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Soaking Up The Sun

Our cousin Misty is coming down from Dallas today and with her she bares friends, a man friend, Matt and his friend who is also a man but I forgot his name. Yah, names have never been my strong suit but having fun definitely is and this weekend  is gonna be one big explosion of fun right after the other.

Fun in the Sun

This is Matt and behind him lies Misty. She’s changing because she accidentally sat on a cherry and now there’s sweet cherry juice all over her bum only it doesn’t look like sweet cherry juice but more like fresh menstrual juice. Luckily, Misty is one prepared chica and brought along an extra suit and a suit case full of hair products. You want it, she has it tucked away in that bag of hers. I promise you she does.

This is Matt’s friend, whom I will refer to as Minnesota, because that’s where he’s from. He’s loving life right now, as he should be.

This Is How We Do It

Seriously, my arms are buffer just from drinking from this big ass cup all weekend long. Misty and I found them at the the speedy stop and had to have them. You only need to worry about one fill with this bad boy; that’s the beauty of it. Yes it’s a beautiful thing. Also if you bring it back to any speedy shop you can fill it up for only a buck.

The Happy Couple

Misty messing with Matt and Matt double fistting.


Riding the Noodle

Who knew riding a noodle could be this much fun?

Good Times

Life is good right about now. I love taking our boat out!

Me & My Sancho

This is my favorite time of day, when the sun is just about to set and everything looks so real.


Not the prettiest sunset but the lake and alcohol definitely tells us differently.

The Visitors

The sun is bidding us farewell and I guess that’s our cue to get the fuck outta here before we have to find our way back in the dark.

My Captain Morgan

Besides, we gotta save some energy for the river tomorrow. Can’t go there wait go there hung over or wasted. I mean, it’s not like we had mimosas on the way up or anything.  All I’m saying is Misty has traditions and traditions are traditions.

Floating the River

Today is my first time floating the river and I couldn’t be more excited. I’ve been wanting to do this for a long time now. It just that every time I’ve been invited for some reason or another I’m not able to make it. Floating the river also happens to be on my Austin Bucket List so today I can finally check this one off.

Misty and Matt

Man whoever is running the show has to be laughing all the way to the bank everyday. There were thousands of people out today, each one with a rented floating device that runs about $30 each, then there’s parking and I think if you bring your own floaty you have to pay admission, that’s what I heard anyway, don’t quote me on that.

Ray and Minnesota

Ray warned me to not bring my Canon G9. What kind of monster would wanna separate an Asian and her camera? Well my Sancho was right. I mean, I put the camera in a zip lock bag and that bag in another zip lock bag. It brings me great sadness and sorrow to let you know that these will be the last of the photos taken from my G9. May she RIP. I will always love you. I’m gonna take some time to pour some for my homey right now.

Floating the River

Stolen Photo

This photo I stole from some site. Hey just cause you write all over it doesn’t mean I won’t take it.

Downtown Fun

We went bar hopping out on 6th St. and around later that night because that is where you take people when they visit. Misty has some friends out here so we met up with them.

Downtown Fun

Oh yeah, Happy Anniversary babe. I love you.

Downtown Fun

Downtown Fun

Downtown Fun

Alright Misty is having too much fun and I’m upset because the shoes I wore are so not comfy and I was excited to wear them because I totally thought they were gonna be these comfy ass heels. Even walking in them was awkward for me. Stupid shoes.

What, no no Minnesota is totally fine. Carry on, carry on. Well that about ends our weekend. Told you it was a good one. The next day headed back to where they came from. Thanks guys. Well have to do it again.

Green Belt

Been trying to see more of my friend Brandy lately. There’s really no reason for us to not hang out more. I love her to pieces and we don’t even live that far away. Today we went to Green Belt, pretty cool because you know what, it’s on my Austin Bucket List. I’m sure Ray and I have hiked small parts of green belt in the past but it’s 8 miles long and there’s so many cool parts that we haven’t seen. Today I’m definitely at one of the cooler parts that’s cool enough for Green Belt to be check off my Austin Bucket List.

