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Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween

The time has come for all females to join together and dress like whores. Yes, it’s Halloween! Halloween has always been my favorite holiday for this exact reason. Well this year is gonna be different. Ray and I have tickets to the World Series and not just any tickets but bad ass tickets, pricey ones at that. Let’s be honest, baseball has never been my thing, hell, sports and me just don’t really mess, unless vintage shopping is considered a sport. However, when it comes to baseball, well Ray lives it. This year couldn’t be a better year for us to lose our World Series virginity because it’s San Francisco vs Texas, that’s right, Giants vs the Texas Rangers. Of course I’m rooting for the Giants because I’m California all the way. I left my heart in California and in my opinion, there’s no better state. It’s also the first time for the Texas Rangers to be get this far, and apparently that’s a big deal for Texas. I guess we’re not the only ones losing our World Series virginity.

Happy Halloween!

Us tailgating before the game because that’s what you do before a game, and I  just recently learned that this is not just a Texas thing.

Happy Halloween!

Mikey got jokes. It’s cool because I’m sure I’ll have the last laugh because San Francisco is gonna open that Cali can of whoop ass cause that’s how we do it.

Happy Halloween!

Giants vs Rangers!

Happy Halloween!

Amet and Ray forever.

Happy Halloween!

Our first World Series! I love you babe.

Happy Halloween!

Time to toast with Crown Royal.

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!

Not sure what is going on here.

Happy Halloween!

Ray is jealous.

Happy Halloween!

Hey guys there’s only room for one cute couple.

Happy Halloween!

Texas’s got some big boys.

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!

Well the original plan was to dress like a ninja, being Halloween and all. I had the best of intentions but the ninja outfit was Ray’s and just didn’t fit so it didn’t work out. Ray talked me out of it, said I didn’t look like a ninja.

Happy Halloween!

Time to go to the World Series.

Happy Halloween!

Mario and Luigi are losers.

Happy Halloween!

It was so exciting to walk into this huge stadium with all the noise and energy in the air.

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!

Our first World Series, hopefully many more to come.

Happy Halloween!

Not a lot of Giants fans here.

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!


Happy Halloween!

Picture stolen from internet because I didn't want to buy it

It’s not looking good for Texas.

Happy Halloween!

Not even Jesus can help you Rangers.

Happy Halloween!

Ray is sad because the Rangers are losing.

Happy Halloween!

The Giants win, Rangers lose and for some reason every hates me back at the car. Haters!

Happy Halloween!

Today Ray and I attempted to go canoeing but we made the mistake of bringing Kola with us. It was a scorching hot day and I didn’t want to be stuck on a boat if Kola went into a heat stroke so instead we attempted to hike the Green Belt. We got all of 50ft before Kola wanted out. He looked like he was going to have a seizure or something so we walked back to the car. Ah well, we tried. Today is another one of our leisure days and we wanted to explore Austin.

We decided to head out to Austin Trailer Park Eatery since we still have not been. The first thing I bought was cake balls. Yes, cake balls on a stick. So genius!

Should of had a taco from Torchy’s Tacos but I’ve been craving a good hot dog lately so I decided on that instead. Well all in all it was another great day. Austin Trailer Park Eatery consider yourself checked! Green Belt and canoeing I’ll be back for you.

I love days like this, where your just free to go where the wind takes you. Well we’re taking full advantage of it and being productive at the same time by checking off our Austin list and we’re starting it off at Juan in a Million. Juan in a Million is an iconic business in Austin. As a matter of fact, Man VS Food has even been there. This is how Adam prepares for Juan In a Million.

After watching Juan in his element it really doesn’t surprise me anymore that Juan in a Million is so successful. I think if your a business owner you should make a trip over to Juan for some breakfast tacos, ask for a seat by the front door and watch Juan work his magic. He stands by the door and literally greets each and every guest that walks through. It’s almost as if everyone that walks through is family because that’s how he makes them feel. Shit, I’m not gonna lie, that’s how he made us feel and I totally knew what he was up to. He totally won our hearts and before we left Ray and I are like, “we gotta come back.” Seriously, it’s just breakfast tacos, eggs, cheese, flour tortilla, but Juan’s infectious energy makes you think they tastes so good. I started my morning off with tres leches. It was good but doesn’t come close to Chuy’s tres leches.

