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Happy House Warming!

Happy House Warming

It was really a football/housewarming party, but in my head it was a house warming party since I don’t really care about football.

Our House Warming Party!

Ray set the date for the 12th of September, which gave us two weeks to settle in. That’s not a lot of time but it is a deadline and that means we’d better well be settle in by then. And “settle in” doesn’t just mean to be completely unpacked out of all those cardboard boxes but it also entails having the walls painted, furniture bought, curtains hung up, shelves put together, photos printed and framed etc. Yeah, we had a lot on our plate but I’m glad because it forced us to make our home our home.

Our House Warming Party!

We bought so much food, probably enough for each person to have three hot dogs and two burgers. Good thing Ray likes burgers because he’s gonna be eating it for a long time.

Our House Warming Party!

Met Ben and his girl for the first time tonight. They’re a cute couple.

House Warming Party!

And of course we gotta give it up to Kris for cooking all the food. Thanks bud. Your the best!

House Party!

I’m gonna start calling Kimmy and Coop Brad-gelina because they are such an ugly couple.

House Warming Party!

Ray drank a lot tonight, compliments of his boy Amet. Amet remember, we work from home, your the one who’s gonna have to wake up and get your ass to work in the morning.

House Warming Party!

Too much Patron Amet!

Kimmy got me the best house warming present ever!

Amet, you gotta FIGHT for your RIGHT to . . . PARTY!

We all love us some Amet.

House Warming Party!

I changed my mind, Brandi gave us the best gift ever!

Gangsta House Warming Gifts

Time to put them to use.

Snoop Dogg & Dr. Dre in Da House

With my girls.


Ray’s getting dirty.

Steven Ray and Nycole got us a pretty rad gift too.

House Warming Gifts

Shots all around.

House Warming Shots

Amet’s  got tricks.

Getting gangsta up in here.

Seriously Ray, Amet doesn’t want your dirty dog.

House Warming Gays

House Warming Friends

Force feeding Amet is wrong.

The boys.

House Warming Boys

They’re cute.

House Warming Cousins

It was a good night.

House Warming Night

Buddha would be proud.

House Warming Buddha

Dharma In The Works

It’s been about two long months since we brought Dharma home so I’m sure all of you are wondering what the status is. Well here’s a run down.

Dharma In The Works

We found this guy named Jason on Craigs List to rebuild us an engine. Comes to find out that Jason is also friends with some of Ray’s old friends. Man it really is a small world isn’t it?

Dharma In The Works

Since then the boys have been working on the bus together.

Dharma In The Works

Jason’s been over the house a quite a bit these days.

Dharma In The Work

I think Ray found a new BFF.

Dharma In The Works

So far Dharma has received a brand new engine. We decided to leave her at Jason’s house in Austin so he could finish working her brakes, which he just did.

Dharma In The Works

Here the boys are loading her up so we can transport her to Jason’s garage.

Dharma In The Works

This Sunday we decided that we’re gonna head back to Austin to bring my baby home. Ray found a shop he wants to bring Dharma to so they can start working on her body and paint. Soon very soon my baby is gonna look pretty.


This is how we move, 5 deep and we still have the Scion parked in the driveway filled with clothes neck high but we have to come back for that because we are short on wo/man power. Kris is driving the U-haul pulling the trailer, Ray will be behind the wheel of SUV pulling the boat and I will be driving the black truck, we call her Nequa for obvious reasons.

Hello New Home

And this is our new home in Dallas. Just looking at the pile of boxes is giving me anxiety.

Moving Dharma

And now we’re back in Round Rock. We have to meet the maids today, lawn guy, and carpet cleaners, move Dharma, and finish moving. Boy, it’s gonna be a long day.

Test Run

Ray’s taking Kris’s bike for a test drive to kill time. I don’t like seeing him on a bike. Don’t get use to this honey.

Murray Lofts

We are now officially out of Round Rock and starting a new chapter of our lives in the big D. Dallas what’s up! As much as I say I don’t like Texas, this move feels right, and I’m a definite believer of following your intuitions. Right now I’m up at the butt crack of dawn waiting on Kris to get here because we have to work an event today at Texas A&M. Wow, I don’t remember the last time I was up this early.

SocialFly Photobooth

If you take your photo and show it to the cashier you get 20% off anything Adidas today.


Met Ray up at Chuy’s in Dallas for dinner. The Chuy’s in Round Rock is a million times better but I’m not complaining because everything was free, yep our whole check because I’m amazing.

Living Dallas

And now I’m back at home on the bed in our room.

Living Dallas

It’s too late and I’m too tired to even think about unpacking so I’m gonna unwind by reading this book my big sis sent to me in the mail last week. It’s actually a really good read with an interesting perspective, through the eyes of the dog.

