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I love days like this, where your just free to go where the wind takes you. Well we’re taking full advantage of it and being productive at the same time by checking off our Austin list and we’re starting it off at Juan in a Million. Juan in a Million is an iconic business in Austin. As a matter of fact, Man VS Food has even been there. This is how Adam prepares for Juan In a Million.

After watching Juan in his element it really doesn’t surprise me anymore that Juan in a Million is so successful. I think if your a business owner you should make a trip over to Juan for some breakfast tacos, ask for a seat by the front door and watch Juan work his magic. He stands by the door and literally greets each and every guest that walks through. It’s almost as if everyone that walks through is family because that’s how he makes them feel. Shit, I’m not gonna lie, that’s how he made us feel and I totally knew what he was up to. He totally won our hearts and before we left Ray and I are like, “we gotta come back.” Seriously, it’s just breakfast tacos, eggs, cheese, flour tortilla, but Juan’s infectious energy makes you think they tastes so good. I started my morning off with tres leches. It was good but doesn’t come close to Chuy’s tres leches.

Ray and his big ass breakfast tacos.

And mine, just like I like em, potatoes and eggs, but damn it, I always forget to ask for corn tortillas!

Well Juan In A Million considered yourself checked. Check! Next is IMAX theater to watch Shrek in 3D.

After the movies we start to get hungry again so we head over to Carlos’ and Charlie’s, which also happens to be on our list. Check!

Well, the food is not amazing and the service sucks elephant butt. I suggest you come here for the pretty sunsets.

Today Ray surprised me with Norah Jones Tickets. Yes my husband can be pretty amazing sometimes. For those of you that don’t know, Norah is my girl. I love her music, voice and think she is the cutest little thing. Whenever any song from her first album comes on it reminds me of the days I would to drive to and from Napa going down the long twisted back roads, smoking, um, cigarettes. I was a massage student back then. See.

That was a crazy beautiful time in my life and Norah always brings me back there. Man I want to fuck her. Well tonight is my chance. I’m gonna send her a hard dose of my “fuck me” eyes. She’ll have no choice but to feel really uncomfortable yet somewhat intrigued and invite me to her after party, you know, the after after party.

We get there early and still the line is like retarded long and poor Ray had to walk back to the car because they wouldn’t let me bring in our Canon 20D. Seriously, how are all these people going to fit.

Finally we made it in and the place is just as I had envisioned, not very big but big enough and yet, somehow they manage to pack the house in with thousands of peeps. Impressive.

This couple was just a hot mess trying desperately to be young again. They stuck out like a couple of American tourists in China. You can’t see but her shoes matched perfectly, hot pink and black, oh boy. Poor guy totally caught Ray taking a photo.

And finally Norah comes on. She rocked the house, playing every song I wish she would and manages to sound even better live. Oh, Norah.

This is my favorite song.

As you can see I had to love her from afar. How can I possibly send her my “fuck me” eyes from way back here? Not cool. I really need to start remembering to bring a pair of binoculars and a small stool to concerts like this.

At the end of the night everyone did the usual encore and she came back out but this time she came off the stage and onto some steps that were alot closer to everyone.

After the concert we even stopped in Stubbs for some BBQ and the food was just as crappy as we had remembered only this time the service also sucked balls. So it’s official, Stubb’s is only good for concerts and it just so happens that going to a concert there had actually been on our list of things to do in Austin before we leave. Check! What you didn’t thing we’d be here forever did you? Ninja Please.

Ray and I were extras in Friday Night Lights. They gave us props like the pom pom you see in my hand, Ray’s yellow scarf, my yellow sweater, and Ray’s black coat, which he decided to take back home with him as a little souvenir. The turn out for extras was low so we had to play fan’s on both the opposing team and home team. Black clothes was for the opposing team. Booooo!

We met a friend that day, Lynn Greenfield. She drove hours just to be an extra and all by herself.


Jesse Plemons as Landry Clarke.

Fans for the home team.

Taylor Kitsch as Tim Riggins.

Brad Leland as Buddy Garrity.

Zach Gilford as Matt Saracen.

Jeremy Sumpter as J.D. McCoy.

Connie Britton as Tami Taylor.

Not the best photo but it was the best shot I had. Adrianne Palicki asTyra Collette sitting next to Minka Kelly as Lyla Garrity (in the red hat).

Again not the best photo but it’s what I could take. Connie Britton next to Aimee Teegarden as Julie Taylor (curly blond chic).

Kyle Chandler, Taylor Kitsch, Zach Gilford, Jesse Plemons giving away a signed T-shirt as a raffle prize.

