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Soaking Up The Sun

Our cousin Misty is coming down from Dallas today and with her she bares friends, a man friend, Matt and his friend who is also a man but I forgot his name. Yah, names have never been my strong suit but having fun definitely is and this weekend  is gonna be one big explosion of fun right after the other.

Fun in the Sun

This is Matt and behind him lies Misty. She’s changing because she accidentally sat on a cherry and now there’s sweet cherry juice all over her bum only it doesn’t look like sweet cherry juice but more like fresh menstrual juice. Luckily, Misty is one prepared chica and brought along an extra suit and a suit case full of hair products. You want it, she has it tucked away in that bag of hers. I promise you she does.

This is Matt’s friend, whom I will refer to as Minnesota, because that’s where he’s from. He’s loving life right now, as he should be.

This Is How We Do It

Seriously, my arms are buffer just from drinking from this big ass cup all weekend long. Misty and I found them at the the speedy stop and had to have them. You only need to worry about one fill with this bad boy; that’s the beauty of it. Yes it’s a beautiful thing. Also if you bring it back to any speedy shop you can fill it up for only a buck.

The Happy Couple

Misty messing with Matt and Matt double fistting.


Riding the Noodle

Who knew riding a noodle could be this much fun?

Good Times

Life is good right about now. I love taking our boat out!

Me & My Sancho

This is my favorite time of day, when the sun is just about to set and everything looks so real.


Not the prettiest sunset but the lake and alcohol definitely tells us differently.

The Visitors

The sun is bidding us farewell and I guess that’s our cue to get the fuck outta here before we have to find our way back in the dark.

My Captain Morgan

Besides, we gotta save some energy for the river tomorrow. Can’t go there wait go there hung over or wasted. I mean, it’s not like we had mimosas on the way up or anything.  All I’m saying is Misty has traditions and traditions are traditions.

Floating the River

Today is my first time floating the river and I couldn’t be more excited. I’ve been wanting to do this for a long time now. It just that every time I’ve been invited for some reason or another I’m not able to make it. Floating the river also happens to be on my Austin Bucket List so today I can finally check this one off.

Misty and Matt

Man whoever is running the show has to be laughing all the way to the bank everyday. There were thousands of people out today, each one with a rented floating device that runs about $30 each, then there’s parking and I think if you bring your own floaty you have to pay admission, that’s what I heard anyway, don’t quote me on that.

Ray and Minnesota

Ray warned me to not bring my Canon G9. What kind of monster would wanna separate an Asian and her camera? Well my Sancho was right. I mean, I put the camera in a zip lock bag and that bag in another zip lock bag. It brings me great sadness and sorrow to let you know that these will be the last of the photos taken from my G9. May she RIP. I will always love you. I’m gonna take some time to pour some for my homey right now.

Floating the River

Stolen Photo

This photo I stole from some site. Hey just cause you write all over it doesn’t mean I won’t take it.

Downtown Fun

We went bar hopping out on 6th St. and around later that night because that is where you take people when they visit. Misty has some friends out here so we met up with them.

Downtown Fun

Oh yeah, Happy Anniversary babe. I love you.

Downtown Fun

Downtown Fun

Downtown Fun

Alright Misty is having too much fun and I’m upset because the shoes I wore are so not comfy and I was excited to wear them because I totally thought they were gonna be these comfy ass heels. Even walking in them was awkward for me. Stupid shoes.

What, no no Minnesota is totally fine. Carry on, carry on. Well that about ends our weekend. Told you it was a good one. The next day headed back to where they came from. Thanks guys. Well have to do it again.

In Dallas again at Gloria’s, having happy while waiting for Misty to arrive.

Misty never arrived so we moved on to Vickery Park Bar, where she met up with us.

They have big amazing onion rings that I didn’t get to finish because I was still full from Gloria’s.

And afterwords we headed downtown to see our good friend and super talented DJ Love do his thing at Ten Sports Grill. Besides having a words of exchange with the valet for price gauging us it was a great night.

photo taken from Six Lounge rooftop

Our cousin Misty is down with her friend for SXSW and unlike us they have badges. We first met them at Perla’s Seafood and Oyster Bar.

Then we headed across the street to Doc’s for a beer where a random band came marching by. This is one of the many reason I love Austin, because she is as random as I.

Then we went to Six Lounge, Lance Armstrong’s club, and my new favorite club in Austin.

They have a nice rooftop view and they have my X-Rated Liquor. It’s my new favorite liquor, so good. I swear I’m seriously considering bringing  a flask of this stuff so I have it with me at all times.

I’m totally digging Misty these days.

We headed to Speakeasy.

Having too much fun.

Lot’s of people out tonight.

And lastly we ended the night at Paradise on Sixth.

I must say it was a good night.

It’s that time of year again where it’s become traditionally okay to shovel ungodly amounts of food into our faces all day long. I have mixed feelings about Thanksgiving. Don’t get me wrong, I love all the ridiculous amounts of food but the holidays for me really are more about family than it is about food, foot ball, movies and amazing sales the next day. This year is Ray’s year, meaning that his family gets us for Thanksgiving, lucky them. Our first stop, Uncle David and Aunt Barbara’s. Dad came prepared and wore his loose pants and everything.

Aunt Barbara made boat loads of food and they had already dug in earlier so we helped our selves to a plate. Aunt Barbara and Uncle David stayed in the living room while we sat in the dining room and ate. While consuming my first Thanksgiving meal of the day I couldn’t help but to feel like somewhat of a freeloader. I mean, it’s Thanksgiving day and I hardly see these people and here  we are coming over to eat their food that they slaved countless hours over in their dining room while they watched television in the next room. This is the part of Thanksgiving that always makes me feel so weird and I hate that it’s become the norm, to just go from family to family just to stuff our faces with food. Whatever happened to everyone sitting around the dining room, watching the turkey get it’s first slice and just enjoying every ones company. Ray and I always talk about the younger days, before we were pubescent teens and we were innocent carefree kids, the holidays were so much nicer then. We have such fond memories of everyone getting together under one roof and even though Thanksgiving dinner wasn’t spent under a candle lit dinning table it was spent with everyone. We miss those holidays and the older we get the more we’ve come to realize that if we want traditions like these to live on we need to start them back up again starting with a family of our own.

The next stop was Aunt Dora’s and Uncle Todds. Luckily Uncle Paul was already there with Aunt Minga and their kids so it saved us a stop. Now this is the part of Thanksgiving I could really do without but everyone seems to love, football so I just roll with it. We sat around for the next couple of hours watching football while stuffing our faces. The girls multitask and went through the sales catalogs while watching football. I had no choice but to join them, and holy crap are there some tempting sales going on tomorrow. Now I know why people wake up so early but still I’ve convinced myself that it’s just not worth all the fuss.

Later that night we made a stop over to Berna and Sams house. Berna really out did herself this year. Her green bean casserole was the best I had yet. Ray and Ben are gay iPhone slutts

Sam’s brother was there and he brought his kids.

And after all that we met up with Steven Ray and his lovely wife Nycole for some drinks. I love that Steven always looks so studious every time we see him.

While telling Nycole of all the ridiculous sales I ended up convincing myself that perhaps I should check out some of these sales for myself. So the next morning Ray and I headed to the mall, not as early as some of these other guys but we were there.

The next day we met up with Steven and Nycole again.

What a fun couple.