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me and mark

May 22 is a very important date to remember because that day is my friend, Mark’s birthday.

mark and i

Unfortunately, Mark and I haven’t seen much of each other for some time now, which sucks balls because I miss him very much.
mark and me

Everybody needs a friend like Mark and if everyone had a Mark in their life I’m certain the world would be a much better place.  He was definitely fun to party with.  Wow, we has some crazy party days.

in the room

When I totaled my car Mark let me barrow his jeep for as long as I needed, though, it was horrible on gas.  Oh, and he let me borrow his camera when I went on vacation and even let me borrow money once.

in my apt.

He’s great lunch partner, and most of all, a friend I can always count on.  I could call him at any hour of the night and tell him I was in jail and he’d be there the same night with bail money in hand. That’s the kind of friend his is.

half pic

Mark is what I like to call a timeless friend because I know that no matter what we’ll stay close friends through the test of time.


I love you Mark, Happy Birthday!