Ray and his big ass breakfast tacos.

And mine, just like I like em, potatoes and eggs, but damn it, I always forget to ask for corn tortillas!

Well Juan In A Million considered yourself checked. Check! Next is IMAX theater to watch Shrek in 3D.

After the movies we start to get hungry again so we head over to Carlos’ and Charlie’s, which also happens to be on our list. Check!

Well, the food is not amazing and the service sucks elephant butt. I suggest you come here for the pretty sunsets.

In Huston for business. SocialFly has a quincietta event but since were here we mine as well visit our good friends Marcos. He has a new home that we’ll be staying in tonight. The next day we all went to the Houston Dub Car Show. Heard it was something stupid like 40 bucks to get in but Ray got the hook up from Hack Shack and we all got in for free. Free, I love that word.

Sweet! Low rider bikes. I know I’m so gangsta but can’t help it I love em.

This one is definitely one of my faves. Love the graphics but I think my favorite part is the sweet velvet curtains. Kinda makes me wish I had my dream car, a VW Bus just so I can hang up some curtains.

Hey, a concert up in here. Dim the lights, let’s get our dance on.

I’m pretty sure this is Nelly’s car.

Even had some dancers. They had no ass but still nice eye candy.

Oh my god Becky, look at her butt. Its so big. She looks like one of those rap guys girlfriends. I mean her butt. It’s just so big. I can’t believe it’s so round. It’s just out there.

Play for 5 minutes and get a free T-Shirt. Sounds like a pretty sweet deal to me.

Glad I we got in free and even more glad there were finally slutty models at this car show. Houston, your still a ghetto bitch, but I love you anyways.

On the drive home Kola sleeps with a photo of us. Awe, my heart is warm n fuzzy.

Seems like that list of things to do in Austin I have is getting shorter and shorter by the day. Well, another to check off the list is visiting Blanton Museum of Art. Before we headed in though we stopped by the cafeteria and then to the gift store where I got to take this sweet bike on a test ride.

The seat was too high and made it kinda hard to ride but besides that it was pretty fucking sweet and I so want one. The bike is super light and I should have videoed it because you can totally fold the bike up to fit in your pocket, well, not that small but you get the point. Lets move on.

Pretty sweet place. This is why I love museums. If I were alone I could stay here all day just reading about each and every piece of art but I’m not and I hate feeling rushed or making others wait for me so I just skim the art.

Okay, I’m not gonna lie, I’m not a fan and I don’t get it. I feel like my 3 year old kid, had I had one, could do this. I especially hate it when people try to act like they understand it, like they’re so much deeper, intelligent and important than everyone else. Please, someone just threw a bunch of colors on a piece of canvas. It probably took them less than 5 minutes. However I do applaud them for taking advantage of the stupid and getting rich off it. In that sense, kudos to you.

Bones and pennies. The question is who’s bones do these belong to?

This one I like because I feel like it’s something Ray and I could do and put up in our house; a big chalkboard. Dig it!

Now here’s some of my favorite art from today.

Head on a platter.

Boobs on a platter.

Big head on a stand.

There was more but my stupid camera ran out of batteries. Oh well.

After doing a couple of events out in the Dallas area we decided to stay awhile. We met up with the parent the next day for some lunch at Vapiano. Steven Ray and Nycole brought us here last time we were in Dallas and we loved it so much that we had to come back.

We made a spontaneous trip to Inner Space Cavern on the way home.  We totally had a buy one get one free admission ticket in the car but forgot to bring it in. I’m still not over it. Can you believe it cost 20 bucks to get in this bitch. Sheesh! Seriously, there better be roller coasters.

Well this was the closest thing, a train that went something stupid, like 2 miles an hour down to the deep caverns of earth.

This place is cool, kinda reminds me of the caves in Playa Del Carmen. But unlike Playa Del Carmen we had to go on a tour.

This one looks like a Sumo Wrestler  eating a giant ice-cream cone.


Meringue  ceilings.

Seriously, the ceilings looked like meringue.

Tiny pond.

Us again.

Going to the caves was another one on our list of shit to do in Austin before we peace out. Check! Well, we’re on a roll and none of us wants to be a fun tampon and stop the flow of fun so we decide to go check out the Bats @ Congress, another one on the list.

We arrived at 7:00 giving us plenty of time to enjoy the scene.