Me and Lynn.

Those who stayed till the end got free pizza.

Oh, and some douche bag asked his girl to marry him. Yeah, real original dude.

So the first half of the game they get their ass handed to them. In the second half they make a come back and make you think that they have a chance to win it but in the end they remain losers. The end.

Ray stole a sweater, I took a pom pom, we made a friend but haven’t spoken to her since we met so I guess it’s safe to say we had a friend for a day, Ray got free pizza and we both made a whopping $114.75 for like 10 hours.

Wow, this video really makes me think twice about purchasing wool.

Tonight is the 3rd Presidential Debate and I can’t wait to watch it. In celebration I wanted to kick off Hayden Panettiere’s political/vote video. I fell in love with Hayden ever since I seen her on the Ellen Degeneres Show or was it Oprah? Anyhow, they showed a video of her trying to save dolphins in Japan. She’s also super adorable in Hero’s. How can you not love her.

See more Hayden Panettiere videos at Funny or Die

Go Obama!

Bea and Guav

Bea and Guav are our cool friends, with cool jobs, cool tattoos and cool celebrity friends. Last week they flew into Los Angeles for Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz’s wedding. We decided to stay a few extra days so we could hang out. I asked my sister, Lana, if we could all stay at the guest house that Ray and I usually stay at, but just so happens the person renting it out was actually going to be there. So Ray and I ended up staying in Lana’s house in the work room and we had Bea and Guav rent a hotel within driving distance.

how the boys shop

This is how the boys shop with the girls, they wait next to the dressing room playing with their iPhones. I actually prefer shopping like this because this way Ray is in good company so I don’t feel rushed and surprisingly, I like shopping with Bea. She makes a much better shopping partner than Ray. Sorry honey.

before the wedding

This is Bea and Guav right before the wedding. Don’t they look glamorous?

L.A. Ink

Ray and I decided to stay in town so we didn’t have to drive all the way back that night to pick them up. In an effort to kill time we played the tourist roll and went to famous sites like Rodeo Dr. and Whilshire from Pretty woman, cruise Sunset and went to L.A. Ink. I tried to convince Ray to get a tattoo since he already knows what he wants, even though the chances of getting a tattoo from someone from L.A. Ink on a walk in was slim, but you never know. Ray grew a vagina and pussied out but it didn’t matter because no one from the actual show was working.

hanging out at the pool

The next day we hung out at the pool and in the pool. Bea managed to start war with a little kid in the pool and he wouldn’t stop shooting water at us.

ray catching rays

Ray is not happy about me taking photos of him all the time but that never seems to stop me from doing so.

Bea eats candy alone

Bea enjoys her candy alone. She’s eating pieces of chocolate from the wedding while staring out the window. No need to explain, I completely understand.

too close

Guav and Ray found time to bond.

riding bike

And Guav manage to find time to take the cruiser on a test run down the street and back.

iphone play

Ray and Guav played with their iphones while waiting for Bea to get ready.  Notice Kola sleeping on Guav’s head.

kola thinks

Look who woke up?  Kola is really is the cutest dog in the world.

jump doe

Of course hanging out with Guav wouldn’t be complete without bed jumping photos.  These photos are taken by Guav.  I call this one “Flying with Peter Pan.”

ray jumps

Ray’s bed jumping photo.

bea jumps

Bea bed jumping photo.

Hanging out with Bea and Guav was lots of fun and much too short.  Like I said, I should of taken more photos while they were down.  Some memorable events that are worth mentioning are:  Guav sat next to Gossip Girl, Michelle Trachtenberg, on the flight to Los Angelos and apparently stirred up some celebrity drama.  We think it’s amusing but Guav doesen’t.  By the way, all the rumors are completely true. We saw Mrs. Jay from Top Model at the restaurant,Toast.  Bea bought my wedding dress at a vintage shop and I found out Bea is fun to shop with, not because she bought my wedding dress.  Every time I hang out with these guys I love them more and more.  I guess Ray was right, “Bea and Guav are sooo cool.”  Yes they are and I miss them already.

Our friend Jen, is a dolphin trainer for Dolphin Quest at Kahala Hotel. One of the perks of that is getting to swim with dolphins for free. I’ve been hoping and trying to have her get us in before we move. Since we were nonpaying customers I knew we took the back seat to other paying customers like Dave Mathews, who had just checked out of his room earlier this day. Anyhow, Jen calls me one day and was like, “hey, if you want to swim with the dolphins come in at 2:45. Fuck yeah, it’s not like I have to work or anything.

