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The first time I met Stephanie was at Ray’s High School Reunion. Stephanie is one of those people that just draws you. She’s funny, vibrant, and so energetic, you know kinda like myself. I knew we were destined to be great friends. Well that was over a year ago and now that I live in Dallas I thought it was a fine time to rekindle our friendship. When she suggested the wine festival I knew she was a keeper.


I don’t know where she got this mask but I do know right about now we’ve had a lot of wine. Man, I gotta go to these wine festivals more often. I mean everywhere we turned there was someone ready to poor me a new glass of wine. The place was packed like a concentration camp and still you didn’t have to wait any longer than a few minutes for a fresh glass. Hundreds of different wines everywhere and food samples as well. It was like a dream.


Well, I’m so glad I got back in touch with Stephanie and Caleb’s not so bad too. Ray seems to like him. I’m certain this is the start of a beautiful friendship. Yay!

Dallas Fair 2010

Wow, I can’t believe the fair is here already. Has it really been a year? Holy shit does time fly by. Last year was my first time at the Dallas Fair. Gotta admit I was pretty disappointed. I guess the fair is so much grander when your a kid. I remember parking was a bitch but not this year. We live just a hop, skip and jump away from the fair now.

Dallas Fair

The Dallas Fair is known for coming up with the wildest concoctions of fried shit. This year the new thing was fried frito pie. Yeah, takes awhile but the more you ponder on it the more intriguing it becomes.

Dallas Fair

See this is another reason why I hate the fair. All we got was a measly 4 pieces. What a rip. It’s not like I’m poor, but I definitely like to get my moneys worth. ThisĀ  just makes me feel bad for all the struggling parents out there that want to give their kids a real Dallas fair experience. It’s just not possibly with just a little bit of money. Fucked up.

Dallas Fair

And this is a frito pie. I don’t like to eat meat but even I had to give it a try and it was actually pretty good. It’s not like I could eat a whole bucket of them but it was tasty little critter.

Dallas Fair

Next, fried Texas caviar . . . just kidding. I don’t even want to know.

I had initially wanted to buy a turkey leg just so I could walk around the fair all day with a ginormous turkey leg in my hand however when push came to shove my wallet talked me out of it. Oh the random stupid shit I would do if I were rich. Although, Ray did get one and we had quite the photo shoot.

This is probably an old ride but it’s the first I’ve seen of it. Looks cool at first but the more you stare at it the more boring it looks, just round and round and round and round.

Dallas Fair

I gotta admit, I’m just interested in the food. I got me some fried ice cream that sucked balls and Ray got fried cheese stick that too sucked balls.

Dallas Fair

Last year we didn’t go on any rides so this year I thought we should go on a few. We went on one in the beginning and then another one before we left. Worst idea ever. Lets just say we left the fair sicker than ever. We even had to stop and sit to gather ourselves. Dude, are we really just that old or does the fair just suck dirty donkey dick?

Dallas Fair


This is how we move, 5 deep and we still have the Scion parked in the driveway filled with clothes neck high but we have to come back for that because we are short on wo/man power. Kris is driving the U-haul pulling the trailer, Ray will be behind the wheel of SUV pulling the boat and I will be driving the black truck, we call her Nequa for obvious reasons.

Hello New Home

And this is our new home in Dallas. Just looking at the pile of boxes is giving me anxiety.

Moving Dharma

And now we’re back in Round Rock. We have to meet the maids today, lawn guy, and carpet cleaners, move Dharma, and finish moving. Boy, it’s gonna be a long day.

Test Run

Ray’s taking Kris’s bike for a test drive to kill time. I don’t like seeing him on a bike. Don’t get use to this honey.

Murray Lofts

We are now officially out of Round Rock and starting a new chapter of our lives in the big D. Dallas what’s up! As much as I say I don’t like Texas, this move feels right, and I’m a definite believer of following your intuitions. Right now I’m up at the butt crack of dawn waiting on Kris to get here because we have to work an event today at Texas A&M. Wow, I don’t remember the last time I was up this early.

SocialFly Photobooth

If you take your photo and show it to the cashier you get 20% off anything Adidas today.


Met Ray up at Chuy’s in Dallas for dinner. The Chuy’s in Round Rock is a million times better but I’m not complaining because everything was free, yep our whole check because I’m amazing.

Living Dallas

And now I’m back at home on the bed in our room.

Living Dallas

It’s too late and I’m too tired to even think about unpacking so I’m gonna unwind by reading this book my big sis sent to me in the mail last week. It’s actually a really good read with an interesting perspective, through the eyes of the dog.

The Art Of Racing in The Rain

Good night guys.