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Luckily when we got back our friend Shane was still in town. You remember Shane, our roommate in Hawaii. We tried to get in as much Shane time as we could before he headed out to Dallas.

Later that night we decided to go watch Ninja Assassins but before we did Shane and I had a bet. I bet him that Brad Pitt was in this one movie and he said he wasn’t. Well, turns out I was wrong. Seriously, I don’t what I was even thinking betting Shane on a movie fact. He’s like a walking movie encyclopedia. Anyhow, since I lost I had to dress up like a ninja to watch Ninja Assassins. The thing is I kinda secretly wanted to dress like a ninja anyways so really I won.

Shaners is too excited to watch Ninja Assassins.

Ninja Assassins is a documentary about my family.

So we walk up to the window and it’s not playing here anymore. WTF! Ray check the movie times and it said it was playing at Tinseltown but it’s the Tinseltown in Austin not Round Rock. I swear these guys are probably thinking what kind of uber ninja nerd are you? At least come when the moving is still playing.

Well since we missed the movie we decided the next plan of action would be to go back to our house. Chris was lame and decided to go back home while Shaners spent the night at our house. He fell in love with my snuggie.

So the next day we take Shane to Firehouse Subs before he heads out to Dallas. Firehouse subs is Ray’s favorite sub shop and he has hyped it up so much. Shane admitted that he wasn’t all that excited about having a sandwich for lunch but after having a sub from Firehouse Subs he has crossed over to the other side. It was delicious.

It’s Scot’s birthday and his lovely wife, Shawna, is throwing him a super hero party. How fun is that? I finally get a chance to wear my ninja mask. Yesss! And it just so happens that Ray has a Mexican wrestler mask lying around. How cool are we?

Cosmo as came as Super Hyperwear and Suzi dressed as Butterfly fairy princess.

Tim as Disco Dude and his wife, Tonya, as Disco Dudette.

Jessy came as Donatello from Ninja Turtles.

The Incredible Hulk.

My hubby and Indiana Jones.

Awe shucks.


Taking a break from fighting crime.

I challenge you Superman . . .

Ninja vs Ninja

Vengeance is mine.

Apparently Tim blames his reckless chair dancing on me and like 8  jello shots.

Scott and Shawna are just too cute.

But I guess we’re pretty darn cute too.

What a night. With all the jello shots I took I’m surprised I didn’t get wasted. I can’t wait till the next costume party. Maybe well have to have it at our place next?

What, you never seen a ninja at Bass Pro Shop before? That’s unfortunate. Actually, we were here so dad could spend the gift certificate we got him for his birthday on August 21.

Ray testing out the rocking chair. I think every time we see a rocking chair we think of Shane, yes you Shane Semmler. One of these days we’re gonna buy him one.

Having lunch with dad at Martinez.

Snake boots aren’t made out of snake skin? No, they’re so snakes don’t bite your toes off stupid. This here is pops right before we take off back home, showing off his new snake boots. Very fashionable. Like the camo color, don’t see your feet at all.

I was told this mission was to stay classified but lets just say operation double dog gone is achieved, mission complete, I repeat, mission complete.