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Been going through all my old videos for the past few days trying to get caught up on uploading them all on Vimeo. I came across these that I never put up.

Top one is of Kola when we use to live in Oakland CA. Oh memories. I have to say, I don’t miss the warehouse one bit.

Below is a video of Ray doing what he does best, play ball. It’s a shame that he never went pro but all things happen for a reason. I always tell him that he’d be a douche if he’d gone pro and we never would have met. Someone I don’t think that makes him feel any better.

And here’s one of us in Playa Del Carmen. If you’ve seen the photos then you’d know it was the vacation of the year. I think Michelle is trying to take our photo since she’s the only one not in the photo.

And here is another Playa Del Carmen one. The girls are being stupid.

And this one is during the Santa Crawl when I use to hang out with this girl named Lauren, not really sure why, but I’ve moved on to better things.

This one is of Ray wearing his Baby Carlos shirt before a SocialFly Event. It’s in reference to the movie the Hang Over so if you haven’t seen it then you won’t understand why his shirt is so awesome.

This one is probably the most recent of these videos. Ray is slowly becoming a gamer and tonight he dragged my ass to Game Stop to buy the new Call of Duty Black Ops game.

This one is at a BBQ at Chris’s Utz’s house, a ball player from Ray’s baseball team. I guess you can say he’s also a friend.

Well hope you guys enjoyed. There’s actually more but from the days of before this blog was started so really no use in putting them up here.

Kola Got Cut

August 22, 2010 Lil Kola Bud Comments

Poor Kola

Remember when I said Kola needed a fur cut? Well I finally decided to bring him in to Pet Smart for one and the bastards cut the shit out of him.

Poor Kola

So I’m at Ray’s baseball game and get this call saying that Kola has a small scratch because he was moving around too much during the fur cut but they made an appointment with their vet if I want to take him in to get looked at or I can just take him to his vet and they would pay for it. Wait, I thought you said he has a scratch, why the hell does he need to go to the vet? So again, they proceed to blame Kola for their incompetence. Whatever douche lord you better run far and run fast because I’m coming for my dog and your balls.

When Kola gets delivered to me the small scratched turned out to be a chunk of skin. WTF! Look you dumb cunt, I thought you said this was a scratch, there’s clearly a chunk of skin missing? Anyhow, the fur cut was obviously free, along with ointment and some black bandages. Poor Kola. Mama will never take you here again.

Kola Needs A Fur Cut

August 13, 2010 2010, Lil Kola Bud Comments

Lil Kola Bud

Kola needs a fur cut.

Lil Kola Bud

Oh no, I think he heard me.

Lil Kola Bud

Messing With Kola

July 29, 2010 2010, Lil Kola Bud Comments

Messing with My Little Man

My dog sleeps all the time. It’s like he’s a cat stuck in a little dogs body. Well today while he was sleeping I decided to mess with him a bit. Kinda looks like he has the chicken pox doesn’t it?

Making a Pit Stop in Arizona

So I come home from work one day and Ray comes up to me and says, “Babe your gonna have to make a decision.” Well to keep me from turning a very short story into a long story as I often do I’m just gonna get to it. Turns out Ray spent the day on Craig’s List looking for my dream car, a vintage VW Bus and came across a good handful of them for me to choose from. Yeah, it’s kinda nice having a husband that actively tries to make all my dreams come true, but at the same time if you know me you’d know that making large purchases like this stresses me the fuck out. We went through the photos and at first I was hesitant but I gotta tell ya, the more I looked at all the buses the more I wanted  one. I couldn’t help but to envision myself being the envy of everyone while driving down the road. Ugh, why does he do this to me. I finally gave in and decided to go with the most expensive one. Well it was the most expensive one for a reason. She was in great condition, with no rust; just a blank canvas ready for me to make her look pretty and it had to be fate because she lives right next to the town I grew up in in California. That’s right, California here I come, right back where I started from. In less than a week Ray and I headed west to the best state ever, you got it, California.

We met up with some of our friends of Wild Line in the city for lunch.

Loving me some Mandy

I finally got to see my girlfriend Mandy. I really miss this girl. Wish I could put her in my pocket and take her back to Texas with me. The soccer tournament was going on so we paid more attention to the television screen than we did to each other.

Watching Soccer

Look Dee even came out to play today.


The boys of Wild Line.

Boys of Wild Line

After lunch we had lunch again with our favorite Australian, Beau.

Our Favorite Australian

Later that night Lana host a dinner party for me, the guest of honor, definitely don’t get to say that often, which is why I said it. My old childhood BFF and her sister who also happens to be my sister, Lana’s childhood BFF.


In my head Karen will always be my best friend. She’s the only person in the world, besides my little sister, Selena who truly knows my childhood.


The boys all got along great too.

