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We are once again on our way up to Dallas. Dallas just can’t let go. Ray’s high school reunion is here and it’s at a bar. This should be interesting. First we need to fill our empty bellies at Outback Steak House, dad’s pick of course.

Ray and I had a blast at his reunion. I was so surprised at how much fun I actually had.

The next morning we went out for breakfast with the TalPlacidos at The Original Pancake House.

I think Guav loves his little dude.

Later that day Lyric lost a tooth. Wonder how much he’ll get from the tooth fairy, probably not very much. We are in a recession. She’s probably not doing too hot herself.

On the way home our car hit the 100,000. Yay! Of course we had to stop to celebrate.

Hill Country Excursion

Hill Country Excursion

We’ve moved to Austin about 8-9 months ago and it suddenly dawned on me that we have yet to take advantage of it’s beautiful county side so when Ray asked me what I wanted to do today I said, “let’s go to Mount Bonnell.” I looked it up on line and soon we were out the door.

Hill Country Excursion

Hill Country Excursion

I expected a long vigorous hike, but it was lots of stairs up and then a really nice view of Lake Travis instead. But who could be disappointed with a view like this.  Just looking at the lake made me so excited for summer to get here so we could finally put our boat to good use. Man, would I love to have a vacation getaway here. I mean seriously, check out the size of some of those homes.

Hill Country Excursion

Hill Country Excursion

There was a little bit of a hike though, but don’t expect a workout unless your fat and out of shape. With benches and tables it’s a perfect place to pack a lunch and just enjoy the scenery. I kinda wish I would of found this place before Ray’s birthday so I had some place nice and free for us to drive to in the awesome Ram Charger I gave him.

Hill Country Excursion

Hill Country Excursion

After Mount Bonnell we went on a excursion through the beautiful Hill Country and boy am I glad we did. The drive was gorgeous and really made us thing about getting our hands on some acres out here. It’s so nice to know we live so close to all this.

Hill Country Excursion

Hill Country Excursion

Honey, get off your damn iPhone, your on my time right now, sheesh!

Hill Country Excursion

Hill Country Excursion

Family day wouldn’t be complete without Kola.

Hill Country Excursion

Hill Country Excursion

Messing around with the camera, as I always do.

Hill Country Excursion

Hill Country Excursion

Litter bug. Hey, “don’t mess with Texas,” that means don’t fucking litter you selfish bastard or I’m gonna donkey punch your ass.

Hill Country Excursion

Hill Country Excursion

Ray and iPhone.

Hill Country Excursion

Hill Country Excursion

Kola found a dead fish. Gross!

Hill Country Excursion

Hill Country Excursion

The happy couple.

Hill Country Excursion

Hill Country Excursion

I found a small wooden post sticking out of the ground and laid my camera atop it for a family photo.

Hill Country Excursion

Hill Country Excursion

Yippie Kai Yay!

Hill Country Excursion

Hill Country Excursion

Hip hip hooray!

Hill Country Excursion

Hill Country Excursion

Or as my best bud Jack MFD would put it, “Dunt da da dun . . . Fuck Yeah!

Hill Country Excursion

Hill Country Excursion

Waiting on me.

Hill Country Excursion

Hill Country Excursion

It was a good day.

My Favorite Guys

My Favorite Guys

Wake Up Birthday Boy

Wake Up Birthday Boy

Yay! The 15th is finally here, and that means it’s Ray’s birthday. Wake up sleeping beauty, I got a surprise for you and your gonna love it.

