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Been going through all my old videos for the past few days trying to get caught up on uploading them all on Vimeo. I came across these that I never put up.

Top one is of Kola when we use to live in Oakland CA. Oh memories. I have to say, I don’t miss the warehouse one bit.

Below is a video of Ray doing what he does best, play ball. It’s a shame that he never went pro but all things happen for a reason. I always tell him that he’d be a douche if he’d gone pro and we never would have met. Someone I don’t think that makes him feel any better.

And here’s one of us in Playa Del Carmen. If you’ve seen the photos then you’d know it was the vacation of the year. I think Michelle is trying to take our photo since she’s the only one not in the photo.

And here is another Playa Del Carmen one. The girls are being stupid.

And this one is during the Santa Crawl when I use to hang out with this girl named Lauren, not really sure why, but I’ve moved on to better things.

This one is of Ray wearing his Baby Carlos shirt before a SocialFly Event. It’s in reference to the movie the Hang Over so if you haven’t seen it then you won’t understand why his shirt is so awesome.

This one is probably the most recent of these videos. Ray is slowly becoming a gamer and tonight he dragged my ass to Game Stop to buy the new Call of Duty Black Ops game.

This one is at a BBQ at Chris’s Utz’s house, a ball player from Ray’s baseball team. I guess you can say he’s also a friend.

Well hope you guys enjoyed. There’s actually more but from the days of before this blog was started so really no use in putting them up here.

SocialFly Photobooth Rentals was scheduled to be at the Houston Low Rider Car Show. As you all know I’m no fan of Houston. Now I know there’s a lot of money in Houston. I mean we’ve been rented out to do some bad ass private parties and sweet 16 parties. From what I gather, you either got money in Houston or your ghetto. Houston’s Dub Car Show last year well that was pretty ghetto but it had nothing on This year’s Houston Low Rider Car Show.

Oh Houston, you are a ghetto bitch.

I heart sushi

Just having some sushi before we have to work another SocialFly Photobooth event. Think we’re doing a sweet 16 party tonight.

I heart sushi

Above is suppose to be baked crab on top a bed of California rolls but Ray and I believe it’s craw fish and not crab, sneaky sneaky.

I heart sushi

I heart sushi

Ray hearts sushi

I heart sushi


This is how we move, 5 deep and we still have the Scion parked in the driveway filled with clothes neck high but we have to come back for that because we are short on wo/man power. Kris is driving the U-haul pulling the trailer, Ray will be behind the wheel of SUV pulling the boat and I will be driving the black truck, we call her Nequa for obvious reasons.

Hello New Home

And this is our new home in Dallas. Just looking at the pile of boxes is giving me anxiety.

Moving Dharma

And now we’re back in Round Rock. We have to meet the maids today, lawn guy, and carpet cleaners, move Dharma, and finish moving. Boy, it’s gonna be a long day.

Test Run

Ray’s taking Kris’s bike for a test drive to kill time. I don’t like seeing him on a bike. Don’t get use to this honey.

Murray Lofts

We are now officially out of Round Rock and starting a new chapter of our lives in the big D. Dallas what’s up! As much as I say I don’t like Texas, this move feels right, and I’m a definite believer of following your intuitions. Right now I’m up at the butt crack of dawn waiting on Kris to get here because we have to work an event today at Texas A&M. Wow, I don’t remember the last time I was up this early.

SocialFly Photobooth

If you take your photo and show it to the cashier you get 20% off anything Adidas today.


Met Ray up at Chuy’s in Dallas for dinner. The Chuy’s in Round Rock is a million times better but I’m not complaining because everything was free, yep our whole check because I’m amazing.

Living Dallas

And now I’m back at home on the bed in our room.

Living Dallas

It’s too late and I’m too tired to even think about unpacking so I’m gonna unwind by reading this book my big sis sent to me in the mail last week. It’s actually a really good read with an interesting perspective, through the eyes of the dog.

The Art Of Racing in The Rain

Good night guys.

This post is long overdue but one that’s definitely worth documenting. We had our business partner’s car wrapped a few months back to promote our company, SocialFly Photobooth Rentals. It just makes sense because we drive hundreds of miles to some of these events. Why not promote and advertise everywhere we go, or everywhere Kris drives?

Side views.

As you can see Kris likes to keep  his ride sparkly clean which in return makes me look real good.

Also, we got our trailer recently painted. Looks so much better in black. Now this is how we roll .  .  .

This was a recent event we did with Adidas at Texas A&M.

Representing SocialFly at the Austin Bridal Extravaganza today. Ray couldn’t make it because he had a baseball game but Kris and I are here making it happen. This one is our second convention and it’s suppose to be a big one. Thousands of brides or potential clients are expected to show. Our last and first bridal show was much smaller and that was a huge success so we can only hope that this one will only be an even bigger one.

Before the show Kris said he could handle it on his own but in reality there was no way. There were times our booth was so packed that people left because they weren’t getting any help. And since there were only two of us we didn’t have any opportunity to walk around to check out the scene like we did last time, which means no photos of anything and no cake samples for me. Boo.

This is what our prop table looked like during down time, while they were giving away prizes. Craziness! It was definitely another successful event. These conventions are actually a lot of fun. I’m looking forward to the next one. Hope I see you there. Who ever you are, not really sure if anyone reads this blog anymore.

Went out to eat at Manny’s Uptown Kitchen today and yikes, found out they we’re kinda pricey but definitely very tasty.

Afterward we headed into town and got us a pretty new enclosed trailer for our photobooth. That means we’re gonna be renting trailers from U-Haul a lot less for now on. Sweet.

Had a photo shoot for our photo-booth company today. We’re planning on wrapping our business partner’s vehicle with photos of me. I’m gonna be the face of SocialFly I tell ya. Here are some of my favorite photos from today. Enjoy!

I love my dog.