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Our buddy Marco’s is down visiting and with him he brought his family. Ray’s family was also down because his cousin was playing ball here so we gathered everyone up and brought our support out to see him.

That’s his cousin up to bat.

We mingled with them a bit after the game and then parted ways.

The next day Ray had a game too. Marcos was ready to play if they needed an extra player but apparently they were good.

Boy was it a hot day.

The boys had to find ways to make the time go by faster.

I almost felt bad for being the only one with a chair and covering but hey I offered and everyone was too polite to take it out from underneath me.

Well it was a short trip and shortly after the game Marcos and his family bid us farewell. Thanks for coming out guys and even more thanks for coming out to see Ray play. I know it meant a lot to him.