It’s been Ray’s dream for some time now to find and reunite back with his first car and resurrect her from the dead, but of course finding his original 89′ Dodge RamCharger was out of the question so when we got back from Houston I set out on a quest in search for the second best 89′ Dodge RamCharger and guess what, I found her, right here in Austin Texas of all places. I think it was destiny. So now I had to strategically devise the best way to retrieve this Beast of a car since Ray and I are practically joint at the hip and because I’m not yet geographically inept to be driving on my own in Austin, especially since my sancho, Tom Tom was kidnapped from me in New York. Well as we all know trickery and deceit comes fairly natural for me. I was born a professional con-artist. With the directions jotted down in my note book I tricked Ray into driving me right to the place I needed to be the next day to pick up the car. I memorized the route as he drove down this street and that, turning here, making u-turns there.”Why do you want to go down Ceasar Chavez,” he says. “Because we got our vegan wedding cake on that street and I just want to go down and see the store again,” I responded. The next day I compiled a long list of grocery items and set out “grocery shopping” because I know Ray recoils at the mere thought of idling around a grocery store for too long, which just happens to be one of my favorite pass-time activities. Beside a few minor battle scars that Riccardo forgot to mention in the Craigs List ad the car seemed to be in pretty good condition. I used the battle wounds to my advantage and haggled a sweet deal and since there was only one of me and two cars I kindly requested Riccardo to followed me back home, where we dropped off the Beast on the other side of the parking lot and then I had to transport Riccardo back home. Oh, I also asked Riccardo to e-mail both Ray and I back the next day stating that the car was no longer available just in case Ray had any inclination of what I was up to. Three and a half hours later I Ray phones me, “honey, where are you, I’m hungry,” he wines. I make up this huge long lie about how I got lost twice, went to Whole Foods and lingered around the beauty section for hours, then the Indian Grocery Store, and now I’m going back to HEB Grocery Store for a second time to pick up a few items I forgot the first time around. I arrive home after four hours of leaving and rustled up dinner for my husband as quickly as I could. I know, I know, I’m the best wife to ever have walked this earth. I hear it all the time.

The next four days were difficult because they were filled with anxiousness and stress. There were days you can see the Beast as clear as day on the other end of the parking lot. I counted down the days and every night while he slept I would devise the best way to present to him his gift. What seemed to be to be an awesome idea in the middle of the night would never fail to seem too elaborative the next day. Finally I just decided to keep it simple and sweet, yet still creative and fun. On the morning of his birthday I woke up extra early, shit, showered and shaved, minus the shower and the shave and filmed this in the parking lot.

For Ray from Doan Chung on Vimeo.

If you keep up with my blog, you might have already seen it. Whatever I was planning on doing I had to do it fast because the Beast had hardly any gas; I wasn’t sure if she would even be able to even make it to the gas station. The first two tries was a disaster but 3 times is always a charm or in this case, good enough. I forgot to zoom the camera out which made the video all grainy, but like I said, good enough. When I was done filming I had to park the car outside where Ray would easily see it as soon as he came out of the building after watching the video. Luckily, we scored rock star parking the night before so I gave the Beast my parking spot, which meant now I had to re-park the Scion upstairs. I scurried back home filled with excitement and woke him up, “lets go eat, I’m hungry, hurry, get up. It’s your birthday, aren’t you excited? I’m excited for you. I’m starving. Let go get some breakfast. I’m so hungry.” While he was getting ready I uploaded the video on to Vimeo and posted it on to my awesome blog. As I finished I told him I would meet him downstairs and to go over to my computer and read todays post on my site and then I left. I waited for him so totally impatiently down stairs, ready to film his reaction when he got down.

On Ray’s Birthday from Doan Chung on Vimeo.

Yes, yes, I know, the best wife ever. I know

I was expecting more of a reaction for the car but he just wanted to love on me first before checking it out. We then quickly got gas and test drove the Beast on our way to Juan in a Million, another famous landmark here in Austin and another restaurants featured on the Man vs Food show. Well, it was Sunday and the line was out the door and practically wrapped around the corner. Sorry, even if you were one in a million, it wouldn’t be worth it for me to wait in that line. Actually, in opinion, no Mexican food is ever worth a line, but hey, that’s my opinion and I’m entitled to it. We headed for the Waffle House next but took the back road since both the inspection and registration was expired on the Beast. The Waffle House ended up being just as packed. Sorry Waffle House, even your not worth waiting in line for. So we drove around until we ended back around our neck of the woods at Mimi’s Cafe, still packed but the wait was do-able. After our delicious meal we went home, grabbed some towels and Ray gave his Beast a bath, while I stayed in my car with Kola and read.

