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In the beginning of 2006 I took off to China with my parents and my little sister for a good month. I was super excited because China is where my roots deeply lie.

This is a video I took of my niece the night before we left.

Sianna Loves Auntie Doo Doo from Doan Chung on Vimeo.

For the first week we roamed around with a tour group. They brought us everywhere. It was overwhelming, tiring, and exciting all at the same time. The tour didn’t give skip a beat, just rush, rush, rush, eat, sleep, wake up at the butt crack of dawn, go here, get back on the bus to go there. There was no time to exhale you know. Towards the end of our time with the tour I got tired of them constantly taking us to places that wanted our money like the silk factory, jade factory, green tea factory, pearl factory, etc. Finally mom, dad, Selena and I ditched them and went off on our own. Fuck five star hotels we wanted to see the rural parts of China.

Mom, Selena and me.

At the Great Wall of China

Walking The Great Wall of China from Doan Chung on Vimeo.

These were the only other young ladies, besides Selena and I, that were on the tour. This was our last night in Shanghai. The next night we woke up early and the Chung family went off on our own.

We basically backed packed from town to town with our suitcases. The train ride was an unforgettable three nights. They packed us in like sardines, 6 bunkers for every crock pit, two rows, three bunkers high. I felt like I was getting taken away to the concentration camps. The restrooms were literally just holes in the floor, leaving a trail of shit between the railroad.

This is one of my favorite photos.

My mother and her older sister are adorable together. Selena and I finally got to meet our aunt for the first time. She’s cross eyed.

The restrooms were ridiculous.

Selena and I were walking to the next town to kill time and explore when this boy rides up to us, calling our names. Just so happens he ends up being our cousin, my mom’s sister that past away, son.

My aunts home and where we stayed while visiting her.

Living with My Aunt in China from Doan Chung on Vimeo.

Me and ice cream go together.

Just grocery shopping.

On the night of my parents anniversary Selena and I went out and got them rings, beer, and some pastries.

Crossing the street was one of the scariest things because no one stops for you.

At Tiananmen Square.

This little girl was working on the side of the road making jewelry.

More grocery stores

I love this photo.

Just a few photos of my trip to China. It was heartening and inspiring. Selena and my parents are planning to do it all again, but this time to Vietnam, Indonesia, etc. I’m super jealous and disappointed that I can’t be there with Selena. Hopefully they’ll have so cool photos of their trip when they get back.