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Kris Graduates!

Our good friend, business partner and current roommate, Kris is graduating today. Unfortunately Ray and I got there late because we wanted to make sure he had some good graduation photos, like all the ones you see here, so we had to turn around and get the camera situation all figured out and then head back.

Kris Graduates

Proud parents.

Kris Graduates

Kris is now ready to tackle the world.

Kris Graduates

Kris, striking poses while his kids play in the fountain.

Kris Graduates

Kris Graduates

Just think, no more essays!

Kris Graduates

His parents are adorable.

Kris Graduates

We all went out to eat afterward. Had a nice restaurant in mind but they were closed so we settled for the Old Spaghetti Warehouse instead.

Kris Graduates

On the way back to the cars

Kris Graduates

we saw this sweet truck drive by.

Kris Graduates

And then I decided to pretend that is was me that was graduating.

My friend Tiffany is officially a baccalaureate and I couldn’t be more proud of her. At first I was a bit worried that she wasn’t going to make it to her own graduation on time. Luckily her last name is Wilborn which meant she was the 3rd to the last in line and that bought her time. Lucky girl.

Parents, in-laws, sisters, children and anyone whose anyone came out to congradulate her.

Okay now my turn.

After pictures we went to The Salt Grass Steak House.

They have a nice view.

What in tar-nations is going on here?

After dinner we went back to their place where I made strawberry margaritas for everyone, Hawaiian style.

Congratulations Tiff!  Now go get busy on that Masters.

Chris and Tiffany are in need of a babysitter. Ray has a game which means I’m all alone on this one. Seriously, how hard could it be right. The Semmler boys, they’re good kids and I know they get their fair share of discipline. I’m a huge fan of discipline, hell I’m a huge fan of the back hand if you ask me.

But I would never back hand someone else’s kids. As a matter of fact, when it comes to other people’s kids I’m complete opposite. I’m more like the cool auntie that lets them get away with murder. Just kidding Tiffany, calm down. But no really, I’m more like the super cool babysitter that lets them eat candy and cheetos. Yeah, so I gave them cheetos, fire me.

The day after our anniversary just happens to be Chris and Tiffany Semmler’s anniversary,  August 26.  I actually remembered their anniversary, unlike mine own, because I took note of the date when she told me awhile back. Ray and I left them a card outside their door and we also volunteered ourselves to be babysitters so they could do what ever their hearts desired.  They took us up on the offer and next thing I know we’re at their house watching t.v. with the boys and picking up cheerios off the carpet.

They have pretty well behaved boys so it was no problem at all, that is, until we had to change the diaper.  Ray and I totally fucked that part up.  When Chris got home he laughed because we put the diaper on backwards.  I guess we need a little practice.

Bringing Kola along as bait was a wise decision.  Little kids love to follow him around for some reason.


When we first got to Austin we rented a cheap ass hotel for two days in hope that it would be enough time to find an apartment.  Well it wasn’t and in an effort to save money Ray called up Chris, Shane’s brother, and we ended up staying at his place for about five days.  He has a beautiful wife and four growing boys.  His boys are some of the cutest, well behaved boys I have ever come across.  Here are some photos I took of them.


This is Piellei, the eldest of the boys

getting ready

Ray’s getting ready for fatherhood.


The second to eldest and the most hyper one, Adrian.

Rocking Ray To Sleep from Doan Chung on Vimeo.

Kids Just Like Ray from Doan Chung on Vimeo.

the boys

There you have it.  I found my new family in Austin.