Bathing the Beast

Bathing the Beast

Bathing the Beast

Bathing the Beast

All clean and pretty, but still butch-like.

Pretty Beast

Pretty Beast

Sorry, no hubcaps on this side.

Pretty Beast

Pretty Beast

Pretty Beast

Pretty Beast

Time to douche the Beast with armor all. Wax on wax off, Ray Danial-Son.

Douching The Beast From The Inside Out

Douching The Beast From The Inside Out

After the car wash we went home, got ready and headed back out, this time to down-town Austin. We went to one other bar before it got too cold for me to bare sitting outside so we left and ended up here at the Flying Saucer for another round of drinks.

Flying Saucer

Flying Saucer

And then it was getting past our bed times so we headed back home, but before we did we grabbed some dinner at Mighty Fine Burgers. I don’t know if the burgers were mighty fine or not but the milkshakes most definitely was.

Mighty Fine Burgers

Mighty Fine Burgers

Happy birthday honey. I love you.

Riding Dirty

Riding Dirty

The weekday is here and that means nothing to us. Monday, Friday, Sunday, it’s all the same day. Hell most of the time we don’t even know what month were in. If you want to know the truth, I’m writing this now at exactly 2:47 a.m. while Ray is playing Need For Speed on his Play Station.

It’s kinda sad but one of the reasons I was looking forward to coming home from Houston was because of freaking donuts, but in my defense this isn’t just any ordinary donut, it’s a massive, soft toilet seat of a donut.

How Many Donuts Fit Inside One Box?

I don’t know if you heard of the Man VS Food show or not, but it’s basically a show about a man that eats a lot of food, you know my dream job. Well there was this episode where he was eating this ginormous donut in Round Rock, which happens to be just next door to Austin. I’m really not a crazy donut fan but I do like my fair share of sweet goodness in my mouth, and I’m also a sucker for icons and landmarks.

One Sweet Glorious Donut

One Sweet Glorious Donut

Round Rock Donut is not your average donut shop. People wait out the door for this giant whoopi cushion, which definitely makes it a landmark. Personally, I don’t really get the whole donut for breakfast thing. Trust me I’m not one to ever knock on sweet treats, but seriously lets just think about it here for a moment. Donuts have long been an American breakfast staple but why. How come it’s okay to eat bread covered with sugar, chocolate, sprinkles and all kinds of sweet heavenly goodness in the morning? Why not ice-cream, or ice-cream cake? Cookies? Brownies? Pie? At least ice-cream has some sort of nutritional value. Of course none of these are an acceptable way to start your day off with, especially for children, which is why I can’t understand why so many parents allow their kids to eat them. As a matter of fact, it’s probably the worst piece of food you could start your day off with. They are loaded with sugar, refined flour, saturated fat and partially hydrogenated oil trans fat all of which happen to increase the risk of heart disease. And fruit or jelly donuts is concocted from sugar, corn syrup, corn cereal, partially hydrogenated oil, natural and artificial flavors and dyes. Now why would anyone want to start their day off like this or allow their kids to? This contradiction kinda makes you think about why America is fat as fuck and that maybe our diets should be revised just a tad bit, but in the mean time, lets eat!

Round Rock Donuts

Round Rock Donuts

After our healthy breakfast we went home and took a nap for hours and then we woke up to take a donut shit and then we went back to sleep. Actually, we decided to work off all the empty calories we just ingested so we headed to a local bike store where Ray got his bike tighten and we bought a bike rack for our car because now that were riding our bikes all the time it’s becoming a pain in the ass to load both of them up into our tiny car and besides we look so sporty driving around with a bike rack on our car now. It took us a long time to get our bike rack situated in the parking lot, but once we did we loaded our bikes and drove South of Austin.

Riding Dirty

Riding Dirty

It was a good day.