Brandi and Jacob

This is her son Jacob. He looks like a little turtle poking his head out of the water.


This is probably as close as I’m going to get to having a beach.

Green Belt

Green Belt

There’s even a rope swing here.

Green Belt

I’m kinda lame but I didn’t want to do it, but here’s a video of Brandi going balls to the walls.

You see it’s just that yeah, this place is great but Brandi made the mistake of taking me “treasure hunting” before we came and basically it’s all I thought about the whole time. So it wasn’t long until we left Green Belt to do more “treasure hunting.” Jacob wanted to go home, but I bribed him with ice-cream to come with us. Check out my new treasure I found today, this antique chair. Can you believe someone just threw this away.



I swear, this treasure hunting thing is my favorite new hobby.

Check, check, check. That’s right today is a productive “things to do in Austin” check list day. Don’t you just love it when your being productive and having fun all at the same time? We started the day off with brunch at Chez Zee. The name is kinda awkward for me, but they are known for their decadent desserts and we all know I’m one to whore my mouth out to all things desserts. I first discovered Chez Zee at the San Marcos Bridal Extravaganza. The cake they had there was orgasmic. It was like multiply love explosions in my mouth. When I went back for seconds I left with a handful of third, fourth and fifths in my hand and I was smart enough to take a business card with me. Well, it’s been what, like 4 long months now and today is the day Chez Zee and I reunite and I couldn’t be more pumped.

And that is how you do breakfast kids. At least that’s how before you have kids so that you don’t create any bad habits for the kiddos. Crappers, it’s not as amazing as I had remembered. What happened Chez Zee? Oh well, I guess we weren’t meant to be. I’m sure it’s for the best, besides, we’re moving to Dallas anyhow. Yes, you heard me right. We are moving. There’s been talk of Ray and I moving to Dallas and the rumors are true. The last day of August is the last time we declare our residency in Austin. I mean, if you want to know the truth, I think Austin is over-rated. There I said it. I’ve been holding back for awhile because I don’t want to offend anyone, but seriously, who reads my blog anyway. Maybe some random Austinite might one day accidentily stumble upon my blog, and perhaps find me offensive, but really, why hold back for peeps I don’t know. Besides, my friend Shane would have wanted it this way. He appreciates opinionated Doe. Well now you know why we’ve been working so hard at checking things off our Austin list. Not really sure if I would consider Chez Zee on that list, but lets just say it was so we can move the hell on.

After Chez Zee we headed to 360 Bridge Overlook.

photo by Treyerice

Photos like this make be want to renounce any negative claims I made about Austin. Wow, what an amazing photo I wish I had taken. I actually found the photo on Flickr from a gentleman named Treyerice. Here, check out his Austin set. I’m gonna have to buy some of his stuff. Well, 360 Bridge Overlook was definitely on our list. Just a short hike up this hill,

And you get this great view of Lake Austin.

Treyerice’s photo explains it prettier. Man I really need to get my wide angle lens.

photo by Treyerice

In my defense it was a gloomy day folks. Here’s Ray taking a photo with his iPhone so he can Tweet about it.

If you didn’t know, I’m also a photo whore.

Us, being stupid cute.

Ray enjoying the view.

After taking in our marvalous view we kept right on trekking up the path.

Until we were over it and decided to go canoeing instead.

Which also happens to be on our list. Boy, we’re just on a roll today.

Actuality canoeing had already been checked off the list a long time ago. We went shortly after we got married with my friend Becky and some of her friends and their friends that live here in Austin. I don’t even remember what they look like. Guess I should have taken a photo.

