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Dad is visiting so now’s our chance to take him all over Austin. First stop, the iconic Stevie Ray Vaughn Statue located on Lady Bird Lake. After that we drive him around hill country for a bit.

We made a stop at the state capitol.

The next day Ray had a game and we were sure dad would stay long enough to at least watch his son play ball but he had to drive back home to water his grass. Yep, you read that correctly.

One of my favorite places to go in Austin is down around Lady Bird Lake, also know as Town Lake. On July 26 2007, the Austin City Council passed a resolution authorizing the renaming of the reservoir from Town Lake to Lady Bird Lake in honor of Lady Bird Johnson, the former First Lady of the United States and a long-time resident of the Austin area. It was so confusing in the beginning because we were told it was Lady Bird Lake, and then there were signs that said Town Lake, we didn’t know what lake we  were at.

Ray and Stevie Ray Vaughan

In 1994, the city of Austin erected the Stevie Ray Vaughan Memorial Statue at Auditorium Shores on Lady Bird Lake, the site of a number of Vaughan’s concerts. It has become one of the city’s most popular tourist attractions and definitely was one of ours when we first moved to Austin. Stevie Ray Vaughan is Ray’s all time favorite guitarist and musician. He’ll try to test me sometimes by asking, “who’s my favorite guitar player?” or if we’re walking by the statue, “do you know who this is?” I made sure I knew.

Lady Bird Lake

During this time SXSW was still in effect but the interactive part was over and the focus was music and film. The parks were busy with concert stuff and for some reason these mushrooms were placed randomly on the side of the park. I don’t know, I totally dig it and hope they’re here to stay. If I could I would steal them and place them in the backyard of my home, but I don’t have a backyard and there’s not enough room in my little Scion for these mushrooms.