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Just The Two Of Us

Sunday Cruise

We had so much fun taking Kola out that the next day Ray decided to finally put my together my low rider and we went out for a cruise but without Kola this time. Getting the bikes to fit in the car was a pain in the ass, so much that we still haven’t taken them out of the car. After our bike ride we went shopping and made it back just in time to watch the super bowl. It was a stressful game and in the end our team lost, (I just route for whatever team Ray routes for). It didn’t matter to me none because it was still a really good day.

By the way, I thought it was a pretty bold of Denny’s to offer to give everyone in America a free breakfast on the following Tuesday from 7-2 p.m. on a commercial during the super bowl no less. Count me in. Seriously, Denny’s you had me at Free. So on Tuesday Ray and I got in the car and headed for Denny’s. The first Denny’s was not in service, just an empty shell of a business so we headed south and hit up every Denny’s possibly in Austin. Every single Denny’s was packed, lines out the door. It looked like a homeless shelter on Christmas morning. We must of hit at least 4-5 Denny’s before deciding to turn around and head north to Round Rock. Although the line still ran out the door it wasn’t as long as the line at other Denny’s and the Denny’s here seemed less ghetto. Then I notice an employee passing out Denny’s rain checks. That’s fucking awesome. I asked for two and we got Double Dave’s Pizza instead because by this time we were famished.

Rain Check Please

Rain Check Please