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Now does this look like a face that is living it up on his birthday? Nope, this is a face that is “dealing” with another birthday. I mean really we’re here more for me than him. I’m the cupcake whore.

So it’s Ray’s 29th birthday and of course I had something up my sleeve, he’s the love of my life. I’m planning on throwing my baby a surprise birthday dinner and seriously, who wouldn’t love to have a surprise party on their birthday? While surfing the net day in and out for the prime place to host it I stumbled onto Tillman’s Roadhouse. The banquet room fit just over 20 heads, right around the same amount of people I had planned on inviting, surly it was a sign . . . or not because when I called to make the reservations the gentleman on the other line kindly stated that they were closed on Mondays. Arrrgh! Really? Well I didn’t want to waste such an awesome find so I made Reservations for Valentines Day and in desperate despair I resorted to the Blue Fish Sushi, Ray’s favorite sushi restaurant up in Dallas.

Now I don’t know if any of you have ever planned a surprise birthday, but boy are they stressful. I had planned for us to start the day off slow, maybe have breakfast with his dad, then to the Dallas Museum of Arts, kill a few good hours there, grab some coffee and then head out to dinner. Sounds brilliant right? Wrong. First we grab some food with his dad, because as far as Ray knows this is going to be the only time he gets with his pops on his birthday but for some reason his dad tells him that he’s also available for dinner too. Why? I don’t know, maybe he doesn’t under the concept of a “surprise party.” So now I have to factor in meeting his dad for dinner. I know it’s not a big deal but when you have so much to think about and you want things to be perfect, it is. So later we arrive at the museum only to find that it’s closed. Arrrgh? Seriously what the fuck is the point of Presidents Day anyway? So now we have a good 3 hours to kill and that’s exactly how we ended up at this cupcake shop.

Pretty cute, wish I could remember the name of the place.

Looks good right? Damn straight.

But does Ray really want to be here, on his birthday? What do you think? Does it look like he does. I mean he could barely squeeze out a smile for this photo.

Now throughout the day I had to watch my baby text his friends to hang out or go grab a few drinks later tonight only get shut down, on his birthday. Ouch! Of course I knew this would happen which is why I informed everyone to say they were busy (I guess dad didn’t get the memo). But watching his day go from bad to worse was heart breaking. Seriously, 7:00 can’t get here sooner. Since we had 3 hours to kill, after the cupcake shop we headed to Mocking Bird Station and shopped, or at least I did, at Urban Outfitters. Again, Ray just moped around, like a kid following his mom. Trust me I wanted to go too but where to? Arrgh again. After shopping we grabbed some coffee at Starbucks. Thank you Starbucks for being open on Presidents Day. Now this last hour is when I started to get antsy. Ray wants to get there early and grab some drinks at the bar while I’m getting texts from Kuya Ben saying so far only 6 people have arrived out of the 18 that were suppose to be there. Arrgh! While driving past the Blue Fish I was so fearful that he would see someone familiar walking up to the restaurant so I shouted, “oh, look at those houses, lets go check out the neighborhood.” And he snaps back, “I don’t want to go look at houses right now,” from frustration of doing a bunch of shit that he didn’t really want to do all day. I suggest he drops me off because I’m “cold” while he goes out in search of parking but he decides to valet instead. Awesome. When the car stops I hop out and run into what I thought was the Blue Fish but it was another restaurant right next to it.  When I realize I’m at the wrong place I rush back outside only to find my husband staring back at me like I’m a moron. So I rush into the Blue Fish and say to the host, “reservations for Dohh and Ray,” which was signal to let her know that I’m with the guest of honor but that stupid bitch goes, “the rest of the party is over there.” Arrgh, really? I wanted to rip her head off and thrash it as hard as I could right up against the wall. Anyhow, as soon as Ray heard that he put two and two together and it hit him, but luckily, just as it did, everyone stood up and shouted, “SURPRISE!”

Yeah, it was a stressful day but the look on his face made it all worth it.

And almost everyone showed up. Awesome.

Kuya Ben and Bernh.

Our favorite couple, Steven Ray and Nycole.

Brandy and Monique.

This was pops first time having sushi and he loved it.

Kris drove up all the way from Austin.

Raul and his beautiful wife, Cynthia.

Kimmy and Jacob show. It’s always so nice to see these guys.

Amet and Anthony are the shiz-nit.

Of course Kuya Ben had to show off his new camera, canon G11. Jerk.

Oh, and those amazing spring rolls Ray had boasted about, overrated.

Hope it comes true snuggle bear. I love you.

I would totally come back just for this. It was orgasmic.

