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Who says size don’t matter. Because it does. The bigger the better I say. It’s a funny thing because this year Ray and I both happen to forget our anniversary on August 25, the day we met. We said I love you, I showed him my tits, he showed me his penis and we’ve been together ever since. It’s a shame that we forgot our anniversary but I guess I’m not too disappointed since we just happen to be purchasing a new 52 inch Sam Sung 650 1080P series television that day. Can you believe it was me, not him that had to convince him to go bigger. Steve, the sales man, said it was the best t.v. they had and by the looks and price of it, it most definitely was. But that’s okay, we gave our Vizio back to Costco and they happily gave us our money back, in full. Oh, Costco, how I love your amazing return policy. Then we we took our happy asses to Fry’s and upgraded. So I guess it’s fair to say it was our anniversary present to each other. I love our new t.v. Happy Anniversary baby!!!

The old t.v.

And our new t.v. Man, I need to stop watching so much t.v. and start dusting.

First I have to pick up Val, then Jen. Becky gets in at 11:00 p.m. Bea and Gauv were suppose to get here around the same time but their flight was delayed and I have to pick them up at 2 in the morning. It’s two days before my wedding and I have some minor things I want to take care of before everyone arrives but it’s impossible since I have no control over their flights. Ray can’t help me because he’s at his bachelor party in Dallas. Ahhhhh! Fuck it. Jen, Val and I head to Kona Grill to get some drinks before I have to pick Becky up. Since our apartment is tiny I’m taking Becky and Jen to Becky’s friend, Autumn’s, house to stay the night right after I pick up Becky from the airport.

This photo here is the start of my stress. Up until now is when I start to loose it. It’s the next day. Ray gets here and he brings with him Beau and Chris. We all walk down the street to grab a quick bite before we have to split up. I head to the airport with Bea and Val to pick up Monica and Heather and then swing by Autumn’s house to pick up Becky and Jen. My friends Heather, Monica, Becky and Jen are all super close and none of us have seen each other in some time, so as soon as they all see each other they hug and want to take photos. I let them know that we’re in a bit of a time crunch and we have to make it quick and that’s when Becky says something like, “taking an extra two minutes isn’t going to matter.” I suppose she’s right, but I’m seriously starting to stress because in like an hour or so we should be meeting up for paint ball and we still need to meet up with the boys at Costco.

So as soon as everyone loads up in the car, Becky makes, not a request but a demand to get some beer and a few other girls chime in in approval. I reluctantly have Bea take them to the mini mart and by this time I’m trying my damn hardest to stay cool. You see, I have been so proud of myself for staying so cool throughout the whole wedding planning process. I have not been a bridezilla nor do I want to be but my friends are making it really hard for me to not want to rip their fucking heads off and chuck it straight out the window at some poor drivers wind sheild or down the freeway so their skulls will be crushed by the tires of diesel trucks. I know they’re just happy to see one another and just want to party but have a little consideration. It’s my day, my wedding, and I’m stressed on time and stopping by for beer probably won’t make a difference but it adds to my frustration people.

So they all get back into the car and I’m pissed off but trying my best not to show it. It’s hard because I have always been the type of person to tell my friends exactly how I feel but with so many people in the car and considering how pissed I was I didn’t think it was the right time or place. Becky could sense I was upset and later says to calm me down, “we’re on exactly the right time schedule we need to be, honey.” This only aggravates me even more and I envisioned her head bouncing off the hood of a car and onto the freeway cement where an on coming school bus pops it like an itty bitty pimple without any notice. First thing all of you should know, I despise being called honey, or sweety by anyone that is younger than me, in a condescending tone or by any one other than Ray when I’m pissed off. And besides how the hell would you know that we’re on the right time schedule? I’m sorry have you been planning this wedding? Anyhow, everyone could feel the vibrations of my stressful energy and I hate all this pity sympathy because the fact of the matter is I would be fine if we didn’t have to stop for beer so I just blurt out that I really didn’t want to stop for beer.

Now we’re at Costco and I’m trying to stay away from my Vacaville friends because I’m too mad and stressed to deal with them. We have a lot of people, 3 carts full of Costco stuff and we’re late for paint ball. Bea could tell I was starting to lose it. I wanted to cry and it was so hard not to but I didn’t want anymore pity sympathy, especially now that the boys were around.

There was absolutely no room in the car. I was stubborn and wanted to put the boy’s Tetris skills to work but no one was having it. Bea called Enterprise and we all had to wait outside with all our stuff for enterprise to come and save the day.

My friends left to the car to go drink more beer. God bless them.

Finally Enterprise came, took me, Bea, and Guav away to sign some paper work and we were back in a black P.T Cruiser. We all loaded up the cars and headed to Memory Lane in acceptance that there would be no paint ball.