Lady Bird Lake.

My sexy husband.

Then we realized that we were on the wrong side of the bridge because we were the only people on this side while the other side of the bridge started to crowd up. Ray was hesitant at first, saying he didn’t want to be a sheep and follow the pack. Well, Kris must have taken that to heart because finally when it was quite obvious that we were on the wrong side Ray gave in and we crossed over while Kris stayed behind. BAAAAAAAAA BAAAAAA.

While over on our side people kept flowing in.

Kris’s side.

Our side.

Kris’s side.

Our side.

Anyhow, you get the point. Man, we sure have been waiting a long time for these dumbs bats.

Had to find some way to kill time so we took more photos.

Awe, can you see poor Kris all alone behind me. We kept texting his ass to come on over but he texted us back and said he didn’t want to be a sheep.

Suit yourself.

Well, by the time the bats finally got the memo, it was just too late to see anything. That’s 2 & 1/2 hours of my life that I won’t get back. Not cool. Fuck you bats. I don’t care, I’m still checking you off the list because I am over it.  Check! Now, Ray and I’ve seen the bats fly by us before while driving once, and it was fucking awesome. It was like the black smoke from Lost just cruised by and that was what I was expecting, only better because we were at the start of it all. Well supposedly they come out at different times, just whenever their little heart desires. Well ain’t that convenient. So after the  bats we headed to EZ’s Brick Oven & Grill.

My food.

Today Ray surprised me with Norah Jones Tickets. Yes my husband can be pretty amazing sometimes. For those of you that don’t know, Norah is my girl. I love her music, voice and think she is the cutest little thing. Whenever any song from her first album comes on it reminds me of the days I would to drive to and from Napa going down the long twisted back roads, smoking, um, cigarettes. I was a massage student back then. See.

That was a crazy beautiful time in my life and Norah always brings me back there. Man I want to fuck her. Well tonight is my chance. I’m gonna send her a hard dose of my “fuck me” eyes. She’ll have no choice but to feel really uncomfortable yet somewhat intrigued and invite me to her after party, you know, the after after party.

We get there early and still the line is like retarded long and poor Ray had to walk back to the car because they wouldn’t let me bring in our Canon 20D. Seriously, how are all these people going to fit.

Finally we made it in and the place is just as I had envisioned, not very big but big enough and yet, somehow they manage to pack the house in with thousands of peeps. Impressive.

This couple was just a hot mess trying desperately to be young again. They stuck out like a couple of American tourists in China. You can’t see but her shoes matched perfectly, hot pink and black, oh boy. Poor guy totally caught Ray taking a photo.

And finally Norah comes on. She rocked the house, playing every song I wish she would and manages to sound even better live. Oh, Norah.

This is my favorite song.

As you can see I had to love her from afar. How can I possibly send her my “fuck me” eyes from way back here? Not cool. I really need to start remembering to bring a pair of binoculars and a small stool to concerts like this.

At the end of the night everyone did the usual encore and she came back out but this time she came off the stage and onto some steps that were alot closer to everyone.

After the concert we even stopped in Stubbs for some BBQ and the food was just as crappy as we had remembered only this time the service also sucked balls. So it’s official, Stubb’s is only good for concerts and it just so happens that going to a concert there had actually been on our list of things to do in Austin before we leave. Check! What you didn’t thing we’d be here forever did you? Ninja Please.

Ray and I have been all about going to car shows lately. I’m still pretty new to the car show scene but I can pretty much guarantee that Austin’s Lonestar Round up will forever be on the top of my car show list. I’m a huge sucker for vintage cars and boy were there a plethora of sexy vintage cars today. Being here makes me desperately long to have one of my own. One day, I know, one day in due time, but as for now I’ll just have to admire them from the other side. There were so many sweet cars that I can’t help to feel slightly guilty when I pick one to put up on my blog over the other, but here goes.

My dream is to have an old vintage car like the one above and below as a family car. So sick.

I’m in love with the flames on this on.

Some dude was free-styling pin art, gotta appreciate that.

Another family car. Can’t help it, I just love em.

Here’s my bad ass Sunday drive car.

And this one is Ray’s.

Here’s Ray’s hot rod. I’m not into them as much as he is but I still dig it.

And this one will be our company vehicle we’ll use to pull the photobooths.

So many sexy cars today.