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Again we have waited till the last minute to get things done. Today Ray and I spent all day looking for an ugly sweater for Lauren’s event tonight. Having to purchase an ugly sweater and all I really didn’t want to spend all that much. My friend Cory spent way too much on one the other day and if that wasn’t enough he went and spent 8 hours sewing lights on the damn thing. No thanks. I don’t have that much time on my hands and even if I did I not using it up on something that’s meant to be ugly. Found our sweaters at a local thrift store for somewhere around $3 and if you ask me we overpaid but that’s the price we had to pay for waiting till the last minute to make things happen.

Well, there were definitely some ugly sweaters out tonight. Ray’s sweater ended up being too small so he cut it in half and it fit like a glove.

Matt rocked out on the karaoke machine to Michael Jackson’s, Beat It.

And Cory rocked out as well.

This is my friend Cory that spent hours sewing lights onto his sweater. You can’t tell but he did a fucking fantastic job. I couldn’t  believe the attention to detail.

Of course there was beer pong. Even after college it doesn’t get old.

Lauren and Scot took off their ugly sweaters so Scot just looked like a dude with a turtle neck on.

It was a fantastic evening. When I returned home I hung up my ugly sweater because I know there will be another on of these next year and I’ll be damn if I have to pay for something that ugly again.

Tonight we are headed to the Caswell House, not really sure why we’re going but Lauren invited me and I’m sorta under the impression that it’s work related besides as soon as I heard free drinks I stopped asking questions.

I can’t tell you how whimsical and jaw-dropping this place was decked out. Talk about getting into the Christmas spirit. Every ornament and decoration was on sale and for a good cause because part of the proceeds are going to something good, I forgot exactly what but like I said it was for a good cause. The tree Lauren is standing next to in the photo above is hanging upside down and they managed to still make it look good. Ridiculous!

There’s some really great deals tonight, like this $5.99 Ho. Man don’t you just love Christmas?

So as amazing as this place was I still walked out empty handed. I just didn’t want to purchase a bunch of holiday crap that didn’t have a place in our very simplistic home. These days I’m done with wasting money.

Lauren did end up buying me an ornament of my choice and I picked the only robot one they had. I don’t know what happened to it but it never went home with me. After shopping for um, work related things we met the boys at The Pour House and ended the night over a few pitchers of beer playing washers