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The first time I met Stephanie was at Ray’s High School Reunion. Stephanie is one of those people that just draws you. She’s funny, vibrant, and so energetic, you know kinda like myself. I knew we were destined to be great friends. Well that was over a year ago and now that I live in Dallas I thought it was a fine time to rekindle our friendship. When she suggested the wine festival I knew she was a keeper.


I don’t know where she got this mask but I do know right about now we’ve had a lot of wine. Man, I gotta go to these wine festivals more often. I mean everywhere we turned there was someone ready to poor me a new glass of wine. The place was packed like a concentration camp and still you didn’t have to wait any longer than a few minutes for a fresh glass. Hundreds of different wines everywhere and food samples as well. It was like a dream.


Well, I’m so glad I got back in touch with Stephanie and Caleb’s not so bad too. Ray seems to like him. I’m certain this is the start of a beautiful friendship. Yay!

I heart sushi

Just having some sushi before we have to work another SocialFly Photobooth event. Think we’re doing a sweet 16 party tonight.

I heart sushi

Above is suppose to be baked crab on top a bed of California rolls but Ray and I believe it’s craw fish and not crab, sneaky sneaky.

I heart sushi

I heart sushi

Ray hearts sushi

I heart sushi

Dallas Fair 2010

Wow, I can’t believe the fair is here already. Has it really been a year? Holy shit does time fly by. Last year was my first time at the Dallas Fair. Gotta admit I was pretty disappointed. I guess the fair is so much grander when your a kid. I remember parking was a bitch but not this year. We live just a hop, skip and jump away from the fair now.

Dallas Fair

The Dallas Fair is known for coming up with the wildest concoctions of fried shit. This year the new thing was fried frito pie. Yeah, takes awhile but the more you ponder on it the more intriguing it becomes.

Dallas Fair

See this is another reason why I hate the fair. All we got was a measly 4 pieces. What a rip. It’s not like I’m poor, but I definitely like to get my moneys worth. This  just makes me feel bad for all the struggling parents out there that want to give their kids a real Dallas fair experience. It’s just not possibly with just a little bit of money. Fucked up.

Dallas Fair

And this is a frito pie. I don’t like to eat meat but even I had to give it a try and it was actually pretty good. It’s not like I could eat a whole bucket of them but it was tasty little critter.

Dallas Fair

Next, fried Texas caviar . . . just kidding. I don’t even want to know.

I had initially wanted to buy a turkey leg just so I could walk around the fair all day with a ginormous turkey leg in my hand however when push came to shove my wallet talked me out of it. Oh the random stupid shit I would do if I were rich. Although, Ray did get one and we had quite the photo shoot.

This is probably an old ride but it’s the first I’ve seen of it. Looks cool at first but the more you stare at it the more boring it looks, just round and round and round and round.

Dallas Fair

I gotta admit, I’m just interested in the food. I got me some fried ice cream that sucked balls and Ray got fried cheese stick that too sucked balls.

Dallas Fair

Last year we didn’t go on any rides so this year I thought we should go on a few. We went on one in the beginning and then another one before we left. Worst idea ever. Lets just say we left the fair sicker than ever. We even had to stop and sit to gather ourselves. Dude, are we really just that old or does the fair just suck dirty donkey dick?

Dallas Fair

Me and My Mom

I got a call from my oldest sister Lien one night that made my heart drop to the floor. I can’t really go too in depth about the issue; just personal family bull shit. Ray booked a ticket for me to get on the earliest morning flight back to the sunshine state.

More of the Chung Family

So glad I got to see my aunt and uncle, even if it was for a bit.  Love them to pieces.

Dim Sum Here I Come

Oh, and you know it wouldn’t be a complete California trip without dim sum.

Dim Sum!

Dim Sum!

Dim Sum!


I also got kidnapped by my sister Lien and with that came a long overdue one on one time with my favorite niece, Sianna. Every time I see her she looks so much older and too beautiful for her own good. Just looking at these photos gives me anxiety.

@ Young Frankenstein Musical

Even though it was an emergency trip I did try to make the most of it by spending every minute I could with my family. Living in Texas makes me realize how much they mean to me.  Lien bought 4 tickets to the musical, Young Frankenstein. It was awesome. I love musicals, well, almost all musicals. I hated Rent.