Riding Dirty

Riding Dirty

Now that 2009 is here I want to take some time to reflect on 2008. I always knew 2008 was going to be a good year. I remember looking forward to it because it was 08 and 8 is just a good fucking number. It was only a year ago Ray and I were living the good o life in the rainbow state, Honolulu Hawaii.

It was almost a year ago that I started my first post on this blog, January 9th 2008. Since then I’ve written 121 post. I don’t really know who’s all reading it, but it sure has made my hand written journaling take back seat.

I cut my hair super short for the first time ever. It was kinda cute wasn’t it?

Ray got a new iPhone.

Ray and I ran in The Annual Great Aloha Run, just a little over 8 miles, and we all know eight is a good number to start with.

We voted for our first time for the Democratic Party. But just for the record, once Hillary was out of the election Ray and I voted again for our first time for President for Obama of course.

Ray bought me my first brand new computer. Mac 4 life baby!

MyBabyOurBaby Launched.

We finally found the dock where Lost, our favorite television series, was filmed at. We searched the island for it forever.

We went camping at Melekahana, our first time camping in Hawaii and Ray’s first time ever. He’s not a fan.

Rocked out at the Kokua Festival, a festival Jack Johnson puts on every year in Hawaii., my blog had become a major hit and one of Hawaii’s most popular food blog websites.

I called some lady a cunt on my last day of work, because she was.

We got to swim with dolphins.

We moved back to the main land, California first.

Ray got to meet some of my extended family.

Tried wake boarding for the first time.

Got to ride dirk bikes again.

Moved to Austin

Where we met the Semmlers, Shane’s older brother and his family and now mine.

Kidnapped Kuya Ben’s dogs.

Found the Agave Homes and fell in love.

Ray introduced me to Marcos. He works for NASA.

Went to our first roller derby.

Spent Bachelorette week in Florida with my best bud Jack Mother Fucking Dogg with a double G.

Got married, 080808.

Got my first tattoo with my old crew from V-Town.

Traveled to New York, but just for a couple of months.

I stopped eating meat.

Met Guav Mom and the Roses and I have to tell you I’m a fan. Hope we get to see them again soon.

I got to freelanced at Jimmy Z’s, thanks to Bea.

We got to be extras in Friday Night Lights.

I almost died from pneumonia.

I met the Semmler’s, the rest of Shane’s family, and now mine as well and went to my first professional basketball game. Go Mavericks!

As you can see I love recording my life and 2008 was a year worth recording. There was a lot of cherry popping going on and I got to meet a lot of people that will be in my life for the long haul. We also moved around a lot, Hawaii, California, Austin, New York, Dallas. Things are just never boring with us. I’m looking forward to a healthy, happy and prosperous year for 2009. I know great things are to come.

For New Years this year Ray and I were crazy rebels without a cause living the crazy life at 300 Bowl, a bowling alley located in Dallas Texas. I’ve also seen one in Austin.

Lucky for us Bea and Guav had planned on staying till the New Year.

We put our names on the waiting list at the bowling alley then we met up with Vince, Bea’s big brother and his girlfriend, Renee at BJ’s Restaurant.

We didn’t expect the bowling alley to call us back, being New Year’s and all, but they did, while Guav was in the mist of his meal. He scarfed down his meal as fast as his vegan mouth would allow him and we scurried off to Dallas 300 Bowl.

I know it’s not the craziest New Year but my friends are crazy enough for me. Besides, we were all on a budget, Bea wasn’t drinking, I wasn’t drinking, and Guav never drinks. So basically Ray would look like a sad alcoholic if we went anywhere else.

Watch Ray and I do the count down and then we kiss for a prosperous, healthy and happy 2009.

2009 New Years Count Down from Doan Chung on Vimeo.

So the crazy and bizarre thing is that none of us are really that good at bowling, especially me of all people. We randomly filmed the four of us, me, Ray, Bea and Guav bowl once and each person bowled a strike. How crazy is that? It’s a sign, 2009 is going to be a great year!

Bea Strikes Into the New Year!

