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It’s Scot’s birthday and his lovely wife, Shawna, is throwing him a super hero party. How fun is that? I finally get a chance to wear my ninja mask. Yesss! And it just so happens that Ray has a Mexican wrestler mask lying around. How cool are we?

Cosmo as came as Super Hyperwear and Suzi dressed as Butterfly fairy princess.

Tim as Disco Dude and his wife, Tonya, as Disco Dudette.

Jessy came as Donatello from Ninja Turtles.

The Incredible Hulk.

My hubby and Indiana Jones.

Awe shucks.


Taking a break from fighting crime.

I challenge you Superman . . .

Ninja vs Ninja

Vengeance is mine.

Apparently Tim blames his reckless chair dancing on me and like 8  jello shots.

Scott and Shawna are just too cute.

But I guess we’re pretty darn cute too.

What a night. With all the jello shots I took I’m surprised I didn’t get wasted. I can’t wait till the next costume party. Maybe well have to have it at our place next?

Ray and I have been working out at this place called Catz, a hardcore training facility geared toward athletes.  It’s been really great because not only have we been getting great workouts but we also met some awesome friends in the process. All the trainers here are super talented and not to mention cool as fuck. Our friend Cosmo and Suzi founders and owner of Hyper Wear created this weight vest. Unlike other vests, it’s not bulky or ulgy, which is the reasons why I have never even considered wearing one before. They also created this sand bell that I’m holding up in the photo, (It was my first sand bell fill so I had to document it). We use them in almost every work out and they have been selling out like hot cakes to random schools and such. Ray’s been involved by redesigning their site. Check it out and while your there buy a vest.