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I came across Tillman’s Roadhouse while searching for the perfect place to host Ray’s surprise birthday party this year and I’m quite certain it would have been the perfect place if they had open on Monday’s. Anyhow, Valentines Day happens to be the day before my baby’s birthday so I guess I’ll have to settle for that. I sealed the deal with dinner reservations @ 9:00.

When we arrived all I could think was, Man I totally wish they were open on Mondays. The next photo I got off their site. It’s of their banquet room and it’s where I wanted to have Ray’s birthday party. Ah well.

They started us off with popcorn, now that’s a first. I dig it.

The ambiance is so fresh and artsy and I’m loving it to pieces. It could also be that I’m just super excited to be here. I mean it’s V-Day and I’m here with the love of my life. What could be better.

This is the only kind of deer I ever want displayed on my wall. Pops, if your reading this, take notes, wooden deer head, not real taxidermy ones. Those are gross.

And the best part of our meal was, you got it, dessert. What better dessert than smores with a real fire. They had coffee, maple and vanilla flavored marshmallows. I was in ecstasy!

Hawaii Love

Hawaii Love

Happy Valentines Day to everyone I love.

Yesterday was a really good day. A lot happen that I think ya’ll should know about. First, it was Valentines Day. I use to hate hate this day because something really bad happen to me on this day years ago. But, like I said, that was years ago, I’m a different person now and I’ve learned to not dwell in the past. I love Valentines Day because I love romance. Romance doesn’t always have to involve red roses and candles, not that that candles and red roses are bad but it’s so cliché. For Valentines Day this year Ray and I decided to make it fun. We had a $25 dollar limit, which means honey that you can’t spend over $25 dollars, not that you have to spend all of it. Ray went over the limit and then gave me shit for spending under $25 dollars and buying some chocolate for myself afterwards. Anyhow, we drove to the mall and split up. I wanted to be a little creative and with only $25 dollars it was a bit of a challenge. The next day, Valentines Day, we went out to breakfast at Mac 24, a restaurant located in the Hilton that we’ve been meaning to try about two blocks away and exchanged our gifts there.

I got a 10 pound chocolate bar. No that is not a miss print it was really 10 pounds. Like every other female I too love chocolate .


I got Ray a small silver trinket container with a love letter inside listing the top 8 reasons why I love my baby and a really small photo of the two of us wearing mullets wigs on Halloween inside. I picked this photo because I’m looking up at him like a adore him, it’s really cute.

It’s suppose to be two peas on a pod and the peas roll around. Ray, being the pervert that he is pointed out that it looks like a vagine with two clits. Now that I look at it, he’s absolutely right.

Another big event that I had planned was my hair cut. Now, if most of you have not yet noticed, or was not informed, I now have black hair. This is crazy because I haven’t had black hair since I was 18 and it was literallly blue black because after dying it blue black I dyed it again with blueberry kool aid. Yes, kool aid and yes it’s was permanent.

So here’s an old picture of me with my blonde hair back in 2004. About two months ago I decided to go back to black. Ray, objected and as always I went against his wishes and followed instincts and went with black. There’s a picture of me up top with black hair in case you missed it but here’s another one. After a couple of days Ray was like, “Baby, I really like the black.”

Now it was time to cut my hair. Ray again objected and again I followed my gut and scheduled a hair appointment. This was pretty ballsy of me because I was planning on going super short. The shortest I’ve ever gone was shoulder length my sophomore year in high school and I swore I would never do it again. Never say never. The time has come for me to reinvent myself.




I love it.


When the stylist cut my hair I was so nervous I cried a bit. It’s really nerve racking chopping off that much hair at once. The hair cut ended up being super cheap and I’m even planning on donating my hair. I was expecting to pay over a hundred dollars but it came out to only about $40.00. Isn’t that crazy? I gave the lady a $23 dollar tip for her work. Shane has a thing for girls with short hair so he supported, urged and even tried reverse psychology on me to get me to cut my hair so of course he was crazy about it. Ray also ended up loving my hair. He kept telling me how sexy I look and throughout the night I would look over and see him undressing me with his eyes. I’m just so happy that ended up liking my hair, because I really didn’t know and to get the positive feedback from Ray and Shane was awesome.

It’s crazy because last year on Valentines Day Ray and I were out here on vacation. Shane, Ray and I went out to what we thought would be a simple dinner but ended up being pretty pricey. This year all three of us planned a nice evening out at Tanakas of Tokyo. It’s one of those places where they cook your food right there at the table, pretty entertaining. I finally had a reason to wear heals again. Dinner was amazing. We all had a super great time.

After dinner I was going to have Shane escort Ray to the grocery store to get a bottle of wine so I could wrap up Ray’s birthday present and give it to him at midnight but I ended up going with them to the store. When we got home we all realized that we had Lost to watch on tivo. We were super excited about this. I swear, all three of us are crazy Lost geeks. I don’t know if anyone else would be able to handle watching it with us because we analyze the show show much that we constantly rewind to check for any clues. The writers of this show are super detailed oriented. I love Lost so much that I even called in sick once just so I could watch the last show of the season and I never call in sick, even when I am sick. I even requested Thursdays off just so I could watch Lost. We make it fun and turn it into a drinking game. Like whenever Hurley says, “dude,” when there’s a flashback or flash forward, etc. we drink. We have so many rules that by the end of the show we’re all drunk as hell.

I kept my eye on the clock the whole night and when it hit 11:59 I ran over to the closet because that’s where I hid his present. I got him the new iphone from the apple store after my hair cut. It came out at the perfect time because now he has the newest version. I had him close his eyes and I laid it on his lap unwrapped. He was so happy to see it and for the next hour he couldn’t stop messing with it. The only thing he said to me was, “we have to go to AT&T tomorrow,” oh and that I was the best girlfriend ever and that he’s crazy in love with me and he’s luckiest man alive. I’m gonna have to agree with him.

Oh I almost forgot, another great thing that happened, the baby site is up!!!! Ray’s been working on this baby site, for almost two years now. He’s been through a lot of ups and downs, heartache, frustration, aggravation with this and since I’m his woman I too had to deal with it in some way. He’s had to deal with shady programmers to lazy friends not holding up to part of the deal. Finally he got Beau to collaborate with him. Beau is a “Champion Geek” and a good reliable friend so we were both super happy about this. They’ve both been going at it night and day, day and night for a long time now and finally it went up on the 13th of February. I didn’t find out until after work that night so it seemed more like February 14th. So far the sites been written about in 3 popular sites and it’s been less that two days and we have about 75 people sign up. It’s so exciting. I can’t tell you how excited I am for my baby and how freaking proud I am of him. All I can tell you honey is to keep doing what your doing and be patient because it’s all gonna happen. I’m so excited.

As you can see yesterday was a really good day and today is too because it’s Ray’s birthday and we’re gonna go bowling today. I’ve invited a few of our friends to meet us at the bowling alley. Life is pretty good right now.