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When I think of New York I think of the Statue of Liberty. She’s just one of the great land marks that I associate with New York so when we decided that we were going to come here the number one thing on my list to do was to get inside Miss Liberty, as deep, or in this case as high as I am allowed to go and look out into the vast horizon so I could see what see sees and scream, “Dun da da dun – FUCK YEAH!.”

We took off from the port of Jersey from what once use to be an old train station. It was really cool because everything looked really historic and I envisioned how it once must of been liked. I sent Ray back to the car to get my jacket; there’s always something I forget. When he returned the security guys were dicks. I’m just glad it didn’t ruin our day because it could of easily ruined anybody else’s day.

The cruise ship brought us straight to Ellis Island, which was a nice surprise because we had no intentions of going there.

Ellis Island was cool. It’s sad but I’ve never heard of it before the movie, Hitch, with Will Smith. It’s definitely a place I would bring my family back so we all could learn about and have a greater appreciation for our history and the perseverance and hardships many had to endure to come here. It would of been great to stay longer but not today; we had 40 minutes till the last ship takes us to Miss Liberty.

Super high ceilings.

On the internet it said to give yourself a good 3 hours to be able to fully take in everything here.

Hey, they had candy for sale. Sweet!

Checking Out the Statue of Liberty through a window.

Ellis Island is pretty awesome but it was time to take off.

Don’t your worry your pretty little head, we’ll be back.

And now we’re off to see the Statue of Liberty.

Bad news. When we got there they told us that the Statue of Liberty was closed. Seriously, shouldn’t they tell us that before they take our money. It’s just so shady to take our money but not tell us it’s going to be closed when we get there. WTF!*?

So we had to choice but to shit in a brown paper bag, light it on fire and chuck it straight at Miss Liberty’s pretty little face, but the bitch was too tall so Ray did fingered her instead.

Jumping photo.

The city isn’t too far off.

Since we weren’t able to go inside of her we walked around her and took photos of her from every angle possible.

We made it back to just in time to dock.

It was windy on the ride back.

So long, fair well.

And now were back in Jersey.