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Last month we were all hanging out at our friend Amber’s house.  We all like to watch Project Runway together sometimes.  Anyhow, Ray was dumb and made a bet.  I don’t remember exactly what the bet was but he obviously lost because he had to down a bottle of beer.  Way to go babe!


Good job!  Now make another bet.


Shane before the bet. I think he’s a little bitter.

Every once in a while we’ll have these absurd bets. They happen at any given moment when one of us will disagree on something and then someone will say, “you wanna bet.” We’re dumb and would much rather gamble our pride and honor instead of money so we’ll come up with these ridiculously embarrassing things we have to do in public. Basically we compromise a little bit of our soul every time. The other day we were all watching a movie and Shane goes, “that’s the girl on Lost.” I knew it wasn’t and go, “no it’s not” and that somehow sparks a bet. I called the bet, loser had to come out of a restroom at some restaurant wearing a swim cap and leave it on for the remainder of dinner.” Like a retard he agrees and looks it up on the net. Needless to say I was right and Shane is not very happy. The next day after work I suggest we go to CPK in Waikiki. This place is super touristy and always busy. Our friend Amber didn’t want to miss it so she comes along. Hey, when it’s not your soul being compromised the more the merrier. Here are some pictures of our night. Enjoy.


Ray and I feel pretty good about this.


Amber’s giving her support.


Why the long face Shane? Don’t worry, it doesn’t look like your wearing a swim cap at all.



I forgot to mention that the place was packed and we couldn’t have been sat at a better table. We were right in the center of the restaurant. It was amazing. I think the worst part for Shane was when he had to put the swim cap on and walk out the restroom trying not to draw attention to himself. Since the kitchen is an open area all the cooks glanced over at him and all the servers chuckled and passed it on. After about 5 minutes the humiliation fizzled and he said it was by far one of the easiest bets he had to do. No worries, I’ll come up with something better next time.

Shane Lost A Bet: Swim Cap from Doan Chung on Vimeo.