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Bea got some new appliances to go with her new home.

Awe, I miss her delicious cooking.

It was so sad to see him go but I’m just happy he ended up staying a week longer than he originally intended to. I pleaded for him to stay but then I thought about it and since we’ve moved to Texas we see Kuya Ben more than anyone else these days so I’m not so sad anymore.

I think we had a pretty fun filled time during Kuya Ben’s stay. Bea made some delicious spring rolls and all got hands on training on how to roll. We were rolling with the homies, get it . . . rolling with the homies. Yeah, anyhow . . .

Bea – “Please Kuya Ben don’t go.”

Ray – “Fuck you Kuya Ben.”

Ray’s on his way out the door. Guav and Bea stay behind to clean their beautiful new home.

Peace out Kuya Ben. We’ll see you in Texas soon I’m sure.

Yay! It’s game night. Tonight we play Dallas Monopoly. The last time I played monopoly was a long, long time ago and if you’ve ever played monopoly then you’ll know that you’d better not have any plans afterward because it’s a long ass game. And if you don’t negotiate properties, as you see Bea doing here, then the game will only be even longer.

Monopoly Negotiations from Doan Chung on Vimeo.

Kuya Ben stop being such a dick and just trade with Ray.

Guav made everyone use the dice on his iPhone.

He also had to kick like a cheerleader or pay 50 dollars.  He kicked like a cheerleader and even gave us a cheer – “Whose the best, B-E-A, Bea. Yay!” It was more than we bargained for.

Guav Is a CheerLeader from Doan Chung on Vimeo.

First Ray was out, then Bea, and then Guav. Finally it was down to me and Ben. Ben had a good strategy, he just stayed in jail most of the time so he didn’t have to pay while everyone just landed on his property.

The game lasted a really really long time. But in the end I am champion with almost 9 thousand dollars left.

My Sleeping Beauties from Doan Chung on Vimeo.

Awe, I wish I brought my wedding dress. For now on ever time Bea and I visit each other we must bring our dress so we could hang out all day in em. That would be awesome.

The weekend went by oh so fast. I guess when your hanging out with Jack there’s just never enough time. Before dropping her ass off at the airport we had one last family meal together.

My friends like to have coffee in the morning.

Ben is cute.

Showing off my new glasses that Bea gave me. One perk of being Bea’s friend is that she has a lot of accessories and she’s very generous.

Ray and Bea

Hummm, should I have pancakes or waffles?

My friends like to smoke after breakfast.

Help, I got a splinter in my foot.

Thanks Bea.

I have no idea what Kuya Ben is doing.

Now we’re off to the airport.

Before you go here’s a business card. Have your people call my people.

Farewell Jack, we wub you.

Seriously, my tits aren’t this big in real life; I don’t know, perhaps it’s the angle of the camera or the two layer tank top but I really don’t think I’m this top heavy in real life. Just for the record I really wanted to make that clear. Anyhow, this the amazing view of New York you get when you get off the Light Rail.

And then from there you take the Path subway into the city.

If you go at the right time you’ll miss the crowds.

DKNY ad. New York is filled with ads, everywhere.

Wow, cops really ride on horses here. Words of Wisdom: if your running from the cops head straight into a department store. The horses aren’t allowed in there.

A new sky rise is in the works.

One thing I love about New York is that they have a lot of buildings that look historic.

I don’t know why, but my bladder has been out of control since we left Austin. And one thing I hate about New York is that there isn’t a whole lot of public restrooms. Luckily there’s the big, corporations that allow you to use their facilities free of charge and hassle-free. One of them being Whole Foods. See, big corporations aren’t all bad people. I really liked the design of this one so I had to take a photo to remember. Now if only they had free wifi, Ray and I would be here all the time.

One thing that I really like to do is to take photos of creative design that I randomly see for future inspiration. I think that’s pretty creative using a dry cleaning rack to display clothes.

Ray is so hot when he actually smiles.

We both really dig this building. There’s a cute little patio on the second floor to the left.

Ray likes this one. I think it looks cool but I’m not too crazy about small angles.

Shane-ers this one is for you. While living in Hawaii our friend Shane would make us get on our knees and bow to Mao every morning.

Sunset always gives you the best lighting for photos.

This was a cute little juice shop called Bagua, in Jersey. For some reason I have always been super impressed with small business and the execution of their design. Kudos for Buagua.

For all our help with the move Bea and Guav really wanted to take us out to a nice dinner. It wasn’t necessary, but hey I’m always down for free delicious food. Before dinner we had to make a few stops at a few department stores. Bea and Guav are in search of a new couch so we went to CB2. I think they like this one.

If Obama doesn’t win this election then I have not choice but to believe that the election is rigged and that there’s really no point in voting ever again. Until recently I have not met one single person for McCain and everywhere I go there’s Obama supporters, everywhere. Seriously, I still have yet to see a McCain bumper sticker. Hooray! Go Obama!

Bea wants this ottoman in her closet.

Bea and Guav at Red Bamboo, so far the best vegetarian restaurant I’ve been to.

Ray and I can’t wait to go back. Thanks for the delrishious food guys.