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Chris comes to Dallas

So the other day while driving to Dallas Ray says to me that we should of just moved to Dallas since we’re driving down there every other weekend. He went on to say that we could of got a kick ass pad for a lot less than what we’re paying for in Austin. I thought about it and I have to admit it did seem tempting. Dallas had grown on me but I don’t regret moving to Austin. Besides Ray’s lived in Dallas before.

For Father’s Day weekend Ray and I drove up to Dallas to hang out with dad of course. Just so happened that Chris and Marci were flying in. I love Marci and Chris is weird. We all met up for some drinks downtown and even got to hang out with Bisch and Pam. I love Bisch; he’s always happy and so much fun.

baby hitler

So after a few drinks I look over and see this photo of this add on a taxi of this baby. I have horrible eyes, especially when I’m drunk so my first reaction to this was, “oh, that poor baby, some asshole drew a Hitler mustache on him.” And then I take a closer look and realize that this poor baby has a cleft lip. I uncontrollably laughed histerically. I felt so bad for laughing but I couldn’t help it, drunken me. Anyway, I had to take a photo.

Bea and Ray

A week later I’m on the computer and Ray goes, “hey, we’re suppose to drive to Dallas today. Bea is flying in.” “Huh, we are? Okay, lets go.” We pack up our shit and head to Dallas.

Ben and Me

We decide to eat at Hooters. I haven’t been to that place since I was an Eskimo in San Diego . . . um Halloween. We ordered a couple of pitchers of beer and it came with a bag of ice. Where have I been because I never seen this done before. It’s genus because not only does it keep the beer warm but it also allow a lot less room for beer. We get cold beer and Hooters gets more beer, I guess it’s a win win situation.

give me a what?

I don’t remember exactly what we were trying to spell but we had fun doing it.
bea and her Grandma

Bea had the cutest grandma ever. I just want to take her home and have her watch t.v. with me.

sleepy time

We stayed the night at Bea’s parents house one night. I brought over my wedding dress so Bea’s mom could do the finishing touches on it. Ray and I feel asleep before Bea and Ben. Big mistake because Bea and Ben kept themselves busy toilet papering our car.

Bea got a desk

Of course Bea and I had to go shopping. We went to a couple of thrift stores. She got a vintage desk for Ben’s kids. How cute does she look!

the three of us

We’ve been out in Dallas more than we have in Austin. No worries, there’s plenty of time in Austin to catch up.