Lunch in So Cal

Had lunch the next day. What a beautiful day. I love southern California.

At the Driving Range

Sianna had golf lessons so Lien and hit the driving range to kill some time.

Comedy Club

One of my favorite things to do is go to a comedy club. Seriously, who doesn’t love a good laugh? I know a more of us could use one.  As soon as Lien saw that we were seated right in front she instantly wanted to move for fear of getting picked on. She says shes prone to it at comedy clubs and sure enough she got picked on. The guy was hilarious though. I laughed my ass off tonight.

me and my big sis

The next day we went to a dumpling house for lunch. I took full advantage of the amazingly retarded good food in Cali. Chinese food’s just not the same in Texas. Oh California, why did I leave you again?


Got to see a lot of Mahjong. I think my mom’s happiest when she’s playing.


Ate damn good on this trip.

Seafood tofu clay pot

Tearing up some Asian shaved ice

Well, it started off bad but ended well. Don’t think I’m coming back for the holidays because my mom will be leaving for Asia soon to meet up with my dad so I’m so glad I got to come down and see everyone, well except for Lana and my dad. I didn’t get to see them but I had a blast anyhow. Love my family, love California, and love to eat.

Sky Bar

I’m a candy slut. I whore my mouth out to candies of all types and once I’ve had a taste I lose interest in them, unless of course they managed to strike my fancy. Today I got the opportunity to try this new candy bar called the Sky Bar. It’s four decadent pieces each fill with a different treat. Perfect for those of us that get board easily, like me.


This is one of the easiest, and satisfying dishes I make for breakfast and it’s good for you. Ray loves it and actually requests it often. Just yogurt, granola, diced fruit and then drizzled with honey. Good stuff!

Doughnuts @ Gourdough's

Alright, I have never been much of a doughnuts kind of gal. Yeah, I know weird coming from the queen of sweets. I do however commend whoever invented the doughnut because every time I was chastised for having cake in the morning my response was simply, “it’s no better than having doughnuts in the morning.”

Doughnuts @ Gourdough's

My friend Chad told me about this place and I just had to see for myself what all the hype was about. Gourdough’s is a food trailer nestled on a lot on South Lamar. That’s one of the many things I love about Austin, all the fabulous trailer park eatery’s this town has to offer. I think Ray and I came on the hottest day ever; no one was here. I mean seriously who wants to eat a hot fried doughnut smothered in sugary goodness on a hot ass summer day anyway? We do, that’s who bitches. After scanning the menu I instantly got turned on. They had doughnuts with bacon and maple syrup icing and  Canadian bacon with cream cheese & jalapeno jelly. Not that I would ever order either one of these but I’m just saying we’re not in Kansas anymore Toto.

Doughnuts @ Gourdough's

That’s it, Gourdough’s is officially added to my Austin Bucket List. Anyone that comes to Austin needs to try this place for themselves.

I love days like this, where your just free to go where the wind takes you. Well we’re taking full advantage of it and being productive at the same time by checking off our Austin list and we’re starting it off at Juan in a Million. Juan in a Million is an iconic business in Austin. As a matter of fact, Man VS Food has even been there. This is how Adam prepares for Juan In a Million.

After watching Juan in his element it really doesn’t surprise me anymore that Juan in a Million is so successful. I think if your a business owner you should make a trip over to Juan for some breakfast tacos, ask for a seat by the front door and watch Juan work his magic. He stands by the door and literally greets each and every guest that walks through. It’s almost as if everyone that walks through is family because that’s how he makes them feel. Shit, I’m not gonna lie, that’s how he made us feel and I totally knew what he was up to. He totally won our hearts and before we left Ray and I are like, “we gotta come back.” Seriously, it’s just breakfast tacos, eggs, cheese, flour tortilla, but Juan’s infectious energy makes you think they tastes so good. I started my morning off with tres leches. It was good but doesn’t come close to Chuy’s tres leches.

Ray and his big ass breakfast tacos.

And mine, just like I like em, potatoes and eggs, but damn it, I always forget to ask for corn tortillas!

Well Juan In A Million considered yourself checked. Check! Next is IMAX theater to watch Shrek in 3D.

After the movies we start to get hungry again so we head over to Carlos’ and Charlie’s, which also happens to be on our list. Check!

Well, the food is not amazing and the service sucks elephant butt. I suggest you come here for the pretty sunsets.