After dinner I was really hoping for all of us to go out and grab a few drinks. I mean we are on Greenville, but it was Monday. So Brandy, Monique, Jeremy, who showed towards the end of dinner, Ray and I went without them.

How my husband finds new ways to multitask with the iPhone always amazes me.

Love ya babe. Happy birthday. Hope it was a good one.

Dallas here we come again. I don’t remember exactly why we drove up this time but it was a busy trip. First we met Steven at Ten on Main Street. Frank a.k.a D.J. Love was that night and I finally got to see him in action. Check it out.

Frank a.k.a D.J. Love @ Ten on Main from Doan Chung on Vimeo.

The next day we met everyone at La Cubanita.

Me and pops.

My order and it was so good.

Mable was in town, yay! Wow, they totally already look like a family.

After brunch we headed to Dallas Black Dance Theatre where Nycole teaches dance.

We got the V.I.P tour of the place and even got the see her students perform an African dance for us. Check it.

Dallas Black Dance Theatre from Doan Chung on Vimeo.

Then a bunch of us went to the mall with where we met Bernh and her family for movie time fun.

For dinner we went to Benihana or was it Kobe steak house?

The next day we ate at some well known burger joint.

But the best part of our trip was going to Sprinkles. Can you believe I never heard about this place until today?

It was amazing.

And later we went out for Vietnamese, another one of my favorites.

The next morning we took pops out to Cafe Brazil.

Ray’s food.

My food. What can I say, I like salads.

Dinner @ Alo in Dallas

Dinner @ Alo in Dallas

So Ben calls in the morning, “I’m picking Bea up from the airport now, are you guys coming up?” “Uh, well we weren’t exactly planning on it but since you use Bea against me, yes, yes we are.” That’s the story of our life, we never make plans but somehow we always have them, spontaneously. Mable was already in Dallas and we had put off driving up to see them in hopes that they would give in and just drive down to see us instead. I’m so tired of traveling but since we were going for just one day I guess it wouldn’t be that bad.

Me and Mabel

Me and Mabel

We made plans for everyone to meet at Alo, a cute little restaurant in Dallas. Wow, I didn’t expect so many people to show up. One thing led to another and before we knew it we were waiting on a table for 11. Kuya Vince came, Bernah and Sam, Raul and his wife, even Dad decided to come along. It was awesome.

Mabel, Awesome Person, Bea

Mabel, Awesome Person, Bea

I got to finally met Mabel for the first time. It’s true, she’s more alluring in person than she is via chat and FaceBook. But the best part of the night was the tummy rub I got to give Bea. I mean what kind of friends would we be if we didn’t come see one of our bestest friends and rub her pregnant belly for the first time. Yes, you heard right, I’m going to be a new auntie come August. I can’t wait!

Delicious Food

Delicious Food

A great way to celebrate is with dessert. Famous Berry 4 Leches Cake above, $7.75. Yes 4 and not the usual 3. It was awesome, but I’ve had better and for a lot less. We couldn’t just get one. As they say variety is the spice of life, this is certainly true when one is dealing with dessert. We also ordered Josefina: hazelnut – caramelized sugar pastry, vanilla bavarian cream & berries, $7.75. Josefina is like an overrated prostitute. On the outside she’s luscious, sexy and overpriced but once you get a taste of her you’ll soon come to find she doesn’t put out a lot of action. She was also so difficult to eat that Ben and Mabel gave up on her early and left her all to me. Hey when it comes to desserts I’ll take sloppy seconds. Everything at Alo was actually hit or miss. My drink was orgasmic. Mabel and Sam’s rice was dog food. Ray’s enchiladas was right on and the service sucked sour dragon  balls.

Delicous Food

Delicous Food

Ben, Mabel and I shared because sharing is caring and not sharing will get you killed.

Dinner At Alo

Dinner At Alo

Girls on one side of the table and boys on the other. It was like we were speed dating. Sheesh, my date sucks, how many more minutes do I have with this loser. I kid, I kid. Your the king of Awesome honey, don’t ever let anyone tell you different.

Speed Dating @ Alo

Speed Dating @ Alo

Anyhow, after dinner we went to a Sherlock Pub but it was so crowded that we left and decided to go bowling instead. Yes bowling, because we’re crazy like that. But 300 Dallas had a wait of 1 hour and 30 minutes so fuck that. We ended up at a dive karaoke bar called Outer Marker. I said it once and I’ll say it many many times again, dive bars rock. No one karaoked but I give Ben props because he really wanted to go up there, just not alone and all of us bailed on him. Sorry Kuya Ben maybe next time.

Outer Marker Karaoke Bar

Outer Marker Karaoke Bar