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I told you Ray and I go down to Dallas a lot. This post is a bit old, but better late than never. Back in July Ray and I made a trip up to Dallas. I would like to say it was for Micah’s birthday but I would be lying. It just so happens that it was also Micah’s birthday that weekend. Who is Micah? Let me explain. Being Married to Ray also means I must marry into other families as well, Bea’s family is one of them. Micah is Bea’s (Ray’s best friend) sister, Bernah’s son. Got that, not too confusing. Anyhow, I love Bea and I absolutely love her family so I couldn’t be happier about this marriage.

This is Bernah with one of her other son’s, Ryan.

And here is Ben’s infamous kids. Don’t let their looks deceive you, their reckless little monkeys.

So the funny thing is, we thought this was going to be a swimming party, like in the back of someones yard. The swimming party was actually held at a humongous aquatic center, so big it even had a water slide. We were the last one’s to get there and ended up leaving because I wanted to play in the water with the kids. So we went to Target to purchase some swimming gear. Hours later Bernah thanks us for coming but she’s gots to take the family home. Yeah, we were the last ones to leave.

Ben and Ray getting their caffine on.

Anyhow, before the swim party we headed out to grab some food. Are you serious I can get two burgers, fries and onion rings for only a dollar more! Does anybody have 300 bones I could borrow? I can’t pass up this deal.

Did I mention Kuya Ben’s kids are the cutest rug rats you’ll ever meet.

Kuya Ben’s Kids Are Little Rug Rats from Doan Chung on Vimeo.