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Bea and Guav

Bea and Guav are our cool friends, with cool jobs, cool tattoos and cool celebrity friends. Last week they flew into Los Angeles for Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz’s wedding. We decided to stay a few extra days so we could hang out. I asked my sister, Lana, if we could all stay at the guest house that Ray and I usually stay at, but just so happens the person renting it out was actually going to be there. So Ray and I ended up staying in Lana’s house in the work room and we had Bea and Guav rent a hotel within driving distance.

how the boys shop

This is how the boys shop with the girls, they wait next to the dressing room playing with their iPhones. I actually prefer shopping like this because this way Ray is in good company so I don’t feel rushed and surprisingly, I like shopping with Bea. She makes a much better shopping partner than Ray. Sorry honey.

before the wedding

This is Bea and Guav right before the wedding. Don’t they look glamorous?

L.A. Ink

Ray and I decided to stay in town so we didn’t have to drive all the way back that night to pick them up. In an effort to kill time we played the tourist roll and went to famous sites like Rodeo Dr. and Whilshire from Pretty woman, cruise Sunset and went to L.A. Ink. I tried to convince Ray to get a tattoo since he already knows what he wants, even though the chances of getting a tattoo from someone from L.A. Ink on a walk in was slim, but you never know. Ray grew a vagina and pussied out but it didn’t matter because no one from the actual show was working.

hanging out at the pool

The next day we hung out at the pool and in the pool. Bea managed to start war with a little kid in the pool and he wouldn’t stop shooting water at us.

ray catching rays

Ray is not happy about me taking photos of him all the time but that never seems to stop me from doing so.

Bea eats candy alone

Bea enjoys her candy alone. She’s eating pieces of chocolate from the wedding while staring out the window. No need to explain, I completely understand.

too close

Guav and Ray found time to bond.

riding bike

And Guav manage to find time to take the cruiser on a test run down the street and back.

iphone play

Ray and Guav played with their iphones while waiting for Bea to get ready.  Notice Kola sleeping on Guav’s head.

kola thinks

Look who woke up?  Kola is really is the cutest dog in the world.

jump doe

Of course hanging out with Guav wouldn’t be complete without bed jumping photos.  These photos are taken by Guav.  I call this one “Flying with Peter Pan.”

ray jumps

Ray’s bed jumping photo.

bea jumps

Bea bed jumping photo.

Hanging out with Bea and Guav was lots of fun and much too short.  Like I said, I should of taken more photos while they were down.  Some memorable events that are worth mentioning are:  Guav sat next to Gossip Girl, Michelle Trachtenberg, on the flight to Los Angelos and apparently stirred up some celebrity drama.  We think it’s amusing but Guav doesen’t.  By the way, all the rumors are completely true. We saw Mrs. Jay from Top Model at the restaurant,Toast.  Bea bought my wedding dress at a vintage shop and I found out Bea is fun to shop with, not because she bought my wedding dress.  Every time I hang out with these guys I love them more and more.  I guess Ray was right, “Bea and Guav are sooo cool.”  Yes they are and I miss them already.