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Ray and I are headed back to Dallas this time to move our boat. You see it was at Kuya Ben’s house, but Ben’s getting ready to empty his house so he can sell it. Fortunately, dad has a friend at work that agreed to have it stored at his place. We met dad at Ben’s where we had to pry the back gate open to retrieve our boat, hooked the boat onto dad’s truck, tow it back to dad’s house, where he towed it to work that night and then to his friends house in the morning after work.

It was suppose to be a one day event for us so I only brought one extra underwares and a set of sleep clothes just in case. Of course I should of known better and brought more stuff. We ended up staying 3 days and I was stuck wearing the same sexy outfit. On the first night we hung out with John Broom and his girl Penny Kim. We went to her new her new apartment where she had hot, delicious cookies waiting to be eaten and watched a movie that didn’t suck at all, Wackness. You should check it out, especially you, Shane Semmler.

The next day we had lunch at a really great Greek Restaurant with Steven Ray. Though we don’t see him often he’s one of my favorites that I met through Ray. He’s always so happy and just a really nice guy. He also has a beautiful wife whom I met once at our wedding and she is equally as pleasant.

That night Rare Medium was meeting up at Chuy’s for dinner. Rare Medium is nonexistent now but a lot of the co-workers still manage to stay in touch. It was Ray’s first job as an intern and the start of his web design career. It was also just a really great place to work, I know because I had heard it from Ray several times and now I was hearing it from everyone else as they reminisce of the good o days at Rare.

Tish and Robert

Derek and his girlfriend.

Mary and Kara

Everybody loves Elvis.

Me and my husband.

Robert and Ray

Robert and Me

I don’t remember the last time I had closed the house down but we did that night. I wasn’t the only one with the camera this time so after we all did a quick photo shoot we all bid one another fare well and parted ways. Hope I see these guys again, they were a lot of fun.