Well I remember it being super fun which is why I wanted to go again before we moved. But today was kind of a drag. My husband’s not really built for the outdoors and apparently I’m not so coordinated at rowing and those two factors makes for a lousy time and grumpy husband. Sucks because I really was looking forward to this. I guess the key is to come with a group of friends next time.

So many turtles.

Another day at the office for Ray.

Finally on our way back.

We went home and got ready for The Republic Of Texas Biker Rally (ROT Biker Rally). The ROT Rally is the Biggest Motorcycle Rally in Texas. There were more than 60,000 participants last year so we can only imagine what it will be like this year. Ray and I didn’t go last year, but we’re definitely going this year. Any event that brings in retarded amounts of people to Austin gets a free pass right to my Austin Bucket List as far as I’m concerned.

Hello ROT Rally!

I use to think that the ROT Rally stood for Riders of Texas, which makes more sense to me because there’s every imaginable kind of motorcycle here.


How funny, SXSW was like in March. Looks like someone is trying to save money on banners. Hum, they much be Chinese.

SXSW Sign For ROT Rally

Alright, so I know it’s silly but the way I gauge a bike is by the comfort of the back seat. I’m pretty sure it’s because I know if I ever get to ride a bike like this it will have to be in the back seat so I want me a comfy one.

Comfy Back Seat Bike, I Likey

Soon enough hunger declared it’s victory on us and we had no choice but to surrender at The Jackalope. At the time we actually considered ourselves fortunate to have found a table and one right by the window even

The Jackalope

We should have known it was too good to be true because The Jackalope sucks sweaty chode. And yes, I just said chode. Service was crap. The place wasn’t that big and there was like 6 servers. Seriously, I could run circles around them. The chips were stale. We got our food 45 minutes after we had ordered and it was awful. So when the table next to us got sat Ray goes, “we should warn them.” And I go, “do it, I wish someone would had for us.” So he does, and they get up and leave, buy some pizza right outside, walks to the window and thanks us. Man, their pizza looked so darn satisfying compared to our crappy plates and the worst part is they probably paid no more than 5 bucks while we’re stuck with a 50 dollar bill.

Oh, yeah, I forgot to mention, Kris was with us too.

Kris Semmler

More comfy back seat bikes.

Comfy Back Seat Bikes

Comfy Back Seat Bikes

This chick was just a hot mess.

Hot Mess Chick

Lots of people out tonight.

Crowded Night

Cute couple.

Cutest Couple Ever

Bikes everywhere!

ROT Rally

Even bikes with training wheels. Some broad was whoring out her son for tips. I took a photo and left no tip. Here’s my tip, get a fucking job you dumb cunt.

No Tip For You!

No really, by the time Ray told me I was suppose to tip them I had already walked away.  Look one kid is totally working it while the other is totally mortified. I bet he’s thinking, God please don’t let me run into anyone from school. Poor kid. Now I feel bad for not tipping.

State Capital and more bikes.

State Capital

Well that’s it folks. I’m so ready to go home. I gotta say, today was a good day.

I mean seriously, who brings a camera along while jogging? Asians do that’s who. And I’m full bread bitch. Odds are I’m probably taking a photo right now.

But really, our neighborhood is right across the street from Old Settlers Park. It’s a really charming park packed with tons of baseball fields, a disc golf course, a sweet pond loaded with ducks and fish and a really nice trail, perfect for jogging or walking. If you come out early enough you can catch sun rise here. Back when I use to jog like 13 miles a day I got a chance to see it. It’s pretty stunning.

Hill Country Excursion

Hill Country Excursion

We’ve moved to Austin about 8-9 months ago and it suddenly dawned on me that we have yet to take advantage of it’s beautiful county side so when Ray asked me what I wanted to do today I said, “let’s go to Mount Bonnell.” I looked it up on line and soon we were out the door.

Hill Country Excursion

Hill Country Excursion

I expected a long vigorous hike, but it was lots of stairs up and then a really nice view of Lake Travis instead. But who could be disappointed with a view like this.  Just looking at the lake made me so excited for summer to get here so we could finally put our boat to good use. Man, would I love to have a vacation getaway here. I mean seriously, check out the size of some of those homes.

