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Sometimes I feel like I need a good cry.  Like how some people need the city every once in while, I sometimes need to cry. Crying reminds me that the compassionate part of my soul, well she’s still in tact.  I cry when I see other people happy and I cry when I see other people suffer. When I cry I feel beautiful and that makes me proud of who I am and reminds me that I deserve all the life has to offer.

Someone posted this video on FaceBook a while back of a lady secretly living in someones New York apartment

What I don’t get is how the hell did she knew there was a secret compartment up there in the first place. Totally gave me goose bumps. Weird and so creepy.

Guess what, I’m going on my first ever Santa Crawl. How fun. Ray and I went out in search for Santa suits but when word of a Santa Crawl got around there was no suits to be found. I guess that’s what we get for waiting till the last minute. In despair I called Lauren and she came to our rescue and went out and purchased a couple suits for us, one size fits all my ass. We all met up at Laurens and from there we headed out to our first bar to meet up with the rest of the Santas.

We were seriously like one of the first to get there but soon more and more Santas trickled in and before long there were a shit ton of Santas drinking and being merry, the way Santas should be. I even found a couple of Santas with their dick in a box.

Seriously, look at all the Santas, it was so crowded and I was getting antsy. I wanted to get the party started and parade down to the next bar but who ever put this event on obviously wasn’t an event planner. We spent half the night at the first bar and none of the bars were informed of our Santa Crawl. So rude. Talk about a surefire way to get pissed off bartenders. So finally we were tired of still being at the first place so we decided to head out ourselves and sure enough more Santas slowly followed our lead.

Now get this the second bar we went to shooed us away. Missed out on a lot of money. Good thing too because it was a super small, swanky restaurant type bar. 150 Santas would have been so out of place and all of us just wouldn’t have fit. Again, bad planning. So we hiked our happy asses to the 3rd bar. When we walked in the one and only bartender goes, “I think I’m about to get my ass handed to me.” Why yes you are.

And slowly but surely the Santas stumbled in.

So finally we all left the 3rd place and headed to the 4th bar, which also happen to be a really nice, restaurant/bar, too small to fit 150 Santas. Seriously, who planned this event? It wasn’t long before we quit that place and decided to take a detour next door for a quick bite to eat. Apparently we we’re the only ones who had this bright idea because a few Santas had already beat us there and then soon more and more Santas deserted the last place for this place and before we knew it the place was packed with Santas.

And looks who decides to show up, Matthew Mellinger.

The group.

And soon all the Santas telepathically knew to just meet up at the first bar. That was really the best bar for all of us to be at.

And there Eric met an icky girl.

And that was enough for all of us to call it a night.

I feel like I work so much these days that I really try to make the most of my days off. Today Ray and I drove into Austin and took a walk through a park we’ve never been before. I thought about going to Lady Bird Lake but we’ve been there so many times that I’m starting to feel guilty for not taking advantage of all that Austin has to offer me.

This park was so pretty. I can’t believe I’ve never been here before. We followed the trail till we reached the end then we realize that we have in fact been here before. This was the park that Ray and I first played kick ball at with some friends Ray had met through one of the geeky conventions. Wonder what happened to those nerds. Well Ray had to use the restroom and I decided to make use of my time by taking photos of random things. This is a photo of the facet in the ladies room.

I didn’t put this photo in black and white, it was just a black and white day. Ugly day but good for photos.

Check out this house we found while cruising back home. Another house to be jealous over.

It’s that time of year again where it’s become traditionally okay to shovel ungodly amounts of food into our faces all day long. I have mixed feelings about Thanksgiving. Don’t get me wrong, I love all the ridiculous amounts of food but the holidays for me really are more about family than it is about food, foot ball, movies and amazing sales the next day. This year is Ray’s year, meaning that his family gets us for Thanksgiving, lucky them. Our first stop, Uncle David and Aunt Barbara’s. Dad came prepared and wore his loose pants and everything.

Aunt Barbara made boat loads of food and they had already dug in earlier so we helped our selves to a plate. Aunt Barbara and Uncle David stayed in the living room while we sat in the dining room and ate. While consuming my first Thanksgiving meal of the day I couldn’t help but to feel like somewhat of a freeloader. I mean, it’s Thanksgiving day and I hardly see these people and here  we are coming over to eat their food that they slaved countless hours over in their dining room while they watched television in the next room. This is the part of Thanksgiving that always makes me feel so weird and I hate that it’s become the norm, to just go from family to family just to stuff our faces with food. Whatever happened to everyone sitting around the dining room, watching the turkey get it’s first slice and just enjoying every ones company. Ray and I always talk about the younger days, before we were pubescent teens and we were innocent carefree kids, the holidays were so much nicer then. We have such fond memories of everyone getting together under one roof and even though Thanksgiving dinner wasn’t spent under a candle lit dinning table it was spent with everyone. We miss those holidays and the older we get the more we’ve come to realize that if we want traditions like these to live on we need to start them back up again starting with a family of our own.

