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Representing SocialFly at the Austin Bridal Extravaganza today. Ray couldn’t make it because he had a baseball game but Kris and I are here making it happen. This one is our second convention and it’s suppose to be a big one. Thousands of brides or potential clients are expected to show. Our last and first bridal show was much smaller and that was a huge success so we can only hope that this one will only be an even bigger one.

Before the show Kris said he could handle it on his own but in reality there was no way. There were times our booth was so packed that people left because they weren’t getting any help. And since there were only two of us we didn’t have any opportunity to walk around to check out the scene like we did last time, which means no photos of anything and no cake samples for me. Boo.

This is what our prop table looked like during down time, while they were giving away prizes. Craziness! It was definitely another successful event. These conventions are actually a lot of fun. I’m looking forward to the next one. Hope I see you there. Who ever you are, not really sure if anyone reads this blog anymore.

I am officially unemployed and it feels phenomenal. On my last day of work I really didn’t want to go out with a bang. Everyone wanted me to have a drunken fair well event, but I’m not good at good-byes. I work with a lot of good guys and I’m gonna miss them but life goes on and I’m going with it. After work Brian and I had planned on running a few of his errands, but it got late and we decided to hit the bar instead. Our friend Donny met up with us, then Jen and Ali joined and later Scottie stopped by.

This is me and Jen. Don’t mind my eyes in any of these photos. When I drink I can never seem to open them.

Me, Donny, and Ali. I never really hit it off with Ali, but Donny was one of my favorites.

Donny and Brian, two very cool guys.

My Last Day At Work

Brain was my closest buddy at work. We got along great because like me, he has a twisted sense of humor and can appreciate great music like Sublime. Oh, B-Rad, I’m gonna miss ya.

That guy in the back ground is Scotty. He’s one of those happy go lucky kind of guys that lives at the bar. Every bar needs a Scotty.

It’s story time, so as you all know, the day before this day I called some lady a cunt at work. That apparently opened the Cunt Door and now I just feel like calling everyone a cunt. There’s this lady at work, named Evette, that I absolutely despise. It seems like everyone at work is afraid of her because she has this mouth on her that just doesn’t quit. In the beginning they wouldn’t even schedule us together but as of late, we started working civilly together once a week but that doesn’t mean we even talk to one another. I don’t even say hi; she stays out of my way and I will stay out of hers. Anyhow, she ends up at the bar that night and slowly makes her way to our table. Everybody does the small talk thing because no one really likes her. I’m drunk and the cunt door is already open so I say, “hey Evette can I ask you something? Why are you such a cunt?” Of course she gets defensive and goes on to say she’s not a cunt, blah blah, blah. I assure her that she’s wrong, lying, and is in fact a cunt.” Anyhow, we do our little argue thing back and fourth. I was loving it because I just like confrontation. I enjoy telling people exactly how I feel and moving on. After she leaves Donny, who had been sitting there the whole time goes, “wow, you just don’t fuck around do ya?” No Donny, I don’t. Anyhow, that was that and again, it felt so good to tell someone exactly what I thought of them. I’m so glad she came.

My Last Day At Work