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Every once in a while Ray and I like to do these things where we give something up for a certain amount of time. In Hawaii Ray gave up meat for something like 8 months. Sometimes I give up things like chocolate, meat, fast food, etc. Meat has never been hard for me to give up because when I actually think about what I’m eating, a dead, roting, carcass, I lose my appetite. So recently, Ray and I gave up meat again, before we moved to New York but then we decide to start eating meat again because eating is part of the New York experience. After an unimpressive street food experience, and reading the book Skinny Bitch, I just decided that meat just wasn’t my thing so why fight it. I talk to my little sister, Selena, pretty regularly and after speaking to her of my decision she decides to send me this horrific tape of what really goes down inside factory farms. I’m sure everyone has some kind of understanding of the treatment forced upon factory farm animals, but sometimes ignorance is bliss and what we all pretend not to know won’t hurt us, just the poor, helpless animals. I admit I was one of these people. Sure I read books and seen fliers but that only effected me temporarily. After all, they are going to be turned into food which means they all will eventually be killed, so there is irony in fair and humane treatment when it comes to factory farm animals. I’m super sensitive, a common trait among the Chung’s, so I cried and cried after the video. And when I finished watching it I had a sick, empty feeling at the bottom of my gut so I cried some more. How could anyone eat meat after watching that. So I’ve decided this time not only am I going to give up meat, but I’m giving up dairy and seafood as well and I’m giving it up for life. What better time to do it too, because is just so happens that October is Vegetarian Awareness Month.

Factory animal farms are violent and inhumane and I refuse to support them. I feel really empowered by this life changing decision. But please don’t ask me to give up my new boots, I’ll give you anything, just let me keep the boots.