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Today we have an event in Galveston, TX located about 4 hours away from Austin. Yeah, I know that seems a bit far but we’re a couple of rookies when it comes to road trips.

Since it was a themed event we only used props that we’re appropriate for the event.

This is my scrapbook corner.

Their wedding was a 1950’s themed event hosted in an old Victorian style home. Everyone was dressed like they were straight out of an old classic movie. How fun. We were told that all the pictures were to be taken in black and white. Awesome, that’s my favorite photo setting.

Chris is working the booth.

This is usually how the booth looks during the ceremony, empty.  Since Galveston is located along the coast and we we’re located outside the mosquitoes had a field day with us. Never before had I felt more like a human buffet. Luckily someone let us borrow some bug repellent.


They had the most delicious popcorn out on display for all to snack on. Blueberry cheesecake, that was my fave.

The beautiful bride and her bridesmaids.

Some photos from the event.

Meagan and Adam, married 9-20-09