The Boys

Every time I look at this photo it brings a smile to my face. I’m so glad to see we’re all still such great friends after all these years.

photo by Gabriel Yuen

The next day I went to see Dharma for the very first time. It was love at first sight. She loves me and I her.

It Was Love At First Sight

Seriously, just look at how clean she is.


I just wanted to be inside her, so we could be as one the way love was meant to be.

Me Inside Dharma

And then we couldn’t help but to role play. What? It was her idea.

Role Play

Unicorn straight ahead!

More Role Play

Who’s a sexy bitch?

Sexy Bitch

Just take a look at that hot ass.

Hot Ass!

It’s like a blank canvas inside ready for me to give her a new face.

My Blank Canvas

Our visit was much too short. I really didn’t want to leave my baby girl here but we made arrangements with Atlas Auto Transport to ship her to Texas for me. Good-bye Dharma. Don’t you worry your pretty little head, we’ll be together soon enough.

When we got back Lana and I went out for a short hike.

Me & My Big Sis

Oh and I forgot to mention, I met Otto, my sister’s new dog, for the first time on this trip. He’s definitely a solid 2nd for cutest dog, Kola being the first of course.

Lana & Otto

After our hike we went back home and decided the cousins needed to have a photo shoot.


The next day we went back to Dharma. Dealing with Atlas car rental was a lot of drama. You can read the review I gave them here to get a gist of what we had to deal with. As the old adage goes, if you want something done right you have to do it yourself, so we did. Up yours Atlas, we’re going to U-Haul. We had to wait a bit for Jay to get off work so he and his friends could help us load her up.

Loading Up Dharma

Thanks Jay, for making Dharma so pretty. Your one talented dude.

Jay and I

Filling up on gas before we head out. I can’t get this smile off my face.

My Dharma during sunset.

Dharma and sunset

On route 66. It was long.

Route 66

We stopped for breakfast.

Breakfast of Champions!

And then headed back on the road.

On the Road Again

Saw a sign for the Grand Canyon so we decided to take a detour.

Hello Grand Canyon!

Had to wake Kola up just to get out which is why he looks so sleepy.

Ray and Kola at the Grand Canyon

Me and my Kola.

Kola and I at the Grand Canyon!

Kola, seriously wake up. Your embarrassing me!

Sleepy Kola @ the Grand Canyon

More Us and Canyon

Here’s a new one, Dharma and Grand Canyon.

Dharma and Grand Canyon

Man it’s humid out here and we’re stuck in bumper to bumper traffic. Apparently there was a fatal accident up the road and some girl died. RIP.

Fucking Humid

A couple of bugs decided to stop on our windshield and do the dirty.

Dirty Bugs

Had to stop to water the rocks. The sky is so pretty right now.

Pretty Dharma

Walked up to the drive through, yes I said, “walked,” for some dinner. Kinda excited right now because I always wanted to do this.

And denied! Kinda reminds me of the time that Ray ordered food in the drive through with a Mexican wrestler mask on and got denied because the lady was scared shitless that we were going to rob them.

The next morning we finally made it to Hack Shack. Now make my Dharma pretty.

Hack Shack

And denied again. Turns out they can’t do anything until she has an engine so I had to tow her back home. Don’t worry your pretty little face Dharma, we’ll get you an engine soon enough.

Well that was one long spontaneous trip but well worth it.

Today Ray and I attempted to go canoeing but we made the mistake of bringing Kola with us. It was a scorching hot day and I didn’t want to be stuck on a boat if Kola went into a heat stroke so instead we attempted to hike the Green Belt. We got all of 50ft before Kola wanted out. He looked like he was going to have a seizure or something so we walked back to the car. Ah well, we tried. Today is another one of our leisure days and we wanted to explore Austin.

We decided to head out to Austin Trailer Park Eatery since we still have not been. The first thing I bought was cake balls. Yes, cake balls on a stick. So genius!

Should of had a taco from Torchy’s Tacos but I’ve been craving a good hot dog lately so I decided on that instead. Well all in all it was another great day. Austin Trailer Park Eatery consider yourself checked! Green Belt and canoeing I’ll be back for you.

In Dallas for business but heard through the grapevine that it’s Mama TalPlacido’s birthday. How convenient. Spotted this Mrs. Baird’s car while cruising. Funny I always said that it looks just like a toaster oven.

Mama is loved.

My favorite rug rat.

Afterwords we went out for some drinks with Ben and Mabel.

Wish Mabel would just move to Dallas already.

My Lil Kola Bud

May 5, 2010 2010, Lil Kola Bud Comments

So the other day I realized that Kola was coming up on 15 years old, yes, 15 YEARS OLD.  That’s fucking old for a dog. He’s practically been with me for half my life. Holy crap. I remember taking him to school in my back pack. He was so tiny back then. Well Kola hasn’t changed much. He still loves to sun bathe and sleep. Only now, he sleeps more than he sun bathes.