touch ups can last anywhere from 15 minutes to a couple of hours. I don’t know but that’s just the way it goes. We’re ready to explore the island so while out we book a few excursions with this dude. I love that Jack is always ready for the camera.

Playa Del Carmen is such a cute town. My sister said I would love it and that, “It’s very quaint and has a “village” feel.” Um, after last night I’m not so sure I agree with her. I don’t know which Playa Del Carmen she stayed at but it’s not the same one we’re in. I didn’t really get the same quaint village vibe that she did but it is a vibrant town where you can find streets lined with vendors trying to make a buck selling useless chotskisest. The night life was wild but I’m sure after a week of living here it’d get old real fast.

After booking our trip we made haste back to our rooms so we could get ready for our snorkeling excursion. When we got to our rooms we were greeted by a beautiful swan towel.  I don’t care who your are, animal towels will always put a smile on anyone’s face.

After that we had to take a half hour boat ride to get to the snorkeling site.

When we got to land we had some time to kill so we wandered about.

And went out in search of some authentic tacos from Mexico.

I tried a new drink and heads up, it sucks dirty donkey dick.

Here check out the girls reaction to it.

This Mexicano followed me around the corner trying to get me to buy corn. On the way back I insisted that he take a picture with me. You know you totally dig his silver front tooth too. Didn’t realize it then but guess it’s pretty dick of me for using him and his corn for a photo shoot and not buying any corn afterwards. Oh, and your welcome for the crotch shot.

Michelle’s sister was aimlessly wandering about. Mitchell, seriously tell her you want your boots back.

Our glass bottom  boat is here. The clear glass bottom is so cool for all of 20 minutes but once the boat takes off it’s the gorgeous scenery all around us steals the show.

Me and my best bud in the whole wide world.

When we get there Jack jumps right in cause she’s too cool to get schooled.

And everyone follows, but Elicia. She stays behind with her new Mexican boyfriend, Choot Cho.

We snorkel at 3 different locations. It was totally awesome! I think my favorite was the ginormous school of fish right below us. It was so real.

Sorry to disappoint but Mitchell was by far the most fearless.

And Elicia did finally get in.

As you can see we had a blast. By the time where done with our 3rd snorkeling adventure we were totally ready to get back to land, down a few beers and just relax. We had some time to kill before the other boat arrived to take us back to Play Del Carmen so we settled for beers here. Oh did I mention that it’s Jack’s birthday today. Happy Birthday bud. I love you.

We were having so much fun that we almost missed our ride. Whoa, close one girls, especially considering we had to dodge the policia on the way there 🙂

We we get back we all agree that we just want to be wined and dined tonight so we got all glammed up and went out for a nice dinner. Man we were some sexy bitches. Play Del Carmen loved us!

Seriously, will someone please get that stupid waiter out of our photo shoot. Sheesh! And whoa, I didn’t realize my dress was so short. Sweeeeet!

Jack got us all Virgo Bash rings to symbolize her Golden Birthday. Man, either these girls need to tan or I’m just freaking dark.

I don’t really remember what we did after dinner but I assure you we had a blast.

Playa Del Carmen I love you!

You heard me right. You see every year my friends do this little thing called Virgo Bash. It’s a celebration of all their birthdays rolled into one big bash. This year was especially special because not only were we celebrating Virgo birthdays but we were also celebrating a lot of our Golden Birthdays as well. The trip was centered around Jackie’s birthday and she wanted to make it a trip to remember and what better way to do that than to make it an only girls trip I’d like to refer to as Panocha Palooza.

This is where we stayed at the first half of our trip. I don’t really remember the name but it was a nice resort on the beach. When we first got there we spent the first hour and a half trying to upgrade our room going from room to sweet to junior sweet and then across the street to the sister hotel to check out their rooms and then back to this resort to check out more rooms only to keep the rooms that was originally booked for us. Yep, totally sound like something that we would do. Now that we have the room situation squared away it’s time to check out the resort. Come on ladies!

First things first, lets eat. You know me, dessert first because I believe in saving the best for first.

After some mediocre food we got into our sexy bikinis and headed straight for the pool. And this is about the time when our high went from high to low. We got scolded like 6 times, no joke. Seriously, we couldn’t smoke in the pool (you know Jack wasn’t happy about that at all). Hell I don’t smoke and I wasn’t happy about that. But not only could we not smoke in the pool we couldn’t bring our drinks in the pool either. Hello we’re on vacation people! Each time they mentioned it to us we said okay and just went about living our lives. And each time they would send someone else over that was higher up in the chain of command  until finally we grew tired of them and took our asses, drinks and cigarettes out of the pool and over to the bar.

Where Jack could smoke to her hearts, or lungs desire.

After a few drinks we got dressed and ventured out. Playa Del Carmen ready or not here we come!

Playa Del Carmen is Awesome! The streets were packed with tourist looking for a good time and locals looking to scam the tourists. Either way everyone is happy. As you can clearly see we we’re all happy.  Not really sure who most of these guys are but everyone just wanted to hang out. The first club we went to had a line and we walked straight to the front and got in cover free. How’d that happen? I don’t know I just kept walking. I think one of these guys knew the bouncer or something.

Swings instead of bar stools, I love it!

We all loved it!

We drank, danced, took more photos . . .

Got a little crazy and walked back to the resort. It was a good first vacation day. I can’t wait till tomorrow!