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One good thing that came out of my marrying Brandon was all the wonderful friends that I met because of where we were stationed, being in the military and all. I didn’t actually meet anyone of any importance through him because we’ll he was gone all the time. We lived in Fairfield and I worked in the next town over, Vacaville.  I have made a lot of great great friends there and so many wonderful memories to go along. Since we were so close now, just under an hour drive, I decided to give everyone whose anyone a call to meet up for dinner. At first I was slightly disappointed because it seemed as though everyone was too busy but what could I expect with my late notice and all. However, the night ended up being a huge success and what I thought was going to be a small event ended up growing to be an all night extravaganza.

Monica came late, but the important thing is that she showed up. I don’t even care that she was drunk when she appeared, that actually put a smile on my face.

These are my Burning Man friends, Victor and Luu, and Victor’s new girlfriend, Jennifer, who is a huge upgrade from his last bogus ex-girlfriend may I add. If he doesn’t keep her I might have to take her back to Texas with me and make her my new BFF. “Once a burner always a burner,” this is true. Although I’ve only been there once in my life I was there every year after in spirit. I think Burning Man creates a tight bond between you and those you go with because your out in the desert for a whole week sharing and this amazing experience with them. It was seriously one of the most amazing experiences of my life.

Becks came to see me for a little bit and my night would have pretty much sucked if I didn’t get to see her at all. So that short 20 minutes made all the difference in the world Becks!

Originally Christina, Sammy and Monica were the only ones who could manage to come on such late notice. It’s a funny thing because I haven’t talked to Christina and Sammy in years. We were the closest of friends a few years back but we had a falling out and just basically deceased our friendship. Just recently we started messaging via MySpace and being the new year and all I decided to give them a call and start the year off with a positive attitude and energy by reconnecting with old friends. I was kinda glad it was going to be just them at first because it would give us a chance to make amends in person and catch up but then everyone started calling back, one thing led to another and the next thing I know I’m popular again.

This is Cammie’s husband Eric and his friend Josh. Cammie couldn’t make it because she was in busy in Texas doing time in the Reserves. I’m so glad that Eric and Josh decided to come though because they came early and put our name on the long ass waiting list. It was really nice to see Eric, even without Cammie.

This is me and my husband, Ray Hernandez. I love him very much.

After dinner we all headed to Star’s. Star’s is a large bar/pool hall/bowling alley/wild milf dance floor.
Drinks At Stars

This is Justin and his girl Tiffany. I went to Burning Man with Justin and we’ve been the best of buds since. He met Tiffany the following year at Burning Man, about the same time I met Ray.
Drinks At Stars

I think me and Tiff would be the best of buds if we lived a lot closer.
Drinks At Stars

Drinks At Stars

But it seems as though me and Christina are again. Yay!

Sammy heard that I was in town so he drove all the way from San Francisco to see me.

This is my friend Amy, cutie in the hat, who was also a really good friend of mine back in the days.
Drinks At Stars

Another funny thing is that Lou called me up very recently the other day. I hadn’t talked to him in years and most of my memories of him are from Burning Man and a few random crazy events after. He’s an awesome guy, definitely a character and now he’s my friend on FaceBook.
Drinks At Stars

Star’s was awesome. I felt bad because I left Ray alone to fend for himself several times throughout the night. I just kept running into people I knew that I haven’t seen in a while. After Star’s Monica took us to a random house party, you know the kind where there’s at least two beer pong tournament going on in the garage. It was cool because I saw more old friends there too, most of them I couldn’t remember their names though. I hate it when that happens.
Thought I Was Done With House Parties