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Kris Graduates!

Our good friend, business partner and current roommate, Kris is graduating today. Unfortunately Ray and I got there late because we wanted to make sure he had some good graduation photos, like all the ones you see here, so we had to turn around and get the camera situation all figured out and then head back.

Kris Graduates

Proud parents.

Kris Graduates

Kris is now ready to tackle the world.

Kris Graduates

Kris, striking poses while his kids play in the fountain.

Kris Graduates

Kris Graduates

Just think, no more essays!

Kris Graduates

His parents are adorable.

Kris Graduates

We all went out to eat afterward. Had a nice restaurant in mind but they were closed so we settled for the Old Spaghetti Warehouse instead.

Kris Graduates

On the way back to the cars

Kris Graduates

we saw this sweet truck drive by.

Kris Graduates

And then I decided to pretend that is was me that was graduating.

My friend Tiffany is officially a baccalaureate and I couldn’t be more proud of her. At first I was a bit worried that she wasn’t going to make it to her own graduation on time. Luckily her last name is Wilborn which meant she was the 3rd to the last in line and that bought her time. Lucky girl.

Parents, in-laws, sisters, children and anyone whose anyone came out to congradulate her.

Okay now my turn.

After pictures we went to The Salt Grass Steak House.

They have a nice view.

What in tar-nations is going on here?

After dinner we went back to their place where I made strawberry margaritas for everyone, Hawaiian style.

Congratulations Tiff!  Now go get busy on that Masters.

Chris and Tiffany are in need of a babysitter. Ray has a game which means I’m all alone on this one. Seriously, how hard could it be right. The Semmler boys, they’re good kids and I know they get their fair share of discipline. I’m a huge fan of discipline, hell I’m a huge fan of the back hand if you ask me.

But I would never back hand someone else’s kids. As a matter of fact, when it comes to other people’s kids I’m complete opposite. I’m more like the cool auntie that lets them get away with murder. Just kidding Tiffany, calm down. But no really, I’m more like the super cool babysitter that lets them eat candy and cheetos. Yeah, so I gave them cheetos, fire me.

It’s Adrian’s birthday and he is a big 5 years old this year.

Happy Birthday Adrian! from Doan Chung on Vimeo.

Birthday Wishes from Doan Chung on Vimeo.

I think we’re almost ready for some babies of our own.

Adrian Eating His Birthday Cake from Doan Chung on Vimeo.

There was a lightning storm going on. Pretty crazy and scary at the same time so after cake and presents we all gather around outside for a better view.

Happy Birthday Adrian.

The day after our anniversary just happens to be Chris and Tiffany Semmler’s anniversary,  August 26.  I actually remembered their anniversary, unlike mine own, because I took note of the date when she told me awhile back. Ray and I left them a card outside their door and we also volunteered ourselves to be babysitters so they could do what ever their hearts desired.  They took us up on the offer and next thing I know we’re at their house watching t.v. with the boys and picking up cheerios off the carpet.

They have pretty well behaved boys so it was no problem at all, that is, until we had to change the diaper.  Ray and I totally fucked that part up.  When Chris got home he laughed because we put the diaper on backwards.  I guess we need a little practice.

Bringing Kola along as bait was a wise decision.  Little kids love to follow him around for some reason.

Well, not right after but eventually. We had to mingle first and get everyone liquored up enough.

Mr. and Mrs. Hernandez. I’m a Hernandez now, I have a hard core Mexican name. If my grandmother knew about this she would roll over in her grave, both of them; I’m sure.

Don’t let our innocent faces fool you. We have been known to be completely insane and reckless. Hahahah. I love these girls and I couldn’t tell you how rad it was to have all four of them here. It’s been a while ladies since we’ve all been in the same room at the same time, ages actually. And now were all here together at my wedding!!! Jen, Heather, Me, Monica, and Becky.

Taking some time out with my little niece.

Me and my big sis, Lana, aka Lulu.

The happy married couples. Tell me guys, is it true that after marriage you guys get no more blow jobs? Because I’m really looking forward to that.

That Toph is a weird one. I’m sure he was dropped on the head one too many times as a child.

