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Wow don’t I look amazing here? I can joke about it now but it was really scary at the time. When Ben came down to visit is when it all started. About 2 days after Ben arrived with his little rug rats I started to get sick. I don’t remember if I was feeling bad at the museum or not but now that I think about it I could of very well contracted the bacteria there. You never know what infested germs kids are carrying and spreading these days. Kinda remind me of birds, ugh, I hate birds, filthy disease spreading rodents, you know, very similar to kids. Any how, I do know the exact moment I realize something was wrong. I was inside the parking lot of Target about to enter and I was freezing, had almost painful chills. I scanned the area, it was a gloomy, bit windy day, but some people still had T-shirts on while others had sweaters. My God I was freezing so I walked fast, as fast as little stubby legs would go so I could get inside. Inside Target was painful too. That’s also how I knew something was wrong. I never want to leave Target fast but I wanted to be out of there as soon as I was in. Yeah, weird. Shit, why the hell was I here again? Oh, yeah, large yellow envelopes so I could send my family their tickets that I printed out for the Chinese Acrobat Show. I gotta find those fast and get the fuck out.

So when I get home the first thing I do is snuggle up to my honey and say, “Baby something is wrong, I don’t feel good.” The thing is, I should of known to go straight to the doctors office then. Those weren’t normal chills I had. But I did what I speculate most people with no health insurance would do in my situation, wait it out, and that’s what I did, for about 5 days and every day it got worse and worse. Ben was staying with us in our itty bitty apartment. I didn’t want to infect anyone so I basically stayed in bed all 5 days. I also stayed in bed because I couldn’t find it in me to get out, which should of been another warning sign for me. I have never been bed ridden until now.

I went to Planned Parenthood with a temperature of 103. I started to bleed when I should of been ovulating, but I was actually there for my yearly exam. The doctor said she didn’t want to treat me and that I should be at home resting, but I talked her into treating me anyhow and I went back home to where my death bed awaits. The next few days it only got worse and worse. My temperature would go up to 104, then down to 99, then back up103, then back downto 100. All this false hope. Thera Flu seemed to help a little and Mucunex always made my fever go up. It started to get hard to breath. I thought my chest hurt because of all the coughing I was doing. But breathing only got harder to painful, almost like I was having an asthma attack. Finally on the night before I went to the hospital I told myself that if it gets worse tomorrow I’m gonna have to go get checked. That night was excruciating. I had to sleep on my back because turning to the side was utterly painful and caused me to cough uncontrollably. Actually anything I did was utterly painful and caused me to cough uncontrollably. I was extremely thirsty and every time I reached for the glass I would get what felt like a really bad asthma attack. The whole night was agony for me. It was like having an athma attack the whole night with bad asthma attacks thrown in the mix anytime I had any kind of movement.

The next morning I started to get scared. I had fevers before but none of them felt this bad. I couldn’t breath so I had Ray call around to doctor clinics to squeeze me in like now. Every place was booked. Sheesh, lots of sick people around. Anyhow, finally he found a place that took walk in’s. We went there and it was a miserable experience. The wait was long, then we had to fill out some forms, then wait and wait, then they us you in and we waited, then someone comes in to do things like take my blood pressure, temperature, etc. then leave and we waited, then someone else came in to listen to me breath, feel my pulse, whatever, then leave and I wait, then finally the doctor comes in and does the same thing the last two people did and ask the same questions and leaves. I wait, in pain, in misery. I can’t breath. I feel like I’m dying. Then the ex-ray guy comes and rolls me away because by this point I’m too weak to walk on my own. He takes my ex-ray and takes me back to my shitty room where I wait, as you see in the photos above. That is how I waited. Finally, the doctor comes and tells me he wants me to have a look at something. He takes us to my ex-ray and says, “what do you see here?” I’m thinking, “your the fucking doctor, you tell me.” And then I think, “great, I see my fucking implants, now everybody will see my fucking implant,” whatever, but instead I say, “I don’t know you tell me.” He goes on to tell me that I have a severe case of pneumonia and need to get to the emergency room right away and that he won’t treat me because there’s a possibility that I could dye and he doesn’t want that to happen at his office. Yeah, fucking dick, but that’s basically when shit hit the fan and I was scared, like petrified. They called the hospital and let emergency know I was coming.

