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Boy this year I might have bit off more than I can chew on Halloween. First, Cowboy Harley is hosting a fundraiser on Halloween called “Ride for the Girls.” All proceeds will go to breast cancer survivors and I couldn’t be more happy to lend in my hand. It’s been a while since I’ve done some volunteer work. I used to do it all the time and for some reason I don’t anymore. Shame on me.

Michelle Bromley worked the front desk, taking food orders, shouting them back to us and taking in the money. Amy, Dondra, and Julie worked on selling the raffle tickets.

And the rest of us worked the food line. That’s Lauren and her mom. They’re cute.

Scot stopped by to pick up a top hat he’s borrowing from SocialFly. He’s going to be Slash for Halloween.

Dondra stayed up the night before making a shit ton of cupcakes.

And kudos to Dondra’s mom for making all these cakes.

Lauren and Amy are too cute.

I worked the line serving up the food, giving everyone big portions of everything because people like getting their money’s worth and I like making people happy.

And lots of costumes out today.

But this little dude won the prize when it came to the cutest costume. Seriously, there was a costume contest and he won.

But this lady here melted my heart. She’s a breast cancer survivor and ended up winning the raffle ticket money prize and gave it all back to the fundraiser. What a good soul.

It was a good day to come out. Rudy’s donated all the delicious food and Cowboy Harley even gave away a motorcycle today. I entered in the drawing and pleaded to the universe that I should win but in the end they never called my name. Oh well, guess it wasn’t meant to be. I mean I don’t even know how to ride a damn motorcycle.

After the fundraiser I had to rush off to Memory Lane because SocialFly Photobooth is booked for a wedding tonight. I get there right on time because the boys are just about done with setting up which means less work for me to do.

Here’s their wedding cake, a freaking Dr. Pepper and a flat one. I love this couple already for their spunkiness and Ray loves them because he loves Dr. Pepper.

I love coming back to Memory Lane because being here always reminds me of the day we got married, definitely one of the best days of my life.

It wasn’t as amazing as our wedding but it was definitely nice.

So I am officially the “Professional Scrapbooker.” Oh, it’s a real title and I take my job very seriously.

Alright, now that the weddings over we’re heading out to Amy’s party. This is when I start to get kinda bummed out. It’s not that I don’t want to go to Amy’s party, I definitely do. It’s just that the whole day has been work, work, work not that I didn’t enjoy it but it was still work and now that I finally get to let loose the night’s almost over and so is Amy’s party. It’s Halloween, one of my favorite holiday’s. I always look forward to this time of year because it’s the one time I could count on myself to be creative and make a mind blowing sexy outfit out of nothing and it’s also the one day out of the whole year where I don’t have to hear my husband cry for showing too much skin and this year I don’t even have an outfit. I suck.

Seeing Amy drink out of that big ass goblet definitely brightened my mood. And I love Lauren because she’s just always happy to see me.

Had to take a photo with the only other Asian here.

Scot took his wig and hat off but I’m sure his outfit rocked.

But the best costume tonight was the ferocious lion.

He was so effing cute I couldn’t leave him alone. I kept snuggling with him and making him strike poses with me.

And Ray got so jealous. He wanted to take some photos with the dog too. Look at him come in, “uh, excuse me, would you mind if we took a few photo together?”

Look the dog is so not feeling him at all. Maybe he only likes the ladies.

And I’m still mad at Dondra for taking off her green makeup. She makes the best Shrek’s wife.

Look he totally looks like a stuff animal. I can’t get over it.