The Art Of Racing in The Rain

Good night guys.

This post is long overdue but one that’s definitely worth documenting. We had our business partner’s car wrapped a few months back to promote our company, SocialFly Photobooth Rentals. It just makes sense because we drive hundreds of miles to some of these events. Why not promote and advertise everywhere we go, or everywhere Kris drives?

Side views.

As you can see Kris likes to keep  his ride sparkly clean which in return makes me look real good.

Also, we got our trailer recently painted. Looks so much better in black. Now this is how we roll .  .  .

This was a recent event we did with Adidas at Texas A&M.

Kris Graduates!

Our good friend, business partner and current roommate, Kris is graduating today. Unfortunately Ray and I got there late because we wanted to make sure he had some good graduation photos, like all the ones you see here, so we had to turn around and get the camera situation all figured out and then head back.

Kris Graduates

Proud parents.

Kris Graduates

Kris is now ready to tackle the world.

Kris Graduates

Kris, striking poses while his kids play in the fountain.

Kris Graduates

Kris Graduates

Just think, no more essays!

Kris Graduates

His parents are adorable.

Kris Graduates

We all went out to eat afterward. Had a nice restaurant in mind but they were closed so we settled for the Old Spaghetti Warehouse instead.

Kris Graduates

On the way back to the cars

Kris Graduates

we saw this sweet truck drive by.

Kris Graduates

And then I decided to pretend that is was me that was graduating.

Lake Travis

Finally got a chance to take our boat out today. It seems as though every month we pay on this dang boat and every summer it just really sits there. So sad. Well not this year. This summer I’m really going to try to take our boat out more because today I had so much fun and I always do when we go out, we just gotta go out more.

Lake Travis

I know it looks like I’m totally naked but I promise you I’m not. Got my new strapless bikini on because the less tan lines the better.

Lake Travis

Stopped the boat for some down time and um, bathroom breaks. Seriously, where else are we suppose to pee. Don’t act like you don’t do it. Later after the sun baked my drunken body to sleep I was abruptly woken up by the motion of the boat and had to throw. Awesome. Kris was kind enough to photograph it.

Lake Travis

In Huston for business. SocialFly has a quincietta event but since were here we mine as well visit our good friends Marcos. He has a new home that we’ll be staying in tonight. The next day we all went to the Houston Dub Car Show. Heard it was something stupid like 40 bucks to get in but Ray got the hook up from Hack Shack and we all got in for free. Free, I love that word.

Sweet! Low rider bikes. I know I’m so gangsta but can’t help it I love em.

This one is definitely one of my faves. Love the graphics but I think my favorite part is the sweet velvet curtains. Kinda makes me wish I had my dream car, a VW Bus just so I can hang up some curtains.

Hey, a concert up in here. Dim the lights, let’s get our dance on.

I’m pretty sure this is Nelly’s car.

Even had some dancers. They had no ass but still nice eye candy.

Oh my god Becky, look at her butt. Its so big. She looks like one of those rap guys girlfriends. I mean her butt. It’s just so big. I can’t believe it’s so round. It’s just out there.

Play for 5 minutes and get a free T-Shirt. Sounds like a pretty sweet deal to me.

Glad I we got in free and even more glad there were finally slutty models at this car show. Houston, your still a ghetto bitch, but I love you anyways.

On the drive home Kola sleeps with a photo of us. Awe, my heart is warm n fuzzy.

Seems like that list of things to do in Austin I have is getting shorter and shorter by the day. Well, another to check off the list is visiting Blanton Museum of Art. Before we headed in though we stopped by the cafeteria and then to the gift store where I got to take this sweet bike on a test ride.

The seat was too high and made it kinda hard to ride but besides that it was pretty fucking sweet and I so want one. The bike is super light and I should have videoed it because you can totally fold the bike up to fit in your pocket, well, not that small but you get the point. Lets move on.

Pretty sweet place. This is why I love museums. If I were alone I could stay here all day just reading about each and every piece of art but I’m not and I hate feeling rushed or making others wait for me so I just skim the art.

Okay, I’m not gonna lie, I’m not a fan and I don’t get it. I feel like my 3 year old kid, had I had one, could do this. I especially hate it when people try to act like they understand it, like they’re so much deeper, intelligent and important than everyone else. Please, someone just threw a bunch of colors on a piece of canvas. It probably took them less than 5 minutes. However I do applaud them for taking advantage of the stupid and getting rich off it. In that sense, kudos to you.

Bones and pennies. The question is who’s bones do these belong to?

This one I like because I feel like it’s something Ray and I could do and put up in our house; a big chalkboard. Dig it!

Now here’s some of my favorite art from today.

Head on a platter.

Boobs on a platter.

Big head on a stand.

There was more but my stupid camera ran out of batteries. Oh well.