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Just so all of you know I’m obsessed with the show Lost. I’ve been a dye hard fan since the first episode. I really don’t know how I even begin watching it since when it first started I was living alone in Vacaville at the time and wasn’t really into watching television. Anyhow, soon I met Ray and got him into it. Since then he’s been hooked and when we moved to Hawaii we got Shane hooked on it. I requested every Thursday off just so I could stay home and watch the freaking show. Once I was scheduled to work when the season finale was scheduled to play so I called in sick, said I had direrrah, just so I could watch. The thing is I never call in sick, even when I am sick. Our friends Sara and Justin are crazy into Lost as well. They moved to New York, but before they moved they would come over and we turned it into a drinking game. Every time something would happen, like when Hugo says, “dude,” or when Desmond says, “brother” we had to take a drink. By the end of the show we’re all piss ass drunk. It’s so awesome. Anyhow, one great thing about living in Hawaii is that the show is filmed here. For a while I was determined to be an extra on the show. I obviously wasn’t that determined because it hasn’t happened yet.

Within the first month of moving to Hawaii we ran into Sayid. That’s his screen name and unfortunately I don’t know his real name, but when I saw him that’s what I referred to him by. I told him I was a huge fan and introduced myself. He was way cool and introduced himself and was even willing to take a photo with yours truly. It totally made my day.

Anyhow, Ray and I are super spontaneous. Some days we end up driving around the island even before we realize were taking a trip around the island. When we first moved here we were super crazy stocker fans and would drive around the island looking for places, and landmarks where Lost had been filmed. This dock is major because it’s the scene where they let Michele and his son Walt go in exchange for Jack, Kate and Sawyer. If you watch Lost then you know what I’m talking about. Anyhow, we’ve been trying to get to this dock for so long now. We have always knew where it was, but as far as exactly what street to drive down, we could only guess, and even then, it was private property. Not too long ago while on one of our spontaneous drives I manage to talk Ray into flipping a bitch and turning down the hidden street to what we think will lead us to this dock. We drive down this private, local, scary, bumpy, road. I mean, there were cages for cock fighting, you know that kind of street. Anyhow, at the very end we come to this house and in the back yard is this dock. I had to walk it, but it was obviously private property. Soon some mean looking local comes out and says, “this is private property.” I don’t want to go all into our conversation, but I manage to convince him to let us walk back there.

Isn’t that freaking awesome. We were stoked. It was a little awkward since there were people fishing out there while we cruised up and were totally tourist and start snapping away with our cameras and iphone, but still totally worth it.

After that we kept driving and about an hour later we drive up to the Lost Bunkers. This is filmed a lot during the show. It’s where the Others use to live and where Lock and his followers are staying now on the show. We found this place a long time ago, but since we were on such a Lost kick this day we decided to stop and actually check it out.

I love it.

Again, we found this earlier on but we believe with 100% certainty that this is part of the plane from Lost when it crashed and some crazy monster kills the pilot just before he’s about to reveal to Jack and Kate that they are lost and no one knows exactly where they are or their coordinates.

Once Shane called us while he was working in Kailua. We met him at Muddy Waters Cafe and who do we see, Jack, or Mathew Fox. Of course I walk up to him with camera in hand and ask if he would take a picture with me. Again, I refer to him as his screen name, Jack, instead of his real name Mathew Fox, but I didn’t know his real name then. He turns out to be a total dick and says no. I admit I should of confronted him less abruptly, but that’s still no excuse to refuse to take a picture with such a dedicated fan. I could understand if there were a lot of people in the cafe and it would draw up a lot of commotion and unnecessary attention, but we were the only ones there. He just replies, “uh, no, I’m actually on my way out.” It totally ruined my day and now I forever hate him. What a total douche bag.

When Jackie Chans restaurant was still around they would have Lost nights where everyone would come just to watch Lost and then at the end everyone we would play games and was able to win prizes. Our friends you see here, Justin and Sara won so much shit because like I said they’re huge Lost fans too and knew everything about the show.

It was good times. I didn’t realize until Shane started watching that they are super detailed oriented. Every time someone is reading a book or a picture on the wall or music in the background is a hint or clue, which makes the show even more cool. Anyhow, just wanted all of you to know that I am one of those crazy fans; like those crazy star trek fans, I’m like that, only for Lost and not as weird.