I was diagnose with double pneumonia, which meant both my lungs were infected. My left lung with completely filled with liquid while the right lung was only working at about 25%. I spent the next 2 days in the emergency room. I was too sick to even be released into ICU yet. Soon I did time in ICU and finally they moved me to wherever you go after ICU. I was injected intravenously with antibiotics and needed oxygen to assist me with breathing. My first arm started to freak out and reject the I.V. by bruising and swelling up so they had to go in through my other arm. I had a cat scan taken and had ex-rays taken every morning. Some mornings the ex-ray guys had to come in and take the ex-ray while I was still in bed.  I was given shots as well as had my blood drawn for testing. As a matter of fact they did lots of testing, on my urine and the jar of liquid they pulled out of my lungs through my back. I don’t know how the hell they were able to pull liquid from my back but they did. Luckily it was through my back so I couldn’t see what the hell was going on. I did see the rubber tube that connected to my back drained the tea-like liquid into a glass jar. They also did testing on my mucus. It took me hours in ICU to cough up a pathetic, sad wad of mucus. The nurse told me that it wasn’t enough and that if I didn’t deliver they would have to stick a tube up my nostrils and down my esophagus and suck it out of my belly. After getting stuck up the nostril, like way up till she ran into the rooftop of my nose with a skinny stick that resembled a metal wire with a little piece of cotton on the end of it, so they could do more testing, well after that lovely experience I declined to have the rubber tube up my nose and down my esophagus so they can suck my belly of mucus just for more fucking testing. They could have the mucus when I comes out the other end. Fuck that. They already knew I had double fucking pneumonia. All this testing was just repetitive work for the same fucking information, double fucking pneumonia. Nothing changes, I still get the same antibiotics. Oh, I was still bleeding from my vagina and the antibiotics cause my shit to what resembled what looked like black tar. They had the nurse measure what I was taking in as oppose to what I was taking out. I apologized every time I went to the restroom, before and after because black tar managed to oozed out every time. And going to the restroom was a tedious process because every time I had to buzz the nurse and then she or he would have to unwire me, unhook me and assist me because I still had not enough energy to piss and shit on my own. Luckily I had my trusty wet wipes and could still manage to wipe my own ass. Fuck Yeah!

A resporatory nurse would come in everyday, sometimes twice a day and give me this smoky breathing treatment. Oh, and Ray was so cute. He was by my side at all times except when he was kicked out. They kicked him out at 6:00 a.m. every morning. Some mornings it was below freezing, and he was allowed back in 10:00 a.m. and had to leave at 6:00 p.m. and return at 9:00 p.m. He would sleep in a chair next to me and we would hold hands. I contacted my family on the way to the hospital. The more they were informed the more they worried and finally they decided to drive down all the way from California to make sure I was okay.

The ex-rays showed little or no progress. Doctors would come in and ask me questions about how I’m feeling. Although everyone was really nice they would still make comments like, “We’re just trying to figure out how someone so young and healthy could get such a bad case of pneumonia.” It did nothing to reassure me that I would be getting better. Finally they said that they could do nothing else for me that I could not be doing at home. I was prescribed 6 different prescriptions and really only needed one, the antibiotics. Ibruprofen, coughing syrup, vikodin, anti acid, inhaler, etc. thanks but no thanks. I was suppose to do a follow up apointment two week later, or a few days ago, but I just got my bill in the mail and I think I’m good. Now that I’m an extra 17,000 in the whole I think I’m feeling much better now and don’t need more ex-ray’s or testing to tell me so. Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, oh, and fuck. Don’t think I’m not going to call them and have them give me a discounted rate for being so fucking pleasant.