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Meetup @ Mrs. Wormelys

I spent half the day at Mrs. Wormley’s place today sewing my heart out. My sewing teacher is the cutest lady. I adore her.

Seems like that list of things to do in Austin I have is getting shorter and shorter by the day. Well, another to check off the list is visiting Blanton Museum of Art. Before we headed in though we stopped by the cafeteria and then to the gift store where I got to take this sweet bike on a test ride.

The seat was too high and made it kinda hard to ride but besides that it was pretty fucking sweet and I so want one. The bike is super light and I should have videoed it because you can totally fold the bike up to fit in your pocket, well, not that small but you get the point. Lets move on.

Pretty sweet place. This is why I love museums. If I were alone I could stay here all day just reading about each and every piece of art but I’m not and I hate feeling rushed or making others wait for me so I just skim the art.

Okay, I’m not gonna lie, I’m not a fan and I don’t get it. I feel like my 3 year old kid, had I had one, could do this. I especially hate it when people try to act like they understand it, like they’re so much deeper, intelligent and important than everyone else. Please, someone just threw a bunch of colors on a piece of canvas. It probably took them less than 5 minutes. However I do applaud them for taking advantage of the stupid and getting rich off it. In that sense, kudos to you.

Bones and pennies. The question is who’s bones do these belong to?

This one I like because I feel like it’s something Ray and I could do and put up in our house; a big chalkboard. Dig it!

Now here’s some of my favorite art from today.

Head on a platter.

Boobs on a platter.

Big head on a stand.

There was more but my stupid camera ran out of batteries. Oh well.

With my sewing teacher Mrs. Wormley on my last day of sewing class. Together we finished my new bag after everyone left. Yeah, I got some one on one action with Mrs. Wormley. What!

Look I even sewed in an inside pocket for my phone. Ah, so cute. I love it and I can’t believe all the rave reviews I’m getting from everyone. Thanks for all the love guys.

This is my teacher Mrs. Wormily teaching us how to sew on a zipper.

I’ve been totally enraptured by this new hobby. I swear I don’t think about anything else these days. The other day I finally attempted to hem up the pile of jeans I had set aside. Finally!

I can’t help it, I’m really proud of myself. Next, I’m gonna tackle that apron I’ve been wanting. I took a photo of this one  for inspiration the other day. It’s so darling. I want it.

Recently I’ve been feeling unsatisfied with life, with me, with just a lot of things. I’ve decided that 2010 is the year that I start to invest in myself. I have so many passions and hobbies that I’ve always planned on being skilled in but things haven’t worked out according to plan for me. I’m ready to make things happen. Of course I would love to knock out everything that I ever dreamed of doing, but lets face it, I have freaking expensive passions, not to mention I don’t have enough time in my week to take it all on even if I wanted to so I’m taking baby steps and the first one is Beginning Sewing Class at Austin Community College. I’ve always wanted to learn how to sew, not because I want to be a fashion designer or anything, but really just for me. I can’t tell you how many jeans I have in my closet just begging to be hemmed.
On the first day of school I took a picture of my teacher’s sewing machine. Can you believe how old it looks? Crazy! Well as soon as I learn how to whip my sewing machine into submission I’m going to sew me one of these fancy aprons.

Seriously how darling are these! I can just see me slaving in the kitchen now. Can you say domesticated diva!

It’s the weekend and now it’s time to spend our money frivolously on things we don’t need. First we headed to the mall in Jersey. Bea and Guav have been in the market for a new bed for quite some time now so when passed by a bed store we had no choice but to stop and check things out.

Um . . . yes I did say Guav and Bea, not Guav and Ray.

Dun da da dunnn . . . Fuck Yeah, we’re GAY!

The next day we decided to make our way to the city.

Grab your shades everyone and lets get going.

On our way to the Light Rail Bea kicks Guav’s ass.

Right on Bea.

Waiting to get on the subway.

I have no idea of what Ray is doing. None whatsoever.

For brunch Bea and Guav took us to a yummy vegan dim sum restaurant.

It was delrishious.

After lunch we just roamed the streets like fearless rebels without a cause.

Ray was on a mission to find this painting by Banksy, some graffiti artist he really likes so he could take a photo with his camera.

I took this photo on the way to the airport when we dropped Ben off at the airport. Pretty bad ass.

He wasn’t able to find it but to his delight he did stumble upon the other one of the two.

Right on!


Guav is waiting outside.

Love is in the air.

Bea – “Guav I really like this couch.”

I like it too.

It’s so comfy.

Guav – “Bea is buying a lot of stuff.

I don’t know if this constitutes as a hat, it’s more like a scarf for my head.

On our way back home.