Kahala Hotel

Kahala Hotel

I almost cried when I first got into the water. I’ve seen dolphins a million and one times but I never actually got a chance to even touch one and here I am swimming with them. Super cool.

Kahala Hotel

Kahala Hotel

How cute is he. All the dolphins that live here are males and apparently they have sex with each other. I think I love him.

Kahala Hotel, Hawaii

Kahala Hotel, Hawaii

Ray and I look so funny here. It almost looks like we just spotted a shark and just shit our pants.

Kahala Hotel, Hawaii

Kahala Hotel, Hawaii

Kahala Hotel, Hawaii

Kahala Hotel, Hawaii

Ray loves the dolphins too

Kahala Hotel, Hawaii

Kahala Hotel, Hawaii

This is us with our friend, Jen. I know your gonna read this eventually Jen so thank you so much for doing this for us. That was way cool of you to get us in before we moved. Ray and I had an awesome time. It was unbelievable. Noha and Hoku rock.

Every year since Jack Johnson became a somebody, he throws this thing called the Kokua Festival. It’s pretty fucking amazing and there’s always other big musicians that also plays, besides himself. Last year we also got to barbecue outside. It was really exciting because not only was Eddie Vedder playing, but we were still somewhat new residents to Hawaii so we were expecting to do this kind of shit all the  time. Anyhow, this year Dave Mathews and Tim Reynolds were invited to play. I’m not really familiar with Tim Reynold’s stuff but I am a huge fan of Dave Mathews and since I’ve never got to see him in action I was all about getting tickets. Ray has been to a ton of Dave Mathews concerts since he is his favorite artist when it comes to music and he’s also a huge fan of Tim Reynolds and never got to see him live so he was totally for getting tickets too. However, after less than 3 minutes of being on sale the tickets were totally sold out. Fucking blows, oh well. I know I mentioned it before, but concerts outside the shell fucking rock. It’s free live music where I get to bring my own food, beer, dog, have all the space I want to kick back and relax and play bocce.  It’s awesome and I last throughout the weekend and I got to make it to both events.

This is the first day, it gets a lot more crowed than this.

Shane and Ray. I don’t know why Shane has that face, maybe he has to take a shit, who knows.

I make Diamond Head look good.

Ray was craving Crunch n Munch for some reason today so we bought a big box of it and demolished it. I’m pretty sure it’s the reason why I had a stomach ache all night.

Ray walked me to the restroom across the street to avoid the long lines from the closer restroom. Inside the restroom some girl had busted her skull somehow and there was blood everywhere. I tried to take a photo but when I got out of the stall I saw like 6 firemen there all staring down at the blood trying to figure out how to clean it all up.  On the way back Ray snapped this photo. Very pretty.

Lots of love in the air.

The next day, Ray dropped Shane and I off along with the rest of our things and Kola. I asked him to double check the car before coming back out to meet us at the park to make sure we got everything. Of course, he didn’t and we ended up with hot dogs with no buns. Oh, well.  It’s not like it was 4:20 and I don’t have Mary with me, wait, it is 4:20, and I can’t find Mary anywhere, just like last year.  Besides the few beers I drank, I was totally sober. Wo is me. Anyhow, Dave, Jack and Tim are playing live, I’m pretty sure I’ll be alright.

The night before I saw a lot of dogs at the park. It made me feel like a terrible mom, so I promised myself that I would take Kola out the next day.

This isn’t what it looks like. Shane bought Rolling Rock beer and totally overlooked that it wasn’t a twist off. None of us had a bottle opener so for the first hour or so he was trying to get it to open under my jacket.

This is me in my macro phase of my amateure photography skills.

One big happy family.

Ona and Jen made it out and they brought the Dolphin Crew with them, and another little Asian.

This girl here is what we call a Super Slut. She was totally making out with this guy so much that she had a whole circle of an audience with her in the middle. Hello people, Dave is playing and your more interested in live porn.  Actually, I was guilty of it myself and had Jen walk with me to the back side of them so I could snap a photo of her ass, because it looked like a lot of it was showing from our direction. When we got around I couldn’t believe my eyes, this girl had her WHOLE bare ass showing, thong and everything. It was narly. I tried to take a photo but my camera wouldn’t focus and then of course they decide to change positions.

But here’s an earlier video I took of them.

Kokua Festival Whore from Doan Chung on Vimeo.

Jen and Ona aren’t in love at all.

By the end of the night Kola started getting cold so Ray put him in his sweater.

Everybody loves Kola.

It was a rockin concert.  This will probably be our last time at a event outside the Shell.  I had a bitchin time and got to hang out with good friends.  Life is good right now.