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The Qur’an begins with the Surat al-Fatiha, which contains the phrase “Maliki yawmi din” meaning Master of the Judgment Day, referring to Allah. Fox news briefly reported that 70% of the Yazidis have perished in Northern Iraq. As did mandatory automobile insurance being paid for by the State for “indigent drivers needs in legally getting to and from employment”!I know nothing of container costs, but intuition suggests metal containers MUST be more costly than plastic, thus cans surely should carry deposit requirements; yet, there is none that I know of on cans used for fruits, vegetables, and the like, only soft drinks and beer. It is rather weighty for a first post. I mean, unless these followers of “Malik” are roasting babies over a fire (or something evil like that), what makes them “evil”?

Just the name? The word “Malik” merely means king, prince, master, etc. Why is this so? Is it reasonable for plastic drink containers to carry deposit requirements? Finally, I think, IMO, a DOLLAR per container would be a much more sensible deposit requirement.