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Check, check, check. That’s right today is a productive “things to do in Austin” check list day. Don’t you just love it when your being productive and having fun all at the same time? We started the day off with brunch at Chez Zee. The name is kinda awkward for me, but they are known for their decadent desserts and we all know I’m one to whore my mouth out to all things desserts. I first discovered Chez Zee at the San Marcos Bridal Extravaganza. The cake they had there was orgasmic. It was like multiply love explosions in my mouth. When I went back for seconds I left with a handful of third, fourth and fifths in my hand and I was smart enough to take a business card with me. Well, it’s been what, like 4 long months now and today is the day Chez Zee and I reunite and I couldn’t be more pumped.

And that is how you do breakfast kids. At least that’s how before you have kids so that you don’t create any bad habits for the kiddos. Crappers, it’s not as amazing as I had remembered. What happened Chez Zee? Oh well, I guess we weren’t meant to be. I’m sure it’s for the best, besides, we’re moving to Dallas anyhow. Yes, you heard me right. We are moving. There’s been talk of Ray and I moving to Dallas and the rumors are true. The last day of August is the last time we declare our residency in Austin. I mean, if you want to know the truth, I think Austin is over-rated. There I said it. I’ve been holding back for awhile because I don’t want to offend anyone, but seriously, who reads my blog anyway. Maybe some random Austinite might one day accidentily stumble upon my blog, and perhaps find me offensive, but really, why hold back for peeps I don’t know. Besides, my friend Shane would have wanted it this way. He appreciates opinionated Doe. Well now you know why we’ve been working so hard at checking things off our Austin list. Not really sure if I would consider Chez Zee on that list, but lets just say it was so we can move the hell on.

After Chez Zee we headed to 360 Bridge Overlook.

photo by Treyerice

Photos like this make be want to renounce any negative claims I made about Austin. Wow, what an amazing photo I wish I had taken. I actually found the photo on Flickr from a gentleman named Treyerice. Here, check out his Austin set. I’m gonna have to buy some of his stuff. Well, 360 Bridge Overlook was definitely on our list. Just a short hike up this hill,

And you get this great view of Lake Austin.

Treyerice’s photo explains it prettier. Man I really need to get my wide angle lens.

photo by Treyerice

In my defense it was a gloomy day folks. Here’s Ray taking a photo with his iPhone so he can Tweet about it.

If you didn’t know, I’m also a photo whore.

Us, being stupid cute.

Ray enjoying the view.

After taking in our marvalous view we kept right on trekking up the path.

Until we were over it and decided to go canoeing instead.

Which also happens to be on our list. Boy, we’re just on a roll today.

Actuality canoeing had already been checked off the list a long time ago. We went shortly after we got married with my friend Becky and some of her friends and their friends that live here in Austin. I don’t even remember what they look like. Guess I should have taken a photo.

Well I remember it being super fun which is why I wanted to go again before we moved. But today was kind of a drag. My husband’s not really built for the outdoors and apparently I’m not so coordinated at rowing and those two factors makes for a lousy time and grumpy husband. Sucks because I really was looking forward to this. I guess the key is to come with a group of friends next time.

So many turtles.

Another day at the office for Ray.

Finally on our way back.

We went home and got ready for The Republic Of Texas Biker Rally (ROT Biker Rally). The ROT Rally is the Biggest Motorcycle Rally in Texas. There were more than 60,000 participants last year so we can only imagine what it will be like this year. Ray and I didn’t go last year, but we’re definitely going this year. Any event that brings in retarded amounts of people to Austin gets a free pass right to my Austin Bucket List as far as I’m concerned.

Hello ROT Rally!

I use to think that the ROT Rally stood for Riders of Texas, which makes more sense to me because there’s every imaginable kind of motorcycle here.


How funny, SXSW was like in March. Looks like someone is trying to save money on banners. Hum, they much be Chinese.

SXSW Sign For ROT Rally

Alright, so I know it’s silly but the way I gauge a bike is by the comfort of the back seat. I’m pretty sure it’s because I know if I ever get to ride a bike like this it will have to be in the back seat so I want me a comfy one.

Comfy Back Seat Bike, I Likey

Soon enough hunger declared it’s victory on us and we had no choice but to surrender at The Jackalope. At the time we actually considered ourselves fortunate to have found a table and one right by the window even

The Jackalope

We should have known it was too good to be true because The Jackalope sucks sweaty chode. And yes, I just said chode. Service was crap. The place wasn’t that big and there was like 6 servers. Seriously, I could run circles around them. The chips were stale. We got our food 45 minutes after we had ordered and it was awful. So when the table next to us got sat Ray goes, “we should warn them.” And I go, “do it, I wish someone would had for us.” So he does, and they get up and leave, buy some pizza right outside, walks to the window and thanks us. Man, their pizza looked so darn satisfying compared to our crappy plates and the worst part is they probably paid no more than 5 bucks while we’re stuck with a 50 dollar bill.

Oh, yeah, I forgot to mention, Kris was with us too.

Kris Semmler

More comfy back seat bikes.

Comfy Back Seat Bikes

Comfy Back Seat Bikes

This chick was just a hot mess.

Hot Mess Chick

Lots of people out tonight.

Crowded Night

Cute couple.

Cutest Couple Ever

Bikes everywhere!

ROT Rally

Even bikes with training wheels. Some broad was whoring out her son for tips. I took a photo and left no tip. Here’s my tip, get a fucking job you dumb cunt.

No Tip For You!

No really, by the time Ray told me I was suppose to tip them I had already walked away.  Look one kid is totally working it while the other is totally mortified. I bet he’s thinking, God please don’t let me run into anyone from school. Poor kid. Now I feel bad for not tipping.

State Capital and more bikes.

State Capital

Well that’s it folks. I’m so ready to go home. I gotta say, today was a good day.