Hill Country Excursion

Hill Country Excursion

There was a little bit of a hike though, but don’t expect a workout unless your fat and out of shape. With benches and tables it’s a perfect place to pack a lunch and just enjoy the scenery. I kinda wish I would of found this place before Ray’s birthday so I had some place nice and free for us to drive to in the awesome Ram Charger I gave him.

Hill Country Excursion

Hill Country Excursion

After Mount Bonnell we went on a excursion through the beautiful Hill Country and boy am I glad we did. The drive was gorgeous and really made us thing about getting our hands on some acres out here. It’s so nice to know we live so close to all this.

Hill Country Excursion

Hill Country Excursion

Honey, get off your damn iPhone, your on my time right now, sheesh!

Hill Country Excursion

Hill Country Excursion

Family day wouldn’t be complete without Kola.

Hill Country Excursion

Hill Country Excursion

Messing around with the camera, as I always do.

Hill Country Excursion

Hill Country Excursion

Litter bug. Hey, “don’t mess with Texas,” that means don’t fucking litter you selfish bastard or I’m gonna donkey punch your ass.

Hill Country Excursion

Hill Country Excursion

Ray and iPhone.

Hill Country Excursion

Hill Country Excursion

Kola found a dead fish. Gross!

Hill Country Excursion

Hill Country Excursion

The happy couple.

Hill Country Excursion

Hill Country Excursion

I found a small wooden post sticking out of the ground and laid my camera atop it for a family photo.

Hill Country Excursion

Hill Country Excursion

Yippie Kai Yay!

Hill Country Excursion

Hill Country Excursion

Hip hip hooray!

Hill Country Excursion

Hill Country Excursion

Or as my best bud Jack MFD would put it, “Dunt da da dun . . . Fuck Yeah!

Hill Country Excursion

Hill Country Excursion

Waiting on me.

Hill Country Excursion

Hill Country Excursion

It was a good day.

My Favorite Guys

My Favorite Guys

The weekend came and were headed upstate to Syracuse where Ray and I finally got to meet Sue, D.J. and all their lovely offspring.

This is baby Judah. He’s the newest addition to the Rose family and he’s also Bea’s Godchild. I think I love him.

Yes Kola, I love you too.

D.J. is the owner of a very cool tattoo shop called Halo Tattoos.

I got a free T-shirt just for coming.

Can you spot Kola?

The crazy boys.

Sue’s can cook a mean meal.

Everybody agrees, it’s delrishious!

Gay boys like to snuggle on the couch.

Scrabble fun.

Early next morning Bea and I had our priorities straight. We headed straight to the ATM and patiently waited for our husbands to hand over some funds for our flee market extravaganza. It was amazing.

Later on that day we took a road trip to Ithaca. Ithaca’s gangster, at least that’s what I read somewhere once, Think it was on a T-shirt.

Shortstop Deli, an incredible place to get sandwiches. Ray couldn’t wait to come here.

Sue is beautiful and breast feeding.

My happy dance. You taking notes Guav?

It wouldn’t be the same without Kola.

I’m like so vintage.

My Be-Bot.

Ray loves sandwiches.

This is where Bea and Guav got married.

It was breathtaking.

I heard a troll lives somewhere up here.

Heart hug.

Guav’s the man.

I like it here.

The foxy ladies.

D.J. and sleepy Judah.

Fuck Yeah!

Very nice.


Alone and deserted. Photo by Guav.

Just chilling.

Wish they lived closer.

Me and my husband.

Onward Bilbo Baggins

Love it.



Fall time fun.

Bea is literally trying to knock Ray in his ass. Get him Bea, get him good.

GuavMom. She’s a sweetheart.

Mother and son.

Bringing the night to an end at a local cafe.

