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What haven’t you ever wore a life jacket diaper before? It’s super durable and sexy as hell. Today we spent the day soaking up the sun at the lake. We were going to bring our boat but the boys couldn’t get the hitch on Blake’s car. Luckily Brian’s boat is big enough for all of us. My friend Tiffany and her man has a slip on the lake where they store their boat. Super convenient and now we totally want a slip too so we don’t have to deal with things like having a hitch and backing that ass down the dock. Another glitch that we came upon was the belt on the boat broke causing the boat to come to a stand still which then caused me to pull out my GIRL CARD and the boys were forced to swim the boat to the dock. I can tell you now that Ray wasn’t very happy with me taking pictures of him pushing the boat. All I can say is, “that’s what you get for marring an Asian honey.”

Hey no worries, problem was soon fixed and the rest of the day was nothing but good times.

I think the best part of the day was shoot’n  the shit while floating on life jacket diapers, drinking beer and trying to knock each other beside the head with a wet hacky sack. Yep, that was definitely the best part of my day. But if you ask Blake, the best part of his day was probably eating ass while attempting to wake board, which he did so well, over and over and over again.

In his defense, he progressively got better.  I’m pretty sure he stayed up for at least 15 seconds in the end.

The rest of the day was smooth sailing.

Even for Blakey Blake.

When dawn came upon us we took our over baked bodies and empty bellies to Iguanas for some good ol Mexican. Wish more days could be this good.

The great thing about having so many friends is that eventually one of their birthdays will come along which gives us yet another reason to have a party. The time has come for Tim to get older and lucky him, because this year his beautiful wife threw him a wonderful party.

As always Bill rocked the house.

Wouldn’t be a party without the sexy ladies.

Chilling with my honey.

So glad that Tiffany and Brian made it.

Smile guys.

It was a great party. Happy birthday Tim!

Happy Birthday Tim from Doan Chung on Vimeo.