The next stop was Aunt Dora’s and Uncle Todds. Luckily Uncle Paul was already there with Aunt Minga and their kids so it saved us a stop. Now this is the part of Thanksgiving I could really do without but everyone seems to love, football so I just roll with it. We sat around for the next couple of hours watching football while stuffing our faces. The girls multitask and went through the sales catalogs while watching football. I had no choice but to join them, and holy crap are there some tempting sales going on tomorrow. Now I know why people wake up so early but still I’ve convinced myself that it’s just not worth all the fuss.

Later that night we made a stop over to Berna and Sams house. Berna really out did herself this year. Her green bean casserole was the best I had yet. Ray and Ben are gay iPhone slutts

Sam’s brother was there and he brought his kids.

And after all that we met up with Steven Ray and his lovely wife Nycole for some drinks. I love that Steven always looks so studious every time we see him.

While telling Nycole of all the ridiculous sales I ended up convincing myself that perhaps I should check out some of these sales for myself. So the next morning Ray and I headed to the mall, not as early as some of these other guys but we were there.

The next day we met up with Steven and Nycole again.

What a fun couple.

We got the call in the morning, Grandpa past away in his sleep last night. I’ve never known neither of my grandpas so Ray’s grandpa was the closest one I had to the real thing. I want to say it was unexpected but only because we expected grandma to go before him. I mean, not too long before they finally decided to put her in an old folks home because her condition had been so taxing on everyone. It was a hard decision but it had to be done. Grandpa past away not too long after she left the house and poor grandma is much too sick to understand so no one told her.

We started the morning off with breakfast with uncle Ray and later paid grandma a visit at the assisted living home she’s staying at. Since she’s been living here she’s shown lots of improvement. She’s a lot less hostel which is awesome because hostel grandmas are no fun.

Think she might have even remembered Ray Daniel, even if it was only for a brief second.

After grandmas visit everyone gathered back at aunt Dora’s.

The next day we met up with our good buddy Steven Ray and his girl Nycole. It’s always so nice to see them.

Check out the sweet tux Nemo got for the funeral.

The day before the funeral Uncle Ray had to be rushed to the hospital.

November 21, 2009 we buried grandpa. It was a really nice funeral. Poor Uncle Ray was still in the emergency room.

After the funeral we all gathered back at Aunt Dora’s. It’s not often we see everyone under the same roof so it was really nice. I think that’s the best part about funerals. Grandpa and grandma would be proud.

I don’t know how we all managed to fit but we did.

Ray and I had to head back home later that night but before we did we wanted to meet up with some of the cousins for a few drinks. Only Nick and Brandi could make it.

Tonight SocialFly will be working a wedding in Dallas. The more I’m in Dallas the more I grow to love her. A large part of me regrets picking Austin over Dallas. Sorry Austin. So like I said, it’s nice to be in Dallas tonight. It was a bit of a challenge trying to figure out exactly how to place the booth in the spot that they allocated for us, but we made it work and it looked fabulous.

Here’s a close up of my scrapbook table.

And this is our prop table. So much to choose from.

And you know during down time I had to go check out the cake. So pretty!

Check out the scrapbook page I made for the bride and groom. So cute.

It was yet another successful event.

Tonight we’re rocking at Hyatt Lost Pines for Directions, a Microsoft convention. This is our first event at Hyatt Lost Pines so we’re all super stoked. The place is gorgeous and really elegant. No wonder why Directions decided to host their convention out here.

They even had a live band rocking out on stage.

This is our set up, right smack between the food and the dinning tables. Can’t miss us.

As precautionary we like to test out our props before all the actions happens.

I like working with my hubby.

And just like that the line is out of control and remains that way for the rest of the night.

Absolutely loved working this event. The best part was the food. Man, they don’t mess around when it comes to dinning. They have their own caterers here and they were fantastic. The boys loved the BBQ and I loved all the vegan dishes. My favorite was the table full of vegan desserts. Loved it!