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Dharma In The Works

It’s been about two long months since we brought Dharma home so I’m sure all of you are wondering what the status is. Well here’s a run down.

Dharma In The Works

We found this guy named Jason on Craigs List to rebuild us an engine. Comes to find out that Jason is also friends with some of Ray’s old friends. Man it really is a small world isn’t it?

Dharma In The Works

Since then the boys have been working on the bus together.

Dharma In The Works

Jason’s been over the house a quite a bit these days.

Dharma In The Work

I think Ray found a new BFF.

Dharma In The Works

So far Dharma has received a brand new engine. We decided to leave her at Jason’s house in Austin so he could finish working her brakes, which he just did.

Dharma In The Works

Here the boys are loading her up so we can transport her to Jason’s garage.

Dharma In The Works

This Sunday we decided that we’re gonna head back to Austin to bring my baby home. Ray found a shop he wants to bring Dharma to so they can start working on her body and paint. Soon very soon my baby is gonna look pretty.


This is how we move, 5 deep and we still have the Scion parked in the driveway filled with clothes neck high but we have to come back for that because we are short on wo/man power. Kris is driving the U-haul pulling the trailer, Ray will be behind the wheel of SUV pulling the boat and I will be driving the black truck, we call her Nequa for obvious reasons.

Hello New Home

And this is our new home in Dallas. Just looking at the pile of boxes is giving me anxiety.

Moving Dharma

And now we’re back in Round Rock. We have to meet the maids today, lawn guy, and carpet cleaners, move Dharma, and finish moving. Boy, it’s gonna be a long day.

Test Run

Ray’s taking Kris’s bike for a test drive to kill time. I don’t like seeing him on a bike. Don’t get use to this honey.

Murray Lofts

We are now officially out of Round Rock and starting a new chapter of our lives in the big D. Dallas what’s up! As much as I say I don’t like Texas, this move feels right, and I’m a definite believer of following your intuitions. Right now I’m up at the butt crack of dawn waiting on Kris to get here because we have to work an event today at Texas A&M. Wow, I don’t remember the last time I was up this early.

SocialFly Photobooth

If you take your photo and show it to the cashier you get 20% off anything Adidas today.


Met Ray up at Chuy’s in Dallas for dinner. The Chuy’s in Round Rock is a million times better but I’m not complaining because everything was free, yep our whole check because I’m amazing.

Living Dallas

And now I’m back at home on the bed in our room.

Living Dallas

It’s too late and I’m too tired to even think about unpacking so I’m gonna unwind by reading this book my big sis sent to me in the mail last week. It’s actually a really good read with an interesting perspective, through the eyes of the dog.

The Art Of Racing in The Rain

Good night guys.