Everyone should have a friend like Jack. But with that being said, it’s just not possible, she’s one of those souls that just can’t be duplicated. Which is why she’s my angle and I love her like a fat kid loves cake, but a lot more.

Smile Jen. No salvation for you tonight. Tonight we party.

Oh no, what is Kuya Ben doing.

Sure is a lot of big Mexicans in this photo. I’m feeling out numbered and a little borderline midget.

Broom and his lovely girlfriend Penny Kim.

My sister just recently got married to Kevin and I couldn’t tell you how happy I am to have him as a brother inlaw. They’re perfect for each other. Just look at his serious face.

Jackie I don’t know what Dirk’s been putting in your head but he’s got it all wrong. Golden Dragon for life! Fuck Wachoiva.

Kevin and my mom. Whatcha writing there mom, it better be good; it’s going in my scrap-book.

Oh Marci, if only we had stayed in San Francisco we would totally be BFF’s by now, having sleep overs, contemplating on ways to torture the boys, baking, cooking, having long, deep talks about money . . .

Val and Guav, Um, Lo Ciento, no habla Espanol. Perdon.

BFF’s. If you guys were here so I would hug you so hard it would turn your butt-hole inside out.

The Semmlers, Issac, Tiffany and Chris. These are our game night friends and apparently our only friends here in Austin so be extra nice to them people; we’d like to keep em around, at least long enough to find their replacements.

Kayla and Kimmy’s daughter, sorry, I forgot her name. Peace be with you too.

Beau and Jackie, here’s the keys to the back of my truck. I kid, I kid. But seriously, the car’s parked over there.

I love my sister’s, no matter how dysfunctional you guys turned out. I don’t know why I turned out normal any you two have slight down syndrome maybe God loves me more than you.

A few of my favorite people, yes that includes Kola.

After much mingling we had our first dance as husband and wife. The reason why we’re laughing here is because Jackie rushed up from her table to go find the camcorder and fell flat on her ass.

Ray had problems taking off my garter. Bite it like a little money baby.

Selena caught the bouquet and Beau caught the garter.

Chris gave a surprisingly nice speech. Awe thanks Chris. Honey, listen to your best friend, save the money and I’m always right.

Bea and Jack also gave a really nice speech/skit.

Lana gave a kung fu panda, I’ll kill your family speech.

Beau and Becky also gave a speech, but for some reason I’m not able to find any photos of that. After all the speeches it was cake time. Yes, that is a ninja and a Mexican wrestler, and yes those are our wedding cakes.

The ninja represents me and the Mexican wrestler is Ray. Oh, and this is our vegan cake. Not the prettiest but I definitely think it tasted the best.

We’re feeding each other with a knife, yeah, that’s real smart.

Just look at our anxious little audience. I feel like a celebrity.

We had originally wanted to smash cake in each others faces but I guess when it came time to do it, it just didn’t happen.

We even manage to get a little dancing in.

Here’s my sweet air guitar move

I don’t know how it all started but somehow we all manage to got almost everyone at the wedding to take not one shot but several shots.  Here we’re passing out shots.

A toast!

And soon after that it seemed as though we were all liquored up enough to go pool jumping.  I’m pretty sure it was me who screamed, “Lets go pool jumping!”  And like sheep they all followed me.

We even convinced Amet and Anthony to jump.

Sexy Ass

And played chicken.  I play for keeps.

And then we all just hung out in the hot tub.

Tell me this wasn’t the best wedding ever.


When we first got to Austin we rented a cheap ass hotel for two days in hope that it would be enough time to find an apartment.  Well it wasn’t and in an effort to save money Ray called up Chris, Shane’s brother, and we ended up staying at his place for about five days.  He has a beautiful wife and four growing boys.  His boys are some of the cutest, well behaved boys I have ever come across.  Here are some photos I took of them.


This is Piellei, the eldest of the boys

getting ready

Ray’s getting ready for fatherhood.


The second to eldest and the most hyper one, Adrian.

Rocking Ray To Sleep from Doan Chung on Vimeo.

Kids Just Like Ray from Doan Chung on Vimeo.

the boys

There you have it.  I found my new family in Austin.