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Why do  I feel like my husband is smuggling me across the border? See, the reason why I’ve been neglecting blogging is because Ray and I have been busy with the move. As you all know moving is a pain in the ass and for some asinin reason we didn’t start packing till the day before the move. Well that means I would of had time to blog now doesn’t it? Anyhow, Ray and I are in love with our 52″ SamSung so in an effort to keep it protected I sat in the back with it making sure it didn’t tip over while Ray drove.

Trapped In A Moving Van from Doan Chung on Vimeo.

Who says size don’t matter. Because it does. The bigger the better I say. It’s a funny thing because this year Ray and I both happen to forget our anniversary on August 25, the day we met. We said I love you, I showed him my tits, he showed me his penis and we’ve been together ever since. It’s a shame that we forgot our anniversary but I guess I’m not too disappointed since we just happen to be purchasing a new 52 inch Sam Sung 650 1080P series television that day. Can you believe it was me, not him that had to convince him to go bigger. Steve, the sales man, said it was the best t.v. they had and by the looks and price of it, it most definitely was. But that’s okay, we gave our Vizio back to Costco and they happily gave us our money back, in full. Oh, Costco, how I love your amazing return policy. Then we we took our happy asses to Fry’s and upgraded. So I guess it’s fair to say it was our anniversary present to each other. I love our new t.v. Happy Anniversary baby!!!

The old t.v.

And our new t.v. Man, I need to stop watching so much t.v. and start dusting.