Bea Strikes Into the New Year from Doan Chung on Vimeo.

Ray Strikes Into The New Year!

Ray Strikes Into the New Year from Doan Chung on Vimeo.

Guav Strikes Into the New Year!

Guav Stikes Into the New Year from Doan Chung on Vimeo.

I Strike Into The New Year!

Doan Strikes Into The New Year 2008-09 from Doan Chung on Vimeo.

We said our sad good-byes at the end of the night because Bea and Guav were planning on leaving the next day as were we. The drive back home wasn’t so bad, at least Kola didn’t think so.

Every year for the holidays Ray and I will switch off. For example, one year we’ll spend Thanksgiving with my family and Christmas with his and the following year we’ll spend Thanksgiving with his family and Christmas with mine. We timed it perfect to where Bea and Guav end up being in town too because they do the same switcheroo but only with Christmas.

Christmas in Dallas goes for several days and holds many events. Since marrying Ray I’ve seemed to have married into several other families as well and we have to manage our schedule accordingly so that we’re able to fit everyone who’s anyone in. It was the first Christmas in Dallas where Ray didn’t get to spend with his BFF Chris Miller. However we did spontaneously run into them at the Gallery Mall and ended up having lunch with them.

Shane Semmler was in town from Hawaii. Yay! I happen to miss Shane very much and have never met his parents but he use to always speak very highly of them so I was looking forward to meeting them along with the rest of his family. He was in Austin during the time I was in the hospital and paid me a visit then. After several attempts of trying to reach Shane via phone while we were in Dallas we decided to pay him a surprise visit. We got there at the perfect time because as soon as we arrived was the exact moment that they were planning on going out to eat. So of course we joined them and then went back to the Semmler’s home and watched a video his parents put together every year of the family for the family. There was even a photo of Ray and I in the video. Yay, see we are family too! We also played Rock Band where I failed miserably at singing Living On a Prayer by Bon Jovi.

The Semmler’s loved me so much they invited us to join them at what would be my first Mavericks game the very next day. It was so exciting at first, the stadium was so big, lights were flashing, and music so loud with the hot dancers shaking there ass on the court below. Yes, yes Go Mavericks!

I think Shane is a spitting image of his dad.

A little blurry because I was trying to find the right setting on my camera but here is Ray and Shane being a goof ball.

Mavericks fans.

It was a sad game at first, so sad that I was embarrassed to be a Maverick fan but then I remembered that I was at home stadium. Luckily they ended up winning in the end, not by much though, it was a close game.

The next day was the Eve of Christmas and what better day to shop and what better place than Wal*Mart. Yeah, especially when Christmas at the TalPlacido’s was going to be that night. You know I wasn’t the brains of this operation. I have two words, Kuya Ben. Bea and Ray are testing out the bikes Santa’s gonna get for Cloe and Lyric with Ben’s money. Speaking of Santa, Cloe came up to me earlier and said Santa wasn’t real. I asked her who told her that and she said I did when they were down visiting us. I did? Oh, yeah, I did, didn’t I? Let this be a lesson to all of you. Think twice before you have Aunt Doe babysit.

This is Chrismas at the TalPlacidos.

Christmas At The TalPlacido’s from Doan Chung on Vimeo.

LEGOS! He was real excited about his present.

Christmas is all about the kids, it was no different here.

Look what Santa got the rug rats.

Look What Santa Got the Lyric and Cloe from Doan Chung on Vimeo.

Even Nyny got a present, and if you look in the background Papa’s got a brand new plasma.

Ny Ny We Got You A Present from Doan Chung on Vimeo.

Me and Bea. Photo by Guav Gauvin.

Christmas day was spent at Aunt Dora and her husband Todd’s home. I was a bit disappointed this year because there was no pineapple cake. I’ve been looking forward to this cake all year long and the maker of the cake happen to be sick. Sheesh, the nerve.

Aunt Dora is truly one of the nicest people I know. Every time I go over to her house she has several presents for me. She’s the type that goes Christmas shopping the day after Christmas and then every other weekend just for presents for the fuck of it so when some one comes over there will be a present for them. Look at how many presents she bought for her brother Ray alone.