Awesome photo of Bea and Guav.

Ray is a man of mystery.

Sue and D.J. drove back home that night and we did too. The End.

If you know me well, then you’d know that one of my favorite things to do is going hiking.  I just love the outdoors, the fresh air, marking my territory on the great open plane, getting dirty as hell and having an excuse not to shower. What could be better.

On the internet it rated this hike 4 1/2 stars.  Pretty good considering that it was out of five.  It also said that this hike was an easy 3 miles and has a waterfall.  Well, at first we ended  up following random strangers that led us in the direction of the lake.  No waterfall here.

Anyhow, after our short hike down the lake Ray guided us in the right direction.

There was a small stream, and at the end we saw where there would of been a waterfall had there been rainfall.  Not much rain lately so no waterfall for us.

So we hiked our happy asses back to the car and drove home.

Lana\'s place me and Ray

Ray and I arrived on the 29th of April and stayed in Southern California for about 3 weeks. A lot has happened in these three long weeks and I feel like I need to give everyone an update. We’ve been Chung house hoping a lot. First it was Momma Chung’s house, then Lien Chung’s house, to Lana Chung’s house, back Lien Chung’s house and back to Lana Chung’s house. Did ya’ll get all that? Try saying that 10 times in a row. It took a while for our vehicle to arrive so for the first two weeks and we were either stranded or relying on someone to pick us up and drop us off. We went to a bunch of malls, Target, and got home cooked meals from Mama Chung. Lien had a house leaving party and invited all the Chungs to come, and when I say all the Chungs, I mean, my aunts uncles, and cousins so Ray got a chance to meet a lot of them for the first time.


We even got to see Sianna, my favorite and only niece, in action at her gymnastic class.

Sianna In Gymnastics II from Doan Chung on Vimeo.

Sianna At Gymnastics from Doan Chung on Vimeo.

On the first day at Lana’s the whole family had a really nice stroll down the beach and later we all had dinner out on the patio.

patio dinner

riding bikes

During the next few days at Lana’s we rode bikes, had margaritias and lots of wine, went to their friend, Dave’s lake house and rode dirt bikes and wake board.

wake board

relaxing with kola

ray wakes

My sad attempted at wake boarding.

Doan’s Failed Attempted at Wake Boarding from Doan Chung on Vimeo.

If at first you don’t succeed try try try again.

Another Sad Attempted at Wake Boarding from Doan Chung on Vimeo.

A view of the bike killer bike track.

A Look At The Dirt Bike Track Behind The Lake House from Doan Chung on Vimeo.

ray rides

Ray road on the track this time.

Ray’s First Time On the Dirt Track from Doan Chung on Vimeo.

I ride


On Mother’s Day we all ordered way too much food and went back to Mama’s house. Ray and I went home with Lien that night.


The night before my parents and little sister’s vacation we all went out to a really nice Korean restaurant and I had the best beef I’ve ever had. Oh my God it was so good, like orgasmic good. The whole time I was like, “baby, this is so good, you gotta try this, oh, wait you don’t eat beef. Oh, my God baby, this is sooo good.”


Anyhow, the next day we finally picked up our car, which was a total bitch to get to because we got lost and were on foot. We seriously had to jump fences, cross several freeways, walk down railroad tracks and get pulled over by two cops only to find out when we got there that we should of just taken the Passport Bus because it takes us right to them for free.

getting the car

The next day my parents and Selena went on vacation. Sianna had a school musical that we went to.

Sianna at Her School Musical from Doan Chung on Vimeo.

Sianna’s School Musical from Doan Chung on Vimeo.

and later Bea and Guav fly in. After we pick them we’re heading back to Lana’s house. Anyhow, there you have it. I really tried to wrap it up in a nutshell but as you can see a lot has happened since we’ve been here. Oh, our crazy life. Oh, I forgot to add, Ray started eating beef again.

ray eats beef