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Luckily when we got back our friend Shane was still in town. You remember Shane, our roommate in Hawaii. We tried to get in as much Shane time as we could before he headed out to Dallas.

Later that night we decided to go watch Ninja Assassins but before we did Shane and I had a bet. I bet him that Brad Pitt was in this one movie and he said he wasn’t. Well, turns out I was wrong. Seriously, I don’t what I was even thinking betting Shane on a movie fact. He’s like a walking movie encyclopedia. Anyhow, since I lost I had to dress up like a ninja to watch Ninja Assassins. The thing is I kinda secretly wanted to dress like a ninja anyways so really I won.

Shaners is too excited to watch Ninja Assassins.

Ninja Assassins is a documentary about my family.

So we walk up to the window and it’s not playing here anymore. WTF! Ray check the movie times and it said it was playing at Tinseltown but it’s the Tinseltown in Austin not Round Rock. I swear these guys are probably thinking what kind of uber ninja nerd are you? At least come when the moving is still playing.

Well since we missed the movie we decided the next plan of action would be to go back to our house. Chris was lame and decided to go back home while Shaners spent the night at our house. He fell in love with my snuggie.

So the next day we take Shane to Firehouse Subs before he heads out to Dallas. Firehouse subs is Ray’s favorite sub shop and he has hyped it up so much. Shane admitted that he wasn’t all that excited about having a sandwich for lunch but after having a sub from Firehouse Subs he has crossed over to the other side. It was delicious.

We got the call in the morning, Grandpa past away in his sleep last night. I’ve never known neither of my grandpas so Ray’s grandpa was the closest one I had to the real thing. I want to say it was unexpected but only because we expected grandma to go before him. I mean, not too long before they finally decided to put her in an old folks home because her condition had been so taxing on everyone. It was a hard decision but it had to be done. Grandpa past away not too long after she left the house and poor grandma is much too sick to understand so no one told her.

We started the morning off with breakfast with uncle Ray and later paid grandma a visit at the assisted living home she’s staying at. Since she’s been living here she’s shown lots of improvement. She’s a lot less hostel which is awesome because hostel grandmas are no fun.

Think she might have even remembered Ray Daniel, even if it was only for a brief second.

After grandmas visit everyone gathered back at aunt Dora’s.

The next day we met up with our good buddy Steven Ray and his girl Nycole. It’s always so nice to see them.

Check out the sweet tux Nemo got for the funeral.

The day before the funeral Uncle Ray had to be rushed to the hospital.

November 21, 2009 we buried grandpa. It was a really nice funeral. Poor Uncle Ray was still in the emergency room.

After the funeral we all gathered back at Aunt Dora’s. It’s not often we see everyone under the same roof so it was really nice. I think that’s the best part about funerals. Grandpa and grandma would be proud.

I don’t know how we all managed to fit but we did.

Ray and I had to head back home later that night but before we did we wanted to meet up with some of the cousins for a few drinks. Only Nick and Brandi could make it.

So as you probably already know I love to eat, and blog about what I’ve been shoveling into my face. I know I’ve written about Freddy’s Frozen Custard before. I’m a sucker for sweet treats and they had me at custard. Not that I’m a huge fan of custard, but hey, they definitely have my attention. Ray’s a burger whore and last time he didn’t get to test out Freddy’s burgers and since I don’t feel like cooking we decided to give it a shot today.

The fries we nicely fried, golden, crisp, and hot but for me they we’re too skinny. I said it before and I’ll say it again, I like me some meaty fries. Ray wasn’t too crazy about the burger. He said the meat was flat, like someone had stomped it flat before throwing it on the grill. However, the custard soft serve is definitely growing on me. If we happen to make it back to Freddy’s it will more likely be for the custard and not the burger and fries.

So things have been pretty hectic since I’ve been back from Mexico. I don’t think I mentioned it yet but Ray and I once again have jumped, head first, into a new business venture, called SocialFly, a photobooth rental company. It really is so random how it happened but it’s been surprisingly really successful. I do believe everything happens for a reason and I know something great will come of this. I’m not saying this was meant to be, but I’m not saying that it wasn’t either. It’s crazy but we’re just rolling with it. Why fight the current?

The photobooth is 100% ours and when I say ours I mean, as in we’re not part of a franchise or have to pay anyone monthly fees to use it. As a matter fact it was our good friend, Kris that sparked the idea one day and Ray and his entrepreneurial mindset that brought it to life. The next thing you know we have a real working photobooth that looks better and works better than any other photobooth I’ve seen. Throw in some props and a scrapbook and we’ve got ourselves a lucrative business.

Basically it goes like this, you and most likely your friends will put on whatever props you’d like, hop in the booth where you guys will choose the lay out of your choice, 3, 4, or 6 photo layout and then choose to have your photo taken in black and white, sepia, or color. It takes only 12 seconds for your photo to print out, that’s 12 seconds, most booths take about a minute to print. You then can either keep the photo or put it in the scrapbook for the guest of honor, and in most cases, the bride and groom. It’s like a modern twist on the traditional guestbook but instead of a boring name you have a photo and a special greeting from your guests. By the end of the night you have a finished scrapbook that was totally work-free made by those you love the most on the best day of your life, such a cool idea! There’s no limit on how many photos you can take and we also host all the photos online on our website, We also send the guest of honor a DVD of all the photos that were taken in the booth.

I’m what we call a “scrapbook professional.” In essence I help clueless guest with the scrapbook. It’s really not hard, you just cut, glue and paste. Hell you don’t even have to cut, just glue and paste but for some reason people get all flustered and need direction when it comes to this sort of stuff so I am there to guide them through it.

That’s Ray and our good friend and business partner, Kris during down town. Down time is usually when the bride and groom are actually getting married because that’s the only time the booth is empty. Seriously, we’re always the main attraction, with a ridiculously long line from people just waiting to get in the booth.

And the best part of my job, unlimited amounts of decadent cake. Man I love this job!

Dan Frommer and his new wife. Married on September 19, 2009. Congrats guys it was a beautiful wedding. Thanks for letting us be part of your special day!

It’s Father’s Day which means we need to spend some quality time with Pops. We took dad out to lunch at Pappadeaux and then went back to grandpa’s and hung out with him for a while.

Time’s like this really makes me miss my dad. He’s in China right now probably sleeping under a bridge.

I love you dad and miss you very much. Hope your happy and safe.