Dad’s got a brand new jacket.

Nick’s got brand new money.

Aunt Dora got an angel.

Todd and I are the photographers.

Aunt Dora made sure she had several presents for everyone that arrived. Nick bought his girlfriend and his girlfriend brought her sister and she brought her boyfriend.

Uncle Ray brought his new girlfriend and her son.

Aunt Dora and Todd take time to pose for a photo.

Ray looks handsome wearing a tie.

Grandpa was there too.

The next day we went to Guav’s favorite store in Texas, Fry’s, home of anything and everything electric.

That night Ray and I toilet papered Kuya Ben’s car as payback for the last time he and Bea toilet papered our car on Random Ass Day.

Our first attempt was a failed disaster so we merely drove back to 711, bought some more toilet paper and a gallon of water and just threw wet bombs at his car. The funny thing is, no one cleaned it up the next day and they just drove off with it like that and let the wind blow it off.

Bea and Guav drove back to Austin with us in Ben’s car to help unload the washer and dryers we bought off Kuya Ben and a bunch of random other stuff we got for free. We grabbed dinner at a local Indian Vegetarian place I’ve been meaning to try out. Ray didn’t like it but it’s okay because all the non-eating meat folks did. Ray also got a ticket that night, two actually, because he was driving Kuya Ben’s car which happens to be expired on inspection and registration. The next day we headed back to Dallas ready to celebrate the New Year.

It’s Elijah’s birthday and what was suppose to be a father and son trip turned out to be the Rose’s, Gauvin’s, Hernandez’s and who ever else wants to tag along. Yay! Happy Birthday kid. Let’s do this shit up right.

We went to the Museum of Natural History. Not only was this the coolest place to take a little boy for his birthday, but it was also the coolest place for grown ups to go on any day.

They even had a whole section dedicated to the dopest people that ever lived.


We took a shit ton of photos of dinosaur bones and what ever else caught our eye.


Taking a photo of my hubby.

Seriously, look at the size of the dinosaur compared to us. Kinda glad they’re not around anymore.

Bea’s in training.

So afterwards we headed for the next coolest place to take a kid on their birthday, F.A.O Schwarz.

It was a pretty night for a walk.

I’m a thinker.

And a fighter.

And then we went to one of the raddest places to eat, especially if your a vegetarian, Pukk.

We’ve been here for almost two months now, how are we just finding out about this place?

Awe, I think baby Judah likes Pigg.

We passed baby Judah around for a photo shoot.

Toy Tokyo was next.

I like Pigg.

I like Boe-Bot too.

The boys are waiting outside while the girls get some sesame covered chocolate balls. Yummy!

Back at the subway on our way back home.

Elijah can’t wait to play with his new toys.

And this is where Sue and I almost kicked the shit out of a classic douche bag inside of Cold Stone Creamery. What a fucking asshole he was.

The next day a ninja attacked Elijah.

But he fought back.

Our car got broken into.

Yes you heard that right. On the day Ray and I planned on going home, someone breaks into our car to steal my boyfriend Tom Tom. Now who am I to talk to when I drive? Well I guess things could of been worse. At least they didn’t steal the car. Sad window on the ground.

Well I guess we’ll be heading to the city with all of you.

The champion. Can I get some Rocky music please.

Nothing like vegan dim sum to start the day off.

Kid Robot is expensive but very cool.

It takes two men to change one diaper.

Back at the sub way.

The next day was a very sad day because Ray and I packed our bags and headed back home after two months. Living with Bea and Guav was awesome. There’s not a lot of people I can live that long with but with them it was more like living with family. I miss cooking with Bea and waiting for Guav to come home because he was always the last to get in. Meeting the Roses was a treat. They are definitely my new favorite peeps. I just wish they lived closer because I could use more friends like Sue around. I would totally kick the shit out of anyone with her. I love all of you and thanks for an awesome experience.