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Every year since Jack Johnson became a somebody, he throws this thing called the Kokua Festival. It’s pretty fucking amazing and there’s always other big musicians that also plays, besides himself. Last year we also got to barbecue outside. It was really exciting because not only was Eddie Vedder playing, but we were still somewhat new residents to Hawaii so we were expecting to do this kind of shit all the  time. Anyhow, this year Dave Mathews and Tim Reynolds were invited to play. I’m not really familiar with Tim Reynold’s stuff but I am a huge fan of Dave Mathews and since I’ve never got to see him in action I was all about getting tickets. Ray has been to a ton of Dave Mathews concerts since he is his favorite artist when it comes to music and he’s also a huge fan of Tim Reynolds and never got to see him live so he was totally for getting tickets too. However, after less than 3 minutes of being on sale the tickets were totally sold out. Fucking blows, oh well. I know I mentioned it before, but concerts outside the shell fucking rock. It’s free live music where I get to bring my own food, beer, dog, have all the space I want to kick back and relax and play bocce.  It’s awesome and I last throughout the weekend and I got to make it to both events.

This is the first day, it gets a lot more crowed than this.

Shane and Ray. I don’t know why Shane has that face, maybe he has to take a shit, who knows.

I make Diamond Head look good.

Ray was craving Crunch n Munch for some reason today so we bought a big box of it and demolished it. I’m pretty sure it’s the reason why I had a stomach ache all night.

Ray walked me to the restroom across the street to avoid the long lines from the closer restroom. Inside the restroom some girl had busted her skull somehow and there was blood everywhere. I tried to take a photo but when I got out of the stall I saw like 6 firemen there all staring down at the blood trying to figure out how to clean it all up.  On the way back Ray snapped this photo. Very pretty.

Lots of love in the air.

The next day, Ray dropped Shane and I off along with the rest of our things and Kola. I asked him to double check the car before coming back out to meet us at the park to make sure we got everything. Of course, he didn’t and we ended up with hot dogs with no buns. Oh, well.  It’s not like it was 4:20 and I don’t have Mary with me, wait, it is 4:20, and I can’t find Mary anywhere, just like last year.  Besides the few beers I drank, I was totally sober. Wo is me. Anyhow, Dave, Jack and Tim are playing live, I’m pretty sure I’ll be alright.

The night before I saw a lot of dogs at the park. It made me feel like a terrible mom, so I promised myself that I would take Kola out the next day.

This isn’t what it looks like. Shane bought Rolling Rock beer and totally overlooked that it wasn’t a twist off. None of us had a bottle opener so for the first hour or so he was trying to get it to open under my jacket.

This is me in my macro phase of my amateure photography skills.

One big happy family.

Ona and Jen made it out and they brought the Dolphin Crew with them, and another little Asian.

This girl here is what we call a Super Slut. She was totally making out with this guy so much that she had a whole circle of an audience with her in the middle. Hello people, Dave is playing and your more interested in live porn.  Actually, I was guilty of it myself and had Jen walk with me to the back side of them so I could snap a photo of her ass, because it looked like a lot of it was showing from our direction. When we got around I couldn’t believe my eyes, this girl had her WHOLE bare ass showing, thong and everything. It was narly. I tried to take a photo but my camera wouldn’t focus and then of course they decide to change positions.

But here’s an earlier video I took of them.

Kokua Festival Whore from Doan Chung on Vimeo.

Jen and Ona aren’t in love at all.

By the end of the night Kola started getting cold so Ray put him in his sweater.

Everybody loves Kola.

It was a rockin concert.  This will probably be our last time at a event outside the Shell.  I had a bitchin time and got to hang out with good friends.  Life is good right now.