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Looks like we have a busy weekend ahead of us. Bea’s is flying in for her baby shower. My best bud, Jack, is flying in from Florida and Ray and I couldn’t be more excited to see everyone. We make plans to meet everyone at Snuffer’s when we arrive in Dallas. After dinner we drag poor preggo Bea to Loft 1610 where VIP table side service awaits us.

I got really drunk and got scolded for getting my own drinks by both the wait staff and the bouncer. I don’t really remember the situation but I’m sure it was funny.

Loft 1610 in Dallas from Doan Chung on Vimeo.

The next day was Bea’s baby shower. I was in charge of the games because I’m totally awesome.

The boys sucking apple juice out of a bottle. Come on guys, it’s just like sucking on a nipple.

Kuya Ben mentally preparing himself for the pudding shit he’s about to consume out of a diaper.

And the winner is awarded . . . a lovely photo of preggo Bea!

The boys listening carefully to my instructions.

Kimmy’s little boy, Max.

Bernh’s little baby.

Little Cloe wrapping a toilet paper diaper. This doesn’t look good. Please don’t photo shop this anyone.

Lyric gets one too. Man, Jackie’s good at this.

I get one, but McKayla wasn’t very gently and the paper kept ripping.

Team Cooper.

Kuya Vince, I have no words for you right now.


Next is time for Bea to get some practice feeding the baby, blind folded. If you ever wanted to get Bernh back for anything Bea Bot here’s your chance.

So close.

Good job! Your mother instincts really kicked in there. Way to go!

Bea and Mama. I love them both very much.

Next was musical diaper shit. This game sucked.

After baby shower extravaganzia Jackie and I went on a trip down memory lane to see her old house.

But it was gone. The house was apparently knocked down awhile back. Sorry Jack, you can cry in the car lets move on shall we. It’s dinner time.

Oh God, am I drunk already. Sheeesh!

After dinner we all wandered to some club.

I always have so much fun when I’m around Jack.

All I remember is being in a totally crowded elevator and getting everyone involved in a high five session.

It’s morning and I’m still not home. What a night.

Dinner @ Alo in Dallas

Dinner @ Alo in Dallas

So Ben calls in the morning, “I’m picking Bea up from the airport now, are you guys coming up?” “Uh, well we weren’t exactly planning on it but since you use Bea against me, yes, yes we are.” That’s the story of our life, we never make plans but somehow we always have them, spontaneously. Mable was already in Dallas and we had put off driving up to see them in hopes that they would give in and just drive down to see us instead. I’m so tired of traveling but since we were going for just one day I guess it wouldn’t be that bad.

Me and Mabel

Me and Mabel

We made plans for everyone to meet at Alo, a cute little restaurant in Dallas. Wow, I didn’t expect so many people to show up. One thing led to another and before we knew it we were waiting on a table for 11. Kuya Vince came, Bernah and Sam, Raul and his wife, even Dad decided to come along. It was awesome.

Mabel, Awesome Person, Bea

Mabel, Awesome Person, Bea

I got to finally met Mabel for the first time. It’s true, she’s more alluring in person than she is via chat and FaceBook. But the best part of the night was the tummy rub I got to give Bea. I mean what kind of friends would we be if we didn’t come see one of our bestest friends and rub her pregnant belly for the first time. Yes, you heard right, I’m going to be a new auntie come August. I can’t wait!

Delicious Food

Delicious Food

A great way to celebrate is with dessert. Famous Berry 4 Leches Cake above, $7.75. Yes 4 and not the usual 3. It was awesome, but I’ve had better and for a lot less. We couldn’t just get one. As they say variety is the spice of life, this is certainly true when one is dealing with dessert. We also ordered Josefina: hazelnut – caramelized sugar pastry, vanilla bavarian cream & berries, $7.75. Josefina is like an overrated prostitute. On the outside she’s luscious, sexy and overpriced but once you get a taste of her you’ll soon come to find she doesn’t put out a lot of action. She was also so difficult to eat that Ben and Mabel gave up on her early and left her all to me. Hey when it comes to desserts I’ll take sloppy seconds. Everything at Alo was actually hit or miss. My drink was orgasmic. Mabel and Sam’s rice was dog food. Ray’s enchiladas was right on and the service sucked sour dragonĀ  balls.

Delicous Food

Delicous Food

Ben, Mabel and I shared because sharing is caring and not sharing will get you killed.

Dinner At Alo

Dinner At Alo

Girls on one side of the table and boys on the other. It was like we were speed dating. Sheesh, my date sucks, how many more minutes do I have with this loser. I kid, I kid. Your the king of Awesome honey, don’t ever let anyone tell you different.

Speed Dating @ Alo

Speed Dating @ Alo

Anyhow, after dinner we went to a Sherlock Pub but it was so crowded that we left and decided to go bowling instead. Yes bowling, because we’re crazy like that. But 300 Dallas had a wait of 1 hour and 30 minutes so fuck that. We ended up at a dive karaoke bar called Outer Marker. I said it once and I’ll say it many many times again, dive bars rock. No one karaoked but I give Ben props because he really wanted to go up there, just not alone and all of us bailed on him. Sorry Kuya Ben maybe next time.

Outer Marker Karaoke Bar

Outer Marker Karaoke Bar

For New Years this year Ray and I were crazy rebels without a cause living the crazy life at 300 Bowl, a bowling alley located in Dallas Texas. I’ve also seen one in Austin.

Lucky for us Bea and Guav had planned on staying till the New Year.

We put our names on the waiting list at the bowling alley then we met up with Vince, Bea’s big brother and his girlfriend, Renee at BJ’s Restaurant.

We didn’t expect the bowling alley to call us back, being New Year’s and all, but they did, while Guav was in the mist of his meal. He scarfed down his meal as fast as his vegan mouth would allow him and we scurried off to Dallas 300 Bowl.

I know it’s not the craziest New Year but my friends are crazy enough for me. Besides, we were all on a budget, Bea wasn’t drinking, I wasn’t drinking, and Guav never drinks. So basically Ray would look like a sad alcoholic if we went anywhere else.

Watch Ray and I do the count down and then we kiss for a prosperous, healthy and happy 2009.

2009 New Years Count Down from Doan Chung on Vimeo.

So the crazy and bizarre thing is that none of us are really that good at bowling, especially me of all people. We randomly filmed the four of us, me, Ray, Bea and Guav bowl once and each person bowled a strike. How crazy is that? It’s a sign, 2009 is going to be a great year!

Bea Strikes Into the New Year!

Bea Strikes Into the New Year from Doan Chung on Vimeo.

Ray Strikes Into The New Year!

Ray Strikes Into the New Year from Doan Chung on Vimeo.

Guav Strikes Into the New Year!

Guav Stikes Into the New Year from Doan Chung on Vimeo.

I Strike Into The New Year!

Doan Strikes Into The New Year 2008-09 from Doan Chung on Vimeo.

We said our sad good-byes at the end of the night because Bea and Guav were planning on leaving the next day as were we. The drive back home wasn’t so bad, at least Kola didn’t think so.