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SocialFly Photobooth Rentals was scheduled to be at the Houston Low Rider Car Show. As you all know I’m no fan of Houston. Now I know there’s a lot of money in Houston. I mean we’ve been rented out to do some bad ass private parties and sweet 16 parties. From what I gather, you either got money in Houston or your ghetto. Houston’s Dub Car Show last year well that was pretty ghetto but it had nothing on This year’s Houston Low Rider Car Show.

Oh Houston, you are a ghetto bitch.

Dharma In The Works

It’s been about two long months since we brought Dharma home so I’m sure all of you are wondering what the status is. Well here’s a run down.

Dharma In The Works

We found this guy named Jason on Craigs List to rebuild us an engine. Comes to find out that Jason is also friends with some of Ray’s old friends. Man it really is a small world isn’t it?

Dharma In The Works

Since then the boys have been working on the bus together.

Dharma In The Works

Jason’s been over the house a quite a bit these days.

Dharma In The Work

I think Ray found a new BFF.

Dharma In The Works

So far Dharma has received a brand new engine. We decided to leave her at Jason’s house in Austin so he could finish working her brakes, which he just did.

Dharma In The Works

Here the boys are loading her up so we can transport her to Jason’s garage.

Dharma In The Works

This Sunday we decided that we’re gonna head back to Austin to bring my baby home. Ray found a shop he wants to bring Dharma to so they can start working on her body and paint. Soon very soon my baby is gonna look pretty.

Look what Ray spotted on roof of Chung-Lee (my Scion) today. It looks like a  bug just kamikazed itself right into my car; the top half just disintegrated while the bottom half stuck to my car. Kinda cool and gross at the same time. But what’s even cooler are these classic cars we spotted on our drive back home. Yeah, we had to stop to check them out.

Ray's Hot Rod

Chevy Bel Air

I Likey

Ray's Hot Rod

One day babe, one day.

In Huston for business. SocialFly has a quincietta event but since were here we mine as well visit our good friends Marcos. He has a new home that we’ll be staying in tonight. The next day we all went to the Houston Dub Car Show. Heard it was something stupid like 40 bucks to get in but Ray got the hook up from Hack Shack and we all got in for free. Free, I love that word.

Sweet! Low rider bikes. I know I’m so gangsta but can’t help it I love em.

This one is definitely one of my faves. Love the graphics but I think my favorite part is the sweet velvet curtains. Kinda makes me wish I had my dream car, a VW Bus just so I can hang up some curtains.

Hey, a concert up in here. Dim the lights, let’s get our dance on.

I’m pretty sure this is Nelly’s car.

Even had some dancers. They had no ass but still nice eye candy.

Oh my god Becky, look at her butt. Its so big. She looks like one of those rap guys girlfriends. I mean her butt. It’s just so big. I can’t believe it’s so round. It’s just out there.

Play for 5 minutes and get a free T-Shirt. Sounds like a pretty sweet deal to me.

Glad I we got in free and even more glad there were finally slutty models at this car show. Houston, your still a ghetto bitch, but I love you anyways.

On the drive home Kola sleeps with a photo of us. Awe, my heart is warm n fuzzy.

Ray and I have been all about going to car shows lately. I’m still pretty new to the car show scene but I can pretty much guarantee that Austin’s Lonestar Round up will forever be on the top of my car show list. I’m a huge sucker for vintage cars and boy were there a plethora of sexy vintage cars today. Being here makes me desperately long to have one of my own. One day, I know, one day in due time, but as for now I’ll just have to admire them from the other side. There were so many sweet cars that I can’t help to feel slightly guilty when I pick one to put up on my blog over the other, but here goes.

My dream is to have an old vintage car like the one above and below as a family car. So sick.

I’m in love with the flames on this on.

Some dude was free-styling pin art, gotta appreciate that.

Another family car. Can’t help it, I just love em.

Here’s my bad ass Sunday drive car.

And this one is Ray’s.

Here’s Ray’s hot rod. I’m not into them as much as he is but I still dig it.

And this one will be our company vehicle we’ll use to pull the photobooths.

So many sexy cars today.

We drove up to Dallas to watch Nycole’s Performance but since we’re here we mine as well stay and catch the AutoRamo Car Show.

Now if you know me well enough, then you’d know I’m more into vintage cars than I am newer ones.

This is the kind of hunting that Ray and I do. Get that Doe baby!

Ray’s a truck guy. I think it’s a Mexican thing or a Texas thing or both, either way, he can’t help it.

But I think we both could agree on this one. I love it. As a matter of fact we ended up seeing this same one in a few magazines.

These models were the only hot chicks I saw today. How unfortunate.

I’m also a sucker for muscle cars. They’re just sexy.

But I think my favorite of the day had to be this one.

Shut up I don’t give a damn what you think. I just have this obsession with doors. Talk about a family vehicle.

Ray likes the hot rods. Me, not so much. Sorry baby. It’s just not my thing.

But I am a fan of this motorcycle. I have this thing with comfy motorcycle seats. I think it’s cause I want to be comfy while someone else rides me. Yep I know, “that’s what she said.